Wii Super-Surges Ahead While PS3 Drops Below Estimates

According to a writer from CB Games, they said that... "you guys think we're hard on the PlayStation 3, do ya? Well, