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Endsights: Demon's Souls Review (PS3)

Endsights' Nate Seites had this to say about Demon's Souls: "Demon's Souls is an action RPG like no other. This game will challenge you on every front, but if you stick with it, this will be one of the most satisfying games you play this year." (Demon's Souls, PS3) 5/5

Blow Out Your Brains  +   2129d ago
The PS3 has such an incredible lineup it's almost disgusting. M$ is in trouble
Jaces  +   2129d ago
2 more days!!
JoySticksFTW  +   2128d ago
Man, I can't wait!!! This game owns people!! Listen to this guy whine!!
- SPOILERS !!!! -


He actually quits playing Demon's Souls because he can't pass the first boss (not the one that supposed to kill you; the one after that)... LMAO!!!

Earlier in the walkthrough, you should hear how pissed he got when he found that he lost all of his souls after he died. Ahahaha!!!

Demon's Souls broke him!

EDIT @ Sarcasm

NO! Do not resist... Give into your lust... for Demon's Souls beckons you... Mwahahahaa!!
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Sarcasm  +   2128d ago
Must... resist... urge... to buy...

Uncharted 2 is only a week away!!!
thereapersson  +   2128d ago
Buy both of 'em, Sarcasm! You can safely say with pride that your PS3 is getting all of your hard-earned gaming dollars this fall. :)
Consoldtobots  +   2128d ago
got my copy today and started with a templar knight and a HUGE swing ax.
Haven't put the game down since. Not only is MS in trouble but I think Bethesda better bring the noise with the next elder scrolls or they will have been officially dethroned as the action RPG kings.
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Consoldtobots  +   2128d ago
lmao @ the guy in the video, WHAT A NOOB, my kid beat the first boss on his first try. Just set his sword on fire and slashed and stabbed the crap outta him. some people fail so HARD....lmao.
Sarcasm  +   2128d ago
I'm resisting the urge now, but I know once I walk around the store and browse the PS3 section, I'll end up buying it.
jut420  +   2128d ago
@ jaces
I know, 2 more days, I can't wait. 2 weeks ago two days from now seemed like an eternity, plus with all the great reviews it's been a painful wait. The only bad thing I've heard about this game is how unforgivingly difficult it is, but I love challenging games which has me even more excited.
The Killer  +   2128d ago
sony needs to advertise this game
its almost like they forgot about it!!!

not many people know about it, but i guess their money is on uncharted 2 now and later they will shift the focus to this game, also word of mouth will help.
JoySticksFTW  +   2128d ago
@ Killer I agree that this game needs advertising, but I'm just happy to see some commercials for Uncharted and the new price point
Sony's hasn't really been at the top of their game when it comes to advertising their gems. Though it could be argued that Sony would rather allocate that money towards first and second party exclusives, which I think we've been seeing the benefit of.

Heck, Uncharted looks to be a monster GOTY candidate - but there's people who can't decide between it and Demon's Souls (so far exclusive third party) to purchase first. Then you have games like the new Ratchet around the corner. Wallets are suffering this year.

Though I think word of mouth will help, there are those gamers that are getting scared off by this game's rep.

At the end, I think that this may end up like one of those slept on / under the radar games that people regret not picking up years later. And search for on eBay like Ico, XenoGears, Vagrant Story, and Marvel v Capcom before the online re-release
Raf1k1  +   2128d ago
Any word of a UK release?
(a PM reply would be welcome) :D
nix  +   2129d ago
yup.. one of the 8 exclusive titles that sits in Top 20 in metacritic.

one just has to compare the quality of exclusives PS3 and 360 has irrespective of how biased most of the industries are. does the so called "voices of the gaming industry" want to take the industry back or forward? worst is seeing the GTAIV topping the list with 98. even a kid knows that game was a failure. tch.
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Noctis Aftermath  +   2129d ago
I couldn't care less about GTA4, i think rockstars next great game will be Red Dead Redemption, it has you playing as a sheriff set in the wild west or something similar. http://www.rockstargames.co...
JonnyBigBoss  +   2129d ago
Awesome game. I gotta get it ASAP.
Robearboy  +   2129d ago
Does anyone know if or when this is due for a UK release, its not listed on Amazon
MazzingerZ  +   2128d ago
nop, it's not and I don't think it will never be, with so many version you can now import only a fool wouldpublish a game that you can even get at online retailers as an import.

I've preordered mine at Ebay UK to deliver to Scandinavia next week. Fair price.

