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John McCarroll: "Ignore the scores to the right of this paragraph. Demon's Souls is a game that escapes being numerically defined by a scale, since it will mean so many different things to so many different people. Demon's Souls is tough, stylistically different from anything you've ever played before, and introduces gameplay elements that are at the same time both archaic and gloriously new. It's a game that some people will play time and time again and some people will absolutely abhor. Which type of gamer are you? Hopefully this review will help you figure that out, because if you're in the first group, this is a day one purchase."

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twdll3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

"A day one purchase"? with most other sites saying the same thing, and rating it 5 of 5 stars and such, how does someone come up with 86?

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Major_Tom3087d ago

The difficulty can make this game swing both ways, how is 86 a bad score anyway though? He immensely enjoyed it obviously.

Sarcasm3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

It's funny how it's an 86. Such a random number. I think 85 is ok. But 86... what the hells an 86? They might as well give it a 86.2655

FantasyStar3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Read that, then post again. A good game doesn't need to follow YOUR grading scale to be good.

Godmars2903087d ago

From what I hear while its good, its also hard as hell. Maybe only for the true hard-core RPG fan.

UltimateIdiot9113087d ago

Is the number that important? I mean this gen should have taught most of us on N4G that these scores are absolutely meaningless and really, 86 isn't that bad.

I've always made my purchase decision on my judgment of the game and based on what I read not what people score it. And you know what, many hype titles are not for me. Call me weird if you like but I enjoy the more nitch titles like Disgaea 3/VC/ and I will enjoy Demon's Soul. A number is meaningless unless it can be backed up.

PostApocalyptic3087d ago


Two sites with RPG in their name. One high score and one low score. Oh well.

wanderofys3087d ago

Fun fact:

RPGfan has never given out a 100/100. Ever.

The closet game to get it was Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, with a 99/100, and is also a game that I would bet 99% of the people who post on n4g have never played.

RPGfan does not cater to n4g, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

PostApocalyptic3087d ago

Everyone knows this game is a 9.0. Just drop the 85 to 100 scores and you'll have your average. This game wasn't supposed to be a big hit. So, I'm getting this game for sure!

I love it when the PS3 releases games that don't have much hype and surprise the industry. Valkyria Chronicles comes to mind. Now Demon's Souls!


JoySticksFTW3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

"Reviews Grading Scale

90-100: Great - Games that score in this category are highly recommended by the reviewer. It is likely that these games are almost universally liked.

80-89: Good - This category describes games in which most things are done right. While this game will most likely end up giving you a quality experience, it is not a true classic.

70-79: Average - These games are neither bad nor good. You will probably find something to enjoy about them, but the amount of faults keeps the game from scoring higher.

60-69: Mediocre/Subpar - These are games in which the shortcomings far outweigh the strengths. It is recommended that only devoted fans of the specific genre or theme devote time to playing. While this game may satisfy a niche group of fans, its appeal is not wide enough to be truly enjoyed.

59 or below: Bad - These games are not recommended at all. They have little to no redeeming qualities, and you will more than likely find them to be a complete waste of your time. Play at your own risk."

According to their review scale RPGFan probably couldn't give Demon's souls a 90+ because it would not be one of the games that are "almost universally liked." because of the difficulty will make some noobs cry

But from reading other reviews Demon's souls doesn't belong in that "it is not a true classic" category either, because this game has already reached fanatical cult status with people still importing the game two weeks ago when the NA release date is tomorrow. And some who have already beaten the Asian release are picking this game up again tomorrow to wreak havoc on or to help out noobs on the NA servers.

I can't wait for more people to play it (me included!) to hear more opinions about this game, because it seems that the difficulty could be a great boon or a detriment to this game's sales and legacy.


I'm starting to think the difficulty is scaring people... Heck, I'll admit that I had reservations when I read that the game can be maddingly frustrating, but I still pre-ordered.

I just figured that much of the difficulty could be offset by the Blue Phantom co-op (which I heard makes the game TOO easy, and noobs should beat the game on their own first to get the full experience)

Maybe the devs should have added an offline easier difficulty level and be done with it. I think that would appease all of the reviewers and noobs alike, helping Demon's Souls reach "true classic" level

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Myst3087d ago

*Sits in a corner twiddling fingers counting down the minutes until it officially becomes Tuesday and Demon's Souls is released*

VsAssassin3087d ago

I cannot duh you though for your comments and the score you gave it. Nope, not duh-able at all. You could have given it a 9 or 9.5.

FantasyStar3087d ago

According to YOUR grading scale, it could be that. But then how could you grade the game if you don't even own it?

VsAssassin3087d ago

Maybe you should add me to your PSN friends list and see for your self that I got the Asian Version of this game and also got the Platinum. Go ahead, I dare you...

v1c1ous3087d ago

the scale for games at N4G is

9.5 to 10 - masterpiece
9.0 to 9.4 - reserved for hyped games or "AAA" exclusives
8.9 and below - crap

Major_Tom3087d ago

Dude no, <8.9 means it has to be burned and erased from history.

Voozi3087d ago

Pretty much, I mean, I remember when 7 was considered a good game lol...

dreamcast3087d ago

"the scale for games at N4G is"

you mean "the scale for exclusive games at N4G is"

FantasyStar3087d ago

you mean "the scale for exclusive games at N4G is"

Oh no, you mean "the scale for PS3 exclusive games at N4G is"

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Major_Tom3087d ago

I have a feeling most Xbox fans would play this and then go back to Halo's pathetic A.I.

Obama3087d ago

Demon Soul ODST killer confirmed.

wxer3087d ago


Demon's souls > ODLC


Godmars2903087d ago

Why would you even say that? They not the same genera.

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