PAIN: News from Gamespot with Interview

Use a human-sized slingshot to launch people hither and yon and laugh as physics does the rest.

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Torch4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

which comes across as really cool and fun during the first five minutes of gameplay, but exponentially loses steam immediately thereafter as a result of repitition and mindless gameplay.

However, a ray of hope is that hard-to-please Gamespot doesn't seem to think so:

"After our hands-on time with Pain, we don't feel like its basic concept (and the almost limitless and potentially comical outcomes that can result from it) will get old anytime soon..."


Looks like one of them office type games.

Siesser4229d ago

I'd imagine this would be a game where challenges keep it fresh. You know..."Through the arches, off the billboard, past the old lady" kind of thing.

Sevir044229d ago

keep the game alive for months on end, if they have that option... in addition to everything that would make this cool. online, and single player. still looks pretty good. looks like fun if you ask me.. it's reminicsent to watching the spectacular crashes on motorstorm