Demon's Souls Review: Play Magazine

Play Magazine writes: "The word of mouth on this game is going to be great, unless your friends only play WiiFit. Demon's Souls is what an 8-Bit game would play like if it were popped open and dumped out in your lap. Gorgeous, thoughtful, and complete unto itself, it's the second-best title I've played this year. Maybe even better."

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dreamcast3181d ago

"Demon’s Souls is what an 8-Bit game would play like if it were popped open and dumped out in your lap."

I think that sums the game up nicely. 2 more days....

Simon_Brezhnev3181d ago

I think ima start over with the asian edition. I think ima buy it from gamestop and swap the disc and tell gamestop it was 2 hard :)

presto7173181d ago

I JUST pre-ordered the DELUXE EDITION. I must admit, I not as hardcore as I was a couple of years back. But hopefully, I still have what it takes to beat this.

Anyone know when the US online servers will be up and running?

lordgodalming3181d ago

US servers go online on launch day, Oct. 6.

beavis4play3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

seriously pathetic.

on topic: another great review for DS. looking forward to tuesday!

Ghostsmoker3181d ago

what a nice score! I think this is a great game but sometimes very challenging. But I like tough games when you need some skills to beat it.

bnaked3180d ago

hm, this game is shaping up to be a goty contender.

40cal3180d ago

Bring it on.

I picked up my art book and soundtrack yesterday, kinda cool, some good info in the art book. And I gave myself Wednesday and Thursday off this week. I cant wait to get home from work Tuesday night.

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Lavalamp3181d ago

Demon's Souls, you will soon be mine!

Bordel_19003181d ago

I can't even begin to say how idiotic it is that this awesome title isn't even being released in Europe, just f*ing incredible.

Baba19063181d ago

agree its sooooooo stupid. i would buy this first day. =( they hate us.

lordgodalming3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

It does suck, but with PS3 there's always a chance to import.

ia_studio3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I only import since there's no game releases here in ecuador, it sucks.
Sony hates us in latin america, not you europeans.

Bordel_19003181d ago

I did like you guys suggested, it's now pre-ordered from , I tried but they tell me they can't ship it to Europe. I chose European Delivery (GE), hope I get it soon :)

Charlie26883181d ago

@ia_studio: tu tambien eres de Ecuador? O.O!

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eddyka23181d ago

I am picking this up on day 1. Can't wait! :)

GamerPS3603181d ago

pre-ordered and paid already. Hopefully, Newegg will ship it on time :D

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