Endsights: Demon's Souls Review (PS3)

Endsights' Nate Seites had this to say about Demon's Souls: "Demon's Souls is an action RPG like no other. This game will challenge you on every front, but if you stick with it, this will be one of the most satisfying games you play this year."

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Blow Out Your Brains3123d ago

The PS3 has such an incredible lineup it's almost disgusting. M$ is in trouble

JoySticksFTW3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

- SPOILERS !!!! -

He actually quits playing Demon's Souls because he can't pass the first boss (not the one that supposed to kill you; the one after that)... LMAO!!!

Earlier in the walkthrough, you should hear how pissed he got when he found that he lost all of his souls after he died. Ahahaha!!!

Demon's Souls broke him!

EDIT @ Sarcasm

NO! Do not resist... Give into your lust... for Demon's Souls beckons you... Mwahahahaa!!

Sarcasm3123d ago

Must... resist... urge... to buy...

Uncharted 2 is only a week away!!!

thereapersson3123d ago

Buy both of 'em, Sarcasm! You can safely say with pride that your PS3 is getting all of your hard-earned gaming dollars this fall. :)

Consoldtobots3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

got my copy today and started with a templar knight and a HUGE swing ax.
Haven't put the game down since. Not only is MS in trouble but I think Bethesda better bring the noise with the next elder scrolls or they will have been officially dethroned as the action RPG kings.

Consoldtobots3123d ago

lmao @ the guy in the video, WHAT A NOOB, my kid beat the first boss on his first try. Just set his sword on fire and slashed and stabbed the crap outta him. some people fail so HARD....lmao.

Sarcasm3123d ago

I'm resisting the urge now, but I know once I walk around the store and browse the PS3 section, I'll end up buying it.

jut4203123d ago

@ jaces
I know, 2 more days, I can't wait. 2 weeks ago two days from now seemed like an eternity, plus with all the great reviews it's been a painful wait. The only bad thing I've heard about this game is how unforgivingly difficult it is, but I love challenging games which has me even more excited.

The Killer3123d ago

its almost like they forgot about it!!!

not many people know about it, but i guess their money is on uncharted 2 now and later they will shift the focus to this game, also word of mouth will help.

JoySticksFTW3123d ago

Sony's hasn't really been at the top of their game when it comes to advertising their gems. Though it could be argued that Sony would rather allocate that money towards first and second party exclusives, which I think we've been seeing the benefit of.

Heck, Uncharted looks to be a monster GOTY candidate - but there's people who can't decide between it and Demon's Souls (so far exclusive third party) to purchase first. Then you have games like the new Ratchet around the corner. Wallets are suffering this year.

Though I think word of mouth will help, there are those gamers that are getting scared off by this game's rep.

At the end, I think that this may end up like one of those slept on / under the radar games that people regret not picking up years later. And search for on eBay like Ico, XenoGears, Vagrant Story, and Marvel v Capcom before the online re-release

Raf1k13123d ago

Any word of a UK release?
(a PM reply would be welcome) :D

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nix3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

yup.. one of the 8 exclusive titles that sits in Top 20 in metacritic.

one just has to compare the quality of exclusives PS3 and 360 has irrespective of how biased most of the industries are. does the so called "voices of the gaming industry" want to take the industry back or forward? worst is seeing the GTAIV topping the list with 98. even a kid knows that game was a failure. tch.

Noctis Aftermath3123d ago

I couldn't care less about GTA4, i think rockstars next great game will be Red Dead Redemption, it has you playing as a sheriff set in the wild west or something similar.

JonnyBigBoss3123d ago

Awesome game. I gotta get it ASAP.

Robearboy3123d ago

Does anyone know if or when this is due for a UK release, its not listed on Amazon

MazzingerZ3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

nop, it's not and I don't think it will never be, with so many version you can now import only a fool wouldpublish a game that you can even get at online retailers as an import.

I've preordered mine at Ebay UK to deliver to Scandinavia next week. Fair price.

Anyway, if you buy the imported copy makes sure it's the US copy the one published by Atlus otherwise you won't be able to play in the same servers as the US...and even receive future patches I think.

gamejediben3123d ago

Okay now I'm officially impressed. This game wasn't even on my radar but after so many perfect and nearly perfect reviews, I am forced to pay attention. 2 more days to go!

dalibor3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Same here I wasn't planning on getting Demon's Soul but now I have to check it out. Oh by the way since I am a gamer who likes to help others, I will leave helpful notes for everybody(cool feature imo). I will even address one saying.. "Dalibor was here... who posts on" for the hell of it.

gintoki7773123d ago

I was going to get this game as an import but it was constantly out on play-asia so then gdc came along and demons souls was announced and now ive waited till up to this day.

The game was backordered on play-asia for 5 months!

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