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Submitted by tinydancer 2320d ago | article

I Feel Bad For Brutal Legend

In a year in which an astonishing number of blockbuster hits are set to be released in quick succession, can Brutal Legend be profitable? Or will it be trampled under the might of other console juggernauts? (Brutal Legend, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Ron_Burgundy  +   2320d ago
game will be crap, I don't understand the hype at all in this game, if there's any at all
RKRigney  +   2320d ago
It's definitely getting more attention than a lot of other games coming out this year. I keep seeing advertisements everywhere.
gamesR4fun  +   2320d ago
its a contender for my october game budget
This Uncharted2 n Demon Soul are all on my must play list but since we can only buy one this month its gonna b a hard choice.

Uncharted2 looks rock solid but im finding the online matchmaking system pure weaksauce. Cant event set up a clan match without adding em all to yur friends list wth... Demon Soul looks insane 2 but Im not sure Im up for the challenge with so much of my time being eaten up by my family n work. Brutal legend looks like a game thats eaisier n can b played saved n resumed without wasting time. That and the online looks really interesting with a mix of action and rts.

So many choices so little time n money sigh.
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GameGambits  +   2320d ago
I myself will rent it when time permits, but my games to play first this year are:

Operation Flash Point (renting it)
Uncharted 2 (Paid it off long ago)
Magna Carta 2 (Renting it)
Borderlands (renting it)
MW2 (have it reserved, but not paid off)
Assassin's Creed 2 (Renting it)

If we look at release dates for these games, and take into account my video store lets me keep a game for 6 days before having to take it back...well Brutal Legend won't be getting played till late November before Assassin's Creed 2 hits.

I've followed the game a great lot, and the game will be a fun experience, but even with multiplayer it just doesn't seem like something I personally will spend much time with.

A lot of effort is going into this game, but sorry to say to Tim Schaffer that this game just won't sell as many copies as they are hoping for. That doesn't mean it will be less awesome to play once you play it, but from the business side of things it just isn't a multi million block buster seller.
RKRigney  +   2320d ago
Brutal Legend will probably be one of those games that everybody picks up a year and a half after it came out at half price during a boring summer...
Veneno  +   2320d ago
I agree with Burgundy
the game looks like it has better than average production values, but not everyone is a "rebellious" rocker doosh bag. Niche title.
hay  +   2320d ago
Played the demo? This game gonna kick some major ass. Humour is flawless, dialogues are hilarious, rock solid. Or rather, metal solid.
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2320d ago
Agreed with Hay.

The humor is indeed good, I've even gotta my friend who laughs at nothing video game related to laugh.

Especially at the Lisp part :P
hay  +   2320d ago
@Veneno: Feeling better by downplaying other people's preferences? How old are you not to learn yet that: "de gustibus non est disputandum".
You're just being an a-hole here.

Your picture is flawed like yourself. My buddies along with me are pretty much different people visually and psychologically and all of us think this game is fun as hell. You just have to like and grow up to this kind of humour.
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AntoineDcoolette  +   2320d ago
As far as novelty/parody games go this is the most well polished one I've ever played, its probably the only one I'd say is actually polished, and it is quite humorous, though not in a laugh out loud way. I don't take it full price seriously though and won't be purchasing it anytime soon, perhaps when I can snag it for $20.

Its the definite stoner game of the year though, getting high and then playing the demo had me bursting out in tears of laughter and I was totally digging the sound track. Brutal Legend is probably the first game I've played that I actually enjoy more when I'm under the influence.
butterfinger   2320d ago | Off topic | show
andron666  +   2320d ago
Not your style of game then...
But I was sold already at the title screen after booting up the demo.

Looking at the Brutal Legend LP cover and hearing Testament on the soundtrack, I knew this was my kind of game....
Veneno   2320d ago | Off topic | show
RememberThe357  +   2320d ago
I just played the Demo off the PSN
and the game is freakin awesome. I'm not even a rocker, and I'm loving this game.

The game looks good, is funny, and has tight controls. Plus, the trailer at the end of the game made it look huge. I cannot wait to beat this game.
Anon1974  +   2320d ago
How can you not understand why people are excited about this game?
It's creator, Tim Schafer, is responsible for what is, in my opinion, the best video game of all time. Grim Fandango.

Since Grim Fandango he created the excellent Physchonauts and that's been it. The very notion that Tim Schafer was creating a new game based on a Heavy Metal universe was enough to send me into geek bliss. This guy was the guy that raised videogame story lines to an art.

If you aren't excited about what Tim Schafer has in store for you, all I can think is that you're too young to remember Grim Fandango. That game was cooler than Jesus. Let alone Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Secret of Monkey Island, etc..etc. Everything he's touched has been gold.
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Infernostew  +   2320d ago
I could not agree more! I have been a fan of Tim Schafer's for a long time but like all of his decent games, this will be overlooked. For those of you who say this game is going to be crap, please play his other games and then well talk. After playing the demo, I am convinced that this game will be epic.

Edit: bubbles darkride66
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mastiffchild  +   2320d ago
I DESPISE Jack Black. I hate the way it's the same shtick time and time again-even when he hets interviewed he puts on the same "look it's Jack!" performance. Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever be interested in anything to do with him.

However, I'm totally with Darkride over the Timmy love! Schafer has a very serious place in the history of the industry-Grim and Pstchonauts are amazing pieces of gaming excellence. Both individual but unmistakenly Schafer nonetheless.Practically everything he's worked on is worth checking out and if his involvement can overcome my , erm, "problem" with Mr Black then anyone can give BL a fair crack of the whip. Honestly, Tim deserves that we at least give this a serious look.

Haven't had a look at the demo yet but will do so soon but don't think it's a bad time for the game to emerge really-all the delays have left a more open field for this and I think it'll benefit more than most will from this lot releasing next year-why would MW2 put a hole in BL sales anyway? That said I don't yet see why so many people are refusing(in the media) to see the shortcomings with the polish side of the game-Schafer ensures(or as near as!)quality ideas and gameplay but never really made a slick game with really high production levels. I think it's had plenty of good press, in fact, some of it's been really positive(as some journos are too in thrall to Schafer imo)and that could raise people's hopes more than might be healthy-which I see as a bigger danger than a sparser than normal release schedule.
finbars75  +   2320d ago
If you havnt played the demo then you cant say sh!t.Its not going to be a big seller which is to bad.This game is fun and has lots of potential but as usual they try to release all the games at one time so there is going to be consequences.So maybe Tim Schaffer should take notes along with the rest of the idiotic companys and release them on slow months where everyone is itching for something new.Not when you have GOTY contenders coming out.
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ia_studio  +   2320d ago
If you don't buy this game your cancer killing
the game industry.

and come on!
this may be his next masterpiece and you
are just letting it down,
I certainly don't know why.

Have you ever played psychonauts or grim fandango?
Overlooked but masterpieces both.

This happens to almost all good games
but it doesn't hapen to sh*t games like wii-fit.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   2320d ago
Well i must say...this game will be least for the 360 contingent, too many hardcore games on the ps3 this year, and brutal legends isn't on that list.
Sarcasm  +   2320d ago
Considering Uncharted 2 is coming out the same day, it's a tough sale for PS3 owners.
Zydake  +   2319d ago
The game is right, metal has died... That's why no one understands this game only metal heads will understand like me and some other guys here. But cmon guys look at the guys doing voice overs other then Jables(Jack black) Ozzy Rob Halford and alot more guys. People who love metal are stupid if they let this slip away. I will be getting my copy along with Uncharted.
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dangert12  +   2319d ago
ive played the demo
its fun
Ron_Burgundy  +   2320d ago
will fail like many Jack Black movies
PirateThom  +   2320d ago
Apart from the fact Jack Black isn't funny, I think the boring combat and driving are a far bigger crime.
RKRigney  +   2320d ago
Ouch. I hope you're wrong...
Saaking  +   2320d ago
I found the demo to be quite good; however, releasing the same day as uncharted 2= a no brainier. Uncharted 2 it is. Brutal Legend will have to wait.
hatchimatchi  +   2319d ago
i thought the same thing until i played the demo. It's actually extremely funny and fun as hell. I didn't plan on buying this game 36 hours ago but now i am. It sucks, uncharted2, ratchet and clank, brutal legend, the list won't stop!!
JackBNimble  +   2319d ago
I played the demo and I really was not very impressed.