Anyway, if you buy the imported copy makes sure it's the US copy the one published by Atlus otherwise you won't be able to play in the same servers as the US...and even receive future patches I think.
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gamejediben  +   2129d ago
Okay now I'm officially impressed. This game wasn't even on my radar but after so many perfect and nearly perfect reviews, I am forced to pay attention. 2 more days to go!
dalibor  +   2128d ago
Same here I wasn't planning on getting Demon's Soul but now I have to check it out. Oh by the way since I am a gamer who likes to help others, I will leave helpful notes for everybody(cool feature imo). I will even address one saying.. "Dalibor was here... who posts on N4G.com" for the hell of it.
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gintoki777  +   2128d ago
I was going to get this game as an import but it was constantly out on play-asia so then gdc came along and demons souls was announced and now ive waited till up to this day.

The game was backordered on play-asia for 5 months!
meetajhu  +   2128d ago
From what i'm seeing is this game is got the highest MetaCritic all reviewers are giving it full score. I think it will be the best RPG game out there!
thereapersson  +   2128d ago
Too bad that godawful Gamervision review had to bring down the overall average.
Seriously, a 6/10? What a load of horse sh1te! Noobish douchebags like that shouldn't be allowed to review videogames.
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JoySticksFTW  +   2128d ago
@reapersson You speak the truth. The same thing happened with Famitsu
The noobed-out reviewers got all frustrated and upset with the lack of hand-holding and graded the game lower, while the more experienced reviewers who appreciated the challenge scored it higher

Some people are using the challenge as a negative - like the game is broken and unbalanced.

at least this game is fair, as stated in most of it's reviews. It's just unforgiving...

I wonder if those whining gamers ever played old school platformers with ice / fire / endless pit levels and no password or save system. One wrong move and cry, 'cause you're starting that level over again.

And fighting game end bosses (heck ANY computer controlled character) bending game rules to whip your ass.

This reality bending doesn't occur in Demon's Souls (at least not intentionally) from what I've seen and read.
SaiyanFury  +   2128d ago
Demon's Souls kicks a lot of ass. Ignore the scores and get it for yourselves. I got the import version from Hong Kong and it's one of the PS3's best games. It is unapologetically hard. You WILL die. Learn how to play each level and how to engage each enemy. Demon's Souls is a game that so many people have been waiting for. Available only on PS3.
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Naar  +   2128d ago
after i try it
trust me this kind of game comes every 10 years once
i will say it Demon soul >> uncharted 2 for me
wanderofys  +   2128d ago
I will likely feel the same way, but I still gotta have Uncharted 2. I'll play Uncharted for the experience, but I'll play Demon's Souls because games of it's sort are what make gaming worth it to me
Figboy  +   2128d ago
i love this game.
i haven't played it in a few weeks because i've been brushing up on my Uncharted (when my PS3 died, i lost all my game saves, Uncharted and my 100% complete game included. *sigh* and i never thought i'd have to beat Crushing more than twice. this will be my THIRD TIME!).

anyway, i'm addicted to Demon's Souls, and it truly is a challenging, impeccably designed RPG. i never thought i'd see From Software produce such a game, but they have.

it goes to show that proper support goes a LONG way. From Software has always had interesting ideas and concepts for games, but their execution always leaved a lot to be desired. now i see it was more than likely due to budget and time constraints, and not a lack of talent from the devs.

hopefully this will be the start of a fruitful relationship with Sony, and they choose to back them on more projects in the future.

Demon's Souls, so far, is the best JRPG i've played this generation next to White Knight Chronicles.
thereapersson  +   2128d ago
I think it was more a lack of proper hardware to express their ideas to their fullest. The PSOne and PS2 offerings of King's field were good, but you could tell the technology was lagging behind the ideas they wanted to convey through the software realm. With the power of the PS3, they are free to make the game they've always been meaning to.
Sarcasm  +   2128d ago
Demon's souls is probably one of the least games I thought I'd be excited for. Now I cant wait to get my hands on it and scream in joy!

Hopefully it sells well enough to warrant a Demon's Souls 2.
Feral Gamer  +   2128d ago
I'll be grouse hunting next week so I won't be able to pick up my copy until Friday :(
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2128d ago
:-( :-( :-( It's time to -
http://video-games.shop.eba... ;-D

(Er i mean SELL IT!!! Not Buy 1!!!) ;)
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The Killer  +   2128d ago
this game looks like will be in my gaming collection soon
i love different type of games, like not standard ones, and this looks like will fill up my taste.
bjornbear  +   2128d ago
Nt gna pick this up this month =(
O:FP and U2 for now...then out of €€...but next month maybe!!! =D
Antan  +   2128d ago
Just ordered US version (im in UK) from AxelMusic for 38 quid delivered.
felidae  +   2128d ago
it's one of the greatest RPGs i've played in years.

hard as hell but also very rewarding!

