Modern Warfare 2 To Have No Multiplayer Trophies

True to their word, Infinity Ward has no multiplayer trophies in their next game, only single player and co-op trophies are available.

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flankhim3121d ago


Infinity ward never does online achievements or trophies.

sabestar3121d ago

Thank God for that.

I really don't like collecting online trophies, they're such a hassle at least to me (example GTA4).
Maybe bec im more of a single player kindof person

tdogchristy903121d ago

I agree, I enjoy multiplayer but when it comes to achievements, I feel it takes the fun out of what achievement are supposted to bring.

gaffyh3121d ago

The guy said himself in the interview, never say never, so they could have added online achievements. I'm glad they didn't though, because I hate it when your trophy/achievement relies on other people in your team doing good. Also my connection is quite crap, and I get disconnected in a lot of games, and in KZ2 for example, it wouldn't even update your stats so it would have been a waste of 20 mins. :(

SeraphimBlade3121d ago

Yeah, thank God for this. Beating online opponents, ranking up, and moving up the leaderboards are rewards in themselves. That and I totally suck online.

Blaze9293121d ago

Online achievements just ruin the experience. When I hear "hey wanna boost for achievements?" "Sure"....I get upset having to be stuck in that game and cant quit becuase of the penalties.

Then like in Gears of War 1, you had mad noobs just grenade tagging or chainsawing for that damn achievements which could have been made for public instead of ranked matches.

Timesplitter143121d ago

Never cared about trophies, never will

Bnet3433121d ago

This also goes for Xbox 360 achievements in case any one else was wondering. IW doesn't do online cheevos/trophies. The only people that do online achievements the right way is Bungie.

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kevinx10003121d ago

i think it should/can have some multiplayer achievements.
well, unlocks and challenges make up for that.

Clarence Callahan3110d ago

i'm glad there aren't any, online trophies suck imo, but if there would be any i'd like ranking trophies, like reach lvl 75, or unlock prestige mode, because those are trophies everyone will get on the go, and they are very different than for example: kill 3 opponents with 1 grenade, which sucks...
so i like it how it is.

ThatCanadianGuy3121d ago

Ahh..trophies, the superior version of achievements.

deadreckoning6663121d ago

Seriously, wats the difference? Tell me, I'd really love to know.

Elvfam5113121d ago

Is the difference between them

Saaking3121d ago

Trophies are more meaningful than a number that just gets bigger. With trophies you say "look at my trophy collection" with achievements you say "look at that big number" Trophies are better.

JonnyBadfinger3120d ago

Why would it be any different to the Achievements??

@ Saaking
I see your bubbles are disappearing. well we cant have that, now can we. Have a bubble on me. And hopefully everyone else will chip you in one aswell.

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Stryfeno23121d ago

Ahh..trophies, the achievements wannabe.

gaffyh3121d ago

You could call the Xbox 360 a PS2 wannabe. Face it dude, everyone copies each other, the main difference is whether they improve on what they copy.

snake_eater3121d ago

PS3 a superior console with a superior reward system.

360 contingent continues to deny that... their little minds cannot handle the truth...

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