I'm not saying that it's going to be a bad game but the demo didn't show much of anything.And if the whole game is like the demo , well....I'll have to pass this one up.
EvilCackle  +   2320d ago
Well, this game's definitely got a higher profile than previous Schafer outings. He was on Jimmy Fallon last week, after all. It doesn't fit into some traditional genre "box" (shooter, RPG, etc) though so it probably won't burn up the charts.
RKRigney  +   2320d ago
What IS the genre, exactly?
lordgodalming  +   2320d ago
The genre is "Tim Schafer Game." Think the free-roaming action of Psychonauts with heavy metal, swearing, and axe fights.
Mnemonic-DK  +   2320d ago
The genre is "Tim Schafer Game."
Exactly! That alone is enough for me to preorder it.

Maybe it is an acquired taste - But if you love Schafer's quirky sense of humor, going back to all the things he has been involved in: The Monkey Island series, DOTT, Full throttle and especially Grim Fandango, you simple HAVE to at least try this game.

Of course it also helps that the music is exactly what I loved about the 80's metal - the only thing missing is the old-school Metallica tracks - but I guess that would have been too expensive...
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Immigrant  +   2320d ago
garbage to me
jimbone  +   2320d ago
So who the hell are you?
Immigrant  +   2320d ago
who am i?
i am a person who doesnt like brutal legend

keyword is ME

if i dont like it, whats it to u?

DJ  +   2320d ago
Thank god.
He called Himeself an idiot. We didn't even have to do it for him. =P
Mantiz  +   2319d ago
anyone so closed minded they'd call a game that's not even out yet garbage IS garbage to ME and anyone with a brain
ExposingLames  +   2320d ago
ya i think its going to get crushed as well.....dumb release time, i want it to do well, but i wouldnt buy it reguardless....not a fan of cartoony stuff...but i think its cool and the dev was cool as hell on the jimmy fallon show
labaronx  +   2320d ago
i thaught the demo was really good....
but to each his own i guess
TheBand1t  +   2320d ago
Releasing on the same day as Uncharted made me sad, as I only have enough scratch to pick up 2 games this month. ): Already pre-ordered Demon's Souls.
thegood33  +   2320d ago
Doesn't Toys R Us have the buy 2 get 1 free sale coming up? Cuz I might grab it if there is a good deal going on.

The demo was awesome!
TheBand1t  +   2320d ago
The closest Toys R Us I know of is all the way in meh.
sirbigam  +   2320d ago
I think its gonna appeal to people who play Guitar Hero,and Rock Band.
monkey602  +   2320d ago
To be honest, I don't!

GH & RB have an extremely varied audience. It's just one of those games that many play to mess around on and have fun with friends.
Anon1974  +   2320d ago
Yeah, I disagree.
If you're a hard core gamer, you know Tim Schafer. You're average GH player probably couldn't even name you one of Tim Schafer's masterpieces.
Sangria  +   2320d ago
I'm gonna buy it the same day as Uncharted 2, but i'm afraid Brütal Legend will be that kind of great game in the heart but not good in the sales, like Valkyria Chronicles or Okami. People tend to prefer massive sequel blockbusters than original titles. And i'm afraid Borderlands will follow this path too.
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RockmanII7  +   2320d ago
Bioshock and Assassins Creed say hello and want to know if you want to go and have Tea and Crumpets sometime.
eagle21  +   2320d ago
This game looks weak.
dkgshiz  +   2320d ago
Whats so great about this game?
I didn't find it good at all. The voice acting is cool I guess.
Kakihara  +   2320d ago
It's got crappy graphics, dull gameplay and music by Black Sabbath. I'm buying it.
butterfinger  +   2320d ago
I appreciate your attempt at humor,
but I'd have to disagree about the gameplay. The demo was a ton of fun!
Kakihara  +   2320d ago
I don't appreciate the backhanded compliment but I do appreciate the DOOM avatar.
butterfinger  +   2320d ago
Touche Kakihara.
dkgshiz  +   2320d ago
I hope to god the sound is not as awful in the full game! My GOD! It sounded like it was 8 bits or something! Either way, I hate this game.
Mantiz  +   2319d ago
I would check you system sounded AMAZING in 5.1 especially the METAL
SSS  +   2320d ago
Its sad how everyone is hating on the game
This game has amazing humour and its made by Tim Schafer.
yes the gameplay and camera might not be the best but the world and the characters will be really funny.
The demo was great, even if you aren't a metal fan its just fun to see this new world, a crazy one only tim schafer could make.

