World's first mod chip for PS3?

Crave: Sony has been quite successful in deterring game piracy for its PS3 console so far. However, this may be about to change if a rumored Belzar mod chip turns out to be true. Besides supporting PS2 and PS3 bootleg games, the hardware-based hack promises many other functions ranging from stealth mode (read: To make the chip harder to detect by Sony) to region-free DVD/Blu-ray Disc playback.

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Hellsvacancy2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Id never mod my Ps3 (ive never had a modded anythin) and if u mod yours u deserve 2 hav your Ps3 break

Im not agaist piracy i use uTorrent every now and then but ive never pirated games

JustinSaneV22974d ago

So in your mind you're all for the pirating of media such as movies or music but for reasons unknown you victimize the piracy of video games?

Double standards much?

Hellsvacancy2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Did i say i download music/films? DONT assume anythin about me!!!

AntoineDcoolette2974d ago

Its a misunderstanding, you see, Hells is part of a Somalian pirate crew.

Biggunz2974d ago

If every Internet rumor was true we would all be Nigerian millionaires by now.

darthv722974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

It is a saturn. I had it modded to play imports cause I like me some JP shmups especially when the saturn went belly up in the states.

I am more curious to the chip opening up the cell to homebrew.

edit: I get a disagree because I have a modded system? Or is it because it is the saturn and not another higher profile system worth modding (ie xbox / ps2)?

At least I am being honest. How many here will be honest enough to say they have a modded system?

Hutch23552974d ago

Just wondering, since I have never used one.

gamesR4fun2974d ago

More importantly, there's no guarantee that your modified PS3 will be compatible with future Sony firmware upgrade and software patches. According to game portal PS3 News, this world's first PS3 mod chip is currently in testing stage so don’t expect to see it in the market anytime

gaffyh2974d ago

1. OLD - At least 6 weeks old (posted August 18)
2. Fake - The guy has taken the domain of the "modchip" down.
3. Some guy called Ricky Fairbanks registered the domain, probably some kid who thought it would be a funny joke. Here is his email

PS3 still not been hacked, I think someone needs to make a supercomputer cluster of PS3s and use it to hack the PS3's encryption.

bjornbear2974d ago

Payed good money for it, and the games i get are worth it =)

If i u want free games get a good PC and have fun =)

randomwiz2974d ago

u guys are acting like this is real...

evrfighter2974d ago

Hope its true :D

free games are the best games.

Hutch23552974d ago

I asked a question. I have never used a torrent site, so what would you be downloading from there if it wasn;t games/music/video/comp programs? People are so touchy, or is it people don't like admitting to being pirates. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH

Raf1k12974d ago

I usually use torrents for anime which are free fansubs. Other than that I don't really have much need for it.

princejb1342974d ago

yeh like anyone wanna download 50 gigs just to play metal gear solid 4

nycredude2974d ago

What is the big deal about hacking the Ps3? It's already region free. It plays all types of media. THe older ones you can add a different OS. And the exclusive will probably soon be all using at least a 25GB or 50gb on the disk. Try downloading that to try to play a game.

MAiKU2974d ago

Yes, that's the smartest thing I've heard all day, put a mod chip in a firmware update capable system.

Do you guys know how much they're struggling in the psp hacking community right now? hahaha.

Shadowstar2974d ago

@Raf1k1: "Free" fansubs? Fansubs aren't free, they're still piracy... I mean, what, it's okay to steal from a Japanese company but not an American one? ("Free" fansubs happen to be a pet peeve, because I used to buy into that. If you're really being legit about it, you need to buy the Japanese anime before you get the fansub.)

TheReaper422974d ago

Sorry Shadow, but some animes aren't AIRABLE on the U.S soil, thus we have to get it elsewhere. If subbing is wrong then would've been shutdown ages ago.

Shadowstar2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

TheReaper42: Doesn't matter, it's still piracy. Whether or not you are able to watch it doesn't matter. It makes it more of a grey market than just black, but it still isn't fair to the people in Japan who create the shows which you watch for free. Import the shows, bought fairly-- then download them with fansubs. That's what you have to do if you want to not be a pirate. If you want to be a pirate, fine, but don't pretend that just because you can't watch it here, it should be free for you. These days, most of us live in an almost global market. You're (probably) not in a country that stops you from shipping in anime from Japan, though it's true that you can't play it in your DVD player. (I mean, unless we're really talking about shota and loli. Certainly that's not airable in the US... but then, considering the US government seems to think it's kiddie porn, I'd not be downloading it to my computer, either.)

As for the fansubbers... Have the majority of the torrent sites that have gone under the radar been shut down? Nope. That doesn't make them morally in the right, it just means they're not worth it to shut down. And the fansubbers used to always say that as soon as the show came out in English, it was your obligation to buy it-- it was part of what you agreed to when you paid them the shipping for the tapes. (I don't know if they still do. It's over ten years since I was in that culture, and we didn't have Or bittorrent, for that matter.)

As I said, pet peeve. :)

dangert122974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

You Brought It No Should Be Able 2 Tell You What To Do With It Or Break It Once You've Brought It Its Yours Not There's

ChickeyCantor2973d ago

"Id never mod my Ps3 (ive never had a modded anythin) and if u mod yours u deserve 2 hav your Ps3 break "

No homebrew is awesome ( A linux OS doesnt count, since it doesnt take full advantage of the hardware)

tee_bag2422973d ago

Its hardly worth having. I bet it screws with multiplayer too, no thanks. I would just love if Sony opened up all the Cell for Linux :)

MegaPowa2973d ago

what the hell do you torrent on it then? that doesn't matter tho because everything there is pirated

Blaze9292973d ago

Everything gets hacked; its only a matter of time. Be it 60 days or 60 years; it'll one day get hacked and I suspect the day the PS3 gets hacked is drawing near. I for one would kinda like it to be honest, lets not all act like 100% goodie too shoes and act like if we could get games for free we wouldnt.

PS3 games however I wouldnt becuase who the hell wants to download and occupy so much space just for one game. 50GB for MGS4? No thanks.

PS2 games I would love to have stored on my internal HDD for booting though; that'd be awesome

JustinSaneV22972d ago

"Did i say i download music/films? DONT assume anythin about me!!!"

"Im not agaist piracy i use uTorrent every now and then"

Well since you don't pirate video games that pretty much leaves software, movies, literature, and music. It doesn't take an astrophysicist to piece that one together.

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Sunny_D2974d ago

Hell no! Why would I risk the chance of never being able to play online or get new fw updates just to play a stolen copy of a game?

Dirty J2974d ago

not worth it when games in the future is likely to use 50 gb duallayer blu ray...

PirateThom2974d ago

So, all I see is a mod chip that still doesn't work.