zep  +   2128d ago
to all the PS3 Gamers out there if you think your a hardcore then this is the game for you after so many hours of farming and grinding i finally got the platinum trophy today :D
thereapersson  +   2128d ago
You sir, have reached an epic achievement that few will ever receive.
Afterburn  +   2128d ago
very nice. the plats are so much work.
Sarcasm  +   2128d ago
"have reached an epic achievement that few will ever receive. "

That includes me lmao

I barely get gold trophies in current "easier" games.
NecrumSlavery  +   2128d ago
This game actually makes me nervous. I'm not the world's greatest gamer, I want to play it but will I die so much it becomes unplayable? I heard when you die you don't lose everything.
gamejediben  +   2128d ago
Oh, don't worry..

this game will MAKE you into the world's greatest gamer (Or at least a very capable one). Think of this as training for the big leagues. Every success in this game will ignite your desire to go further and further. Until you've beaten the game and you get your very own membership into the hardcore gamer club (figuratively speaking). And from then on, every time you see a new Ninja Gaiden game (or some other hardcore title) released, you will laugh a hearty laugh and dare it to do battle with your awesomeness.
Nikuma  +   2128d ago
The first 1-3 levels in Demon's Souls will be very hard when you're playing the game for the first time. It shows you how brutal the game is and forces you to learn the ropes of the gameplay. Once you get the hang of things the game overall gets easier and you will die much less frequently...that is until you hit a boss for the first time. Expect to die a few times to each boss before you beat them. Unless you've read info or a strat about the boss beforehand, it will take some learning and getting your ass beat a few times. :P

Probably my favorite console game this gen. It's just extremely atmospheric, immersive, and satisfying. My current GoTG.
ActionBastard  +   2128d ago
Waiting for Tuesday is killing me. Uncharted 2 AND Demon's Souls?! It's official...I have no need for an Xbox 360 ever.
Sarcasm  +   2128d ago
Don't say that.

Insert "Xbox 360 winter heater joke" here.
BoneMagnus  +   2128d ago
Here's the thing...
In all the reviews, I never read anything about poor camera issues or control issues - as is the case in other challenging games - like Ninja Gaiden. It seems the game beats you fairly.

To me, that means the game, while challenging, is something that we can learn to become skilled at.

One of the most satisfying games I've played is Shadow of the Colossus, and I think this will offer the same kind of feeling.

I'm excited - I'm actually looking forward to this more than Dragon Age.
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Sarcasm  +   2128d ago
Shadows of the Colossus. It wasn't very hard to me, but it wasn't easy either. Possibly one of the best experiences in gaming history ever.
ActionBastard  +   2128d ago
Agreed and Bubbles to all for the SOTC love
I just started replaying SOTC (for the 3rd time) and thought to myself "I would totally replay this for 720p, trophies and Ico on the same disc." Then I was knocked unconscious from the sheer awesomeness of that thought.
sashimi  +   2128d ago
paid in full so will be picking up first day! can't wait.
now to choose which type of character i wanna play as :)
freeblue  +   2128d ago
i can't play it until the 13 :(
Tex117  +   2128d ago
I went ahead and got the Deluxe edition for the strategy guide. I figure I would just run to the internet anyway, so why do that when the book is faster?

Im definetly ready for this game. Im going to play it next week, then get Uncharted 2. I will play Uncharted 2 when I can't take Demon's Souls anymore for the day.

There really does need to be a membership for those who play and beat this game.

Sony did this right by not advertising it. Uncharted 2 is the way to go with the ad dollars. This game is a word of mouth underground arthouse type of game. The word of mouth and the fact you can't pick it up at some big box stores (Best Buy), gives this game a sort mystique.

The difficulty is too hard for casual gamers.
Why Dat  +   2128d ago
ARG.... only a few more days! The wait is excruciating! Got the special edition pre-ordered.
PLAYstar  +   2128d ago
Could this be the blackhorse?!
MeatAbstract  +   2128d ago
Where can I import this game from? I can't use playasia as they don't deliver to Europe.
TheBand1t  +   2128d ago
From the US when it releases here on October 6th.
rob6021  +   2128d ago
The first couple reviews i saw were good, but they were not big sites, so i figured it was just some fanboys who imported the game trying to hype it up. But now the good reviews just keep rolling in, I gotta get this game, still wondering what IGN will give it. I'm curious to see if the challenge will turn me off to it.
Tex117  +   2128d ago
My only concern is that the reviews are inflated due to the fact if you said you don't like it, then its because you thought it was too hard and thus a puzzy.

I don't think that is the case, but it may add to a few more favorable reviews.

In other words, if this game was easier would it get the same marks?

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