Come on now, buy this game, support originality and creativity, you won't regret it. IT'll be a blast to play through.
I'm buying this day one. though i dont know where i'll get the money to buy both this and Uncharted2 day one.... guess i'll have to go sell some of my old games or something
DelbertGrady  +   2320d ago
It's made by Tim Schaefer. The mastermind behind games such as Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and Psychonauts.

He's a legend in the industry. I'm amazed some of you haven't heard of him.

The demo is awesome and the rest of the game will probably be something really special. Just like all other games he's made. It's one of my most wanted games this year. Also, all the people who complain about the lack of new unique IP's - Look what Schaefer brought you!
#15 (Edited 2320d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
PirateThom  +   2320d ago
I have heard of him and I know his games, which is why Brutal Legend is so disappointing, it's nothing but a boring hack 'n' slash
DelbertGrady  +   2320d ago
Unlike you I haven't had the chance to play the full game yet but I know for sure it's more than a "boring hack 'n' slash". Look at this. Perhaps it will sway your perception a little.

It also helps if you have a sense of humour and appreciate good rock music. In other words, it's not a game for uptight emo kids who spend most of their days crying and listening to pretentious crap like Radiohead.
PirateThom  +   2320d ago
Heh, if anything the humour, story and music are the bits I do appreciate. It's the actual gameplay that feels wrong.
dkgshiz  +   2320d ago
I know who Tim Schaefer is
Too bad he didn't come up with a masterpiece this time. Brutal Legend is pure fail.
Veneno  +   2320d ago
Hey, Soda
check out my snapshot of the Brutal Legend fan over in the Gamer Zone and compare it to your Emo one.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2320d ago
I think back to e3. Someone interviewed Adam sessler of G4 & asked him what was his most anticipated game.
Now we all know gameswise E3 was dominated by ps3 exclusives but Adam sessler said; Brutal Legend!
Why asked the interviewer? I don't know? Something about it ...

Today we've played the demo with good intentions.
We've read the exciting game informer preview & WTF?!?
This game sucks!

I need my gaming news raw. Hold the politics please. Thank you.
butterfinger  +   2320d ago
So, because YOU didn't like the demo, now we ALL think the game sucks? Please. The game will be hilarious and a ton of fun. Nobody cares what you think.
4cough  +   2320d ago
It will sell better than uncharted 2 thats for sure.
PirateThom  +   2320d ago
That will definitely make it a better game, you know, selling more.
Aquarius  +   2320d ago
...another useless power ranger.
andron666  +   2320d ago
After playing the demo I'm sold....
I love metal. And this game has plenty of humor and bloody fighting. Great stuff.

If it will sell or not remains to be seen. Many good games coming out, but it seems like EA are backing it and promoting it well...

Rocktober on...
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RAM MAGNUMS  +   2320d ago
What you are is brain washed.
All your favorite publications were hype about brutal legend.
Now you tried it & here you are quoting the preview articles &
Tims resume.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2320d ago
mother fvckers took my bubbles

I'm going into trolling overdrive for that
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2320d ago
This game has a lot of good things going for it!

