BusinessWeek: Nintendo Less Innovative Than Microsoft, Sony

Nintendo is a far less innovative company than either Microsoft or Sony, a new report from BusinessWeek suggests. According to the list, compiled by BusinessWeek and Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft ranks as the fifth most innovative company in the world, with Sony placed eighth and Nintendo checking in much further down the line at number 39.

Numerous other factors beyond the company's consoles and video game divisions factored into their placement on the list--evidenced by the inclusion of companies such as 3M, Wal-Mart, and Procter & Gamble.

That said, it is interesting to note that Microsoft's entry was the only one of the three major console manufacturers to not mention the company's respective video game system. The small text blurb on Microsoft focused on the importance of the "Windows and Office hegemony," without so much as a reference to the company's Xbox brand. Meanwhile, both Sony and Nintendo's entries were almost entirely devoted to their console and software efforts--Sony for its work on the PlayStation 3 virtual world Home, and Nintendo for the motion-sensing Wii Remote that the article claims "shatters the [gamer] stereotype."

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