GT PSP has the edge over Forza 3 in this video preview?

Forza 3 vs GT PSP Cam Video comparison.

GT PSP has the edge over Forza 3 in this video preview?

In what can only be described as a masterpeice on the Handheld device we compare ingame play to the XBOX 360 title Forza 3.

The Comparison

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wxer3182d ago


GT PSP > forza

11 360s and counting3182d ago

It's funny how crappy the xbox really is. You have to be retarded to think it can even compete with ps3 and the PC. Hell, some wii games look better then the crapboxs.

MajorJackHoff3181d ago

GT is better than Forza.

Edit: How the f*ck do I only have 4 bubbles? *Sigh* Let's fix that please.

chrisulloa3181d ago

PS3 fanboys are getting really desperate trying to make sony sound better. "LOL THIS GAME HAS PS1 GRAPHICS BUT BECUZ WE SAY IT LOOKS BETTER, IT IS BETTER!!!!!!!!11" Oh well, maybe next time.

N4G king3181d ago


cry me a river

buh bu bu bu teh 1 million polygons


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Dom63903182d ago

I'm on the fence, I haven't seen GT PSP being played so I cant say if its real, however you can see him use the PSP controls to select replay and change the camera during so it doesn't seem to be a video unless he times it perfectly. I have also seen most of / if not all the GT5 footage and haven't seen this video before.
All things aside if that is GT PSP OMG all I can say is how does it look so good!

komp3182d ago

It is as is in game. No video magic here.

droid and bot3182d ago

this right here proofs us one thing

PD = far more than just great developers

they are just on another level

cRaZyLeGs 933182d ago

GT PSP is out? Anyway psp is in replay mode, but looks amazing!!! Forza is on different track, crap tv and in-game. Can't wait to see the disagrees I get from this joke of a site.

HolyOrangeCows3182d ago

This belongs on, maybe, bad joystick. But not on N4G.

Ju3182d ago

Downloading it right now. Man I so wanted to wait, but couldn't keep my wallet under control after I saw that video. I'm weak...

fishd3182d ago

This is some kind of joke,right?

rareairtone3182d ago

But it was using the monsterously improved rendering tech of the replay. While in gt5 and forza, the replays improve the graphics a little bit, in gt psp it's an overhaul.

Either way, there's no way that it compares graphically to forza 3 its a freakin handheld...its touts nice replays but it's not comparable

This comparison wreaks of gran turismo fanb0yism.

GrandDragon3182d ago

People who are complaining about the resolution of Forza 3 are in hopeless denial. Even after playing the Demo the game still sucks monkey balls...

Feel free to venture Youtube and you will find plenty of HD quality videos of Forza 3. It wont change anything.

Bnet3433182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Both look good to me.

FrankDrebin3182d ago

Is this site really comparing the PSP to the 360? Seriously?

I mean ..... really?

I am a Sony Fanboy but this is retarded, even for me. haha That sounds funny.


The PSP is in reply and the 360 is playing a level. Not to mention the video quality SUCKS SHET! You call that HD? It looks like that boy is playing games on 13" Dynex 480i tube based television.


Montrealien3182d ago

Well, I played GT portable on my 40" LCD and I can tell you one thing, it is nothing close to Forza three on the same screen.

Compared on a youtube video side by side? thats just retarded, GT3 A-spec looks as good as GT5:P if you do that.

pixelsword3181d ago

I underestimated the PSP.

Seriously underestimated the PSP.

Maddens Raiders3181d ago

I own GT:PSP and it is a stunner.

True, both are running in replay mode in thesvideos, but those that harp on that are doing so to deter from the fact that this little gem clearly compares to (and by my account; exceeds)F3's replay output.

Leathersoup3180d ago

Sony guys can't have this both ways (unless they're all oriented that way), if Forza 3 "sucks" for only having 8 cars on track then you can't turn around and say that a game with only 4 cars on track is better...

Also the in-car view isn't even rendered. You're shown a solid black interior...

And then there's the hand held platform itself. They don't even compare.

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MetalGearRising3182d ago

Sony Sites will do Anything to degrade Forza 3 for some reason. Maybe next time we'll also here how Mario cart also has a slight edge over forza 3.

patterson3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

There's nothing degrading about this comparison. They are graphically similar to each oth.... oh wait Forza is your flagship racer?

My condolences.

Waldex_Encore3182d ago

You sound like a butthurt hooker

Cant you just accept that Forza 3 is a lame attempt to emulate Gran Turismo?

Also can't you just accept the fact that the PS3 is just a superior console?, you can buy one, all the GOTY from this year on will be exclusive to PS3.

Also FYI... Metal Gear Rising WILL look better on PS3, even if the multiplatform stuff make it look worse than MGS4.

ambientFLIER3182d ago

How are they graphically similar, when GT PSP plays at 1/3rd of resolution that Forza 3 does, has 2d scenery, no damage, and 4 cars on the screen?

Xlll3182d ago

LOL and it still beats Flopza3

cereal_killa3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Don't worry MuppetGearRising at least forza will out sell the PSP version you'll always have your sales to be proud of your mommy's purchase of your 360. you have no one to blame except M$ and turn 10 for bullsh1ting you into believing that forza is the how did the lie go "definitive racing game of this generation", but just like the Muppet you are you want to blame everyone else but the source it self.

StrboyM3182d ago

You say "sony" sites will do anything to downplay forza

then you say, next the will show how "mario cart" has ths slight edge over forza

sony doesn't make "mario cart"...nintendo does, why would a sony site do that?

Ill say this though...Forza ain't got Sheet!! for wipeout HD

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thor3182d ago

The only thing this should prove is that you can't compare games by looking at low res videos. Any game looks fantastic if you scale the graphics down to a tiny window.

Darkeyes3182d ago

While I do agree with you, but there is no denying the fact that GT:PSP is one good looking game. PD has probably squeezed out all the juice from it.... It's going a little overboard comparing it to Forza by scaling down the size, but still, this is a real life proof of what to expect from GT5... If they can squeeze that much from such a low powered platform (compared to a PS3 and 360), then, well.... GT5!!!!! (Thats all I have to say)

spunnups3182d ago

I had no idea GT PSP looked that damn good. Dear Lord, I cannot wait to see what next March brings.

spunnups3182d ago

Wait, is does GT5 come out the same Month as God of War 3? That's strange, Sony normally spaces out their big releases.

droid and bot3182d ago

no wait
GT5 march 2010 in japan
they didn't say anything about world wide

gta_cb3182d ago

im pretty sure they said europe would be very close to that release date, but i cant remember where i read it sorry.

Noctis Aftermath3181d ago

Yes GoW3 and GT5 come out in march 2010 also alot of other great games, now i warn you, wear some sunglasses if you plan on looking at the march 2010 release schedule, otherwise you might go blind.

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