Gameplay is fun, the graphics are nice, story is original compared to others, and the soundtrack is sick nasty.
Hercules  +   2320d ago
to me
this is just another Prototype vs. inFamous issue...anyways i played the demo, even though it kept me laughing, i did not enjoy the gameplay, first of all, it looked like the Sims (guess EA uses the same engine?) also there is no telling why the concert happened the way it did, it just happens...and probably the biggest downfall (to me) is no jumping, sure you can hold down X, but i may want to evade..i know you are carrying an axe and a guitar, but you are also in a hell like scene, so video game tendencies are allowed...
Hercules  +   2320d ago
to all you disagreers
why dont you take the time out to debate with me?
RockmanII7  +   2320d ago
1st, how is this a Prototype vs Infamous issue? The PvI issue was a multiplat game and an exclusive game with similar gameplay released at the same time. Brutal Legend is the Multiplat game, so whats the exclusive?

2nd The concert. Are you asking why their was a concert (It's because people like music) or are you asking why the stage came alive (It's because it's awesome). The real question is why do we need a reason for a stage to come alive and kill everyone? The game is trying to be Metal, and that scene is Metal.

3rd no jumping. Their not being any jumping isn't a problem. You can evade be locking onto your enemy and pressing B (On the xbox controller) and going in any direction with the left analog stick.
Hercules  +   2320d ago
well, what other game comes out the same day? Uncharted 2..i wasnt trying to bash the game

as for the concert coming alive, i think the point of a story is to explain what happens, not just do it..i mean when you watch a movie and the second lead character gets killed or kills the lead character, do you want to know why, or will you just let it happen?

as for the jumping issue, that was just one of the things i didnt like, im not going to list them all, again the game kept me laughing: "You mean like the 70s? More like the early 70s." but it just didnt bring that fun factor to me, sure you kill dudes with your axe, and you rock out on your guitar, but i want more, and throwing a stranger isnt worth it either, i know its just a demo, but until i see some more stuff, this will be a rent, if that..i know the game went gold because it comes out next tuesday...again this is my opinion, i think uncharted 2 is the better game...of course it will attract metalheads, and the online MP looks like WoW, but that is just me
Redempteur  +   2320d ago
NOt one of the first disagree
-Jumping in that kind of adventure is kinda retarded .. this is NOt a platforms game
- you can evade AND dodge by using the lock bouton and circle ( i do not know the mapping on the 360 version )
- the concert was just an escuse for ( hero from another world tale ).the hero doesn't care he is just enjoying the adventure, you should too ...

And finally ... where did you see SIMS graphics ?
Brutal legend is NOT the most impressive looking game this year .. but to compare it to the sims is just silly at best ...
Anyway i suggest you to play the demo a little more .. you obviously missed many gameplay points ...( and i assume that why you don't like the game )
reintype  +   2320d ago
I think it should be mandatory for every new IP, to be released between April-August, during the lean gaming months where it could have benefited from the exposure, instead of Fall where it could get overlooked.

As it stands, I'm going to pass up on this one.
Darkfiber  +   2320d ago
It's funny when people who don't like metal talk about this game. They say there's no appeal...well obviously. It's like Madden appealing to someone who hates sports. It's not meant to appeal to you, but those of us who like metal and the culture surrounding it are hyped for this.
RKRigney  +   2320d ago
It's like you're commenting on a story that nobody wrote.
00000000000000000001  +   2320d ago
Pre-orders at are doing pretty good #29 just for the xbox 360 version. IMO this looks better than UC2 and I will be playing it first and UC2 second, if my PS3 still works!
XDF  +   2320d ago
For those that live in the US..
Toys R US will have their annual Buy 2 get 1 free sale starting 10/10/09.

I am planning to get Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend and NBA 2K10. $40 a pop isn't so bad.
#26 (Edited 2320d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
RockmanII7  +   2320d ago
Cool list
I'm getting Brutal Legend, Fallout 3: GoTY (skipped Fallout 3 first time around), and Rock Band 2.
#26.1 (Edited 2320d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Stone-The-Crow  +   2320d ago
Personally i'm looking more forward to this then Modern Warfare 2...
Perkel  +   2320d ago
hey don't blame graphic, it's just a style, in demo there is a pile of bones and some grat physic involved with it.

loved demo !
jhooty14  +   2320d ago
id pick uncharted and modern warfare 2 over this in a heartbeat
GeoramA  +   2320d ago
Played through the demo. The controls are sluggish and the game is so damn ugly.

Might be worth a rental.
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