New Heavenly Sword Video

See how stylish devastation moves and the technology behind the game make the player's experience even more enjoyable.

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Violater4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Every time i see this game I am reminded why i bought my PS3, hopefully we will have our hands on it soon,
And Deep the more I watch the videos the more the better her hair looks in motion, still looks like crap in stills, but doesn't matter we live in motion.
Serkis is a mad genius, I actually think his is the Character i will enjoy the most. I hope this game is a Hit and i Hope that one day we may see Nariko on a game like say Soul Calibur, hmmmmmmm Sword-Joy-gasm, ahh I guy can dream.

achira4230d ago

hoooooooooooooooot!!! man this game looks really brilliant!

Torch4230d ago

That's the word that comes to mind when gazing at these so-smooth, detailed, and beautiful graphics.

Maybe that's the name they should have given this to THIS game instead.

Amazed, convinced, and eagerly waiting!

WilliamRLBaker4230d ago

I mean admittedly the game looks good....But it still seems way to goddess of war to me, And with the whole the sword drains your life constantly, i hope they dont make that a real time thing, where if you dont meet your objective in the game fast enough you die...

techie4230d ago

Goddess of War is compliment. Every third person shooter will now be called Gears of that a bad thing? I've been waiting for this gamefor 3 years...and I find it very hard to find games that suit my taste.

I had Prince of Persia...and God of War...I needed something new. This is it! And I can fight armies in it!

Oh and regards the life timer. You build up time with stylistic moves...the better you are the timer increases. :)

WilliamRLBaker4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

I'm not basing goddess of war monkier on every ones opinion, I'm basing it on my own, I didn't like god of war 1 or 2, The game was way to button mashy for my taste, And I'm more into learning and memorizing moves then just being able to breeze through the game useing 2-3 combos.

I all so didn't like the storyline. but I wont go into that, If you liked god of war 1 and 2 then by all means its obvious goddess of war is a compliment, But for me? no.

(Since my ballons went to 3 from 4 I cannot reply so ill just edit.)

Its not that I dont like the genre, I think Ninja gaiden is the same genre and I loved that game cause I was forced most of the time to learn the moves if i wanted to survive, I need an Extreme challenge to get into Games of this type, Which is why I breezed through both GOW games in under 10 hours on the hardest dificulties cause I'm all ways playing extremely dificult games in that genre, I just dont like it being easy on me.

I'm a glutton for punishment...I like to die 5 billion times before i finish a game lol.

Another thing you say this game is perfect for what it wants to be, But we dont know that yet do we? all we have are gamer publications telling us so, Untill I play a game I cannot say i like it unless i've played a game in the vein of that game, Like halo I liked 1, and i liked the MP of 2, so i know ill probly like 3. Where as this game to me seems like god of war, and i didn't like 1 or 2 so im not sure if ill like it.

Edit2: ok thanks for the info deep, ill look at the game, If your right Ill be sure to pick it up.

Edit3: ill do that, I tracked you by the way.

techie4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

"he game was way to button mashy for my taste, And I'm more into learning and memorizing moves then just being able to breeze through the game useing 2-3 combos."

Well thankfully Heavenly Sword should solve that problem for you.

I don't like I wont buy them. SImple as that...I find it vey strange to argue about one game when you don't like the genre, or a game that does the genre the best. Because this game is perfect for what it wants to be.

I tell you...I'd most likely despise Gears of War. But I know it's an incredible game.

**edit** Hehe this is fun. Right well I'll tell you this. Ninja Theory have spent 3 years working on their fighting mechanics. It's full of special moves and new have to change between the three stances to survive. Different enemies need different tactics, for some have sheild which can only be broken with the strong stance.

The fighting has so much depth that if you want to you can learn as many new moves as you want. I have a feeling you could get through the first part of the game by just button mashing BUT once you get to 1000 strong armies you are going to HAVE TO learn the moves...otherwise you're dead! You'll be killing 30 people at a time with a well time move.

So I feel this game will be challenging and have the depth of combat you are looking for..DO NOT watch a video with some lame beginer playing need to watch someone who has gone through the learning curve.

*edit2* Sure dude. I'm not trying to sell the game...I just know A LOT about it...and if you have any questions just pm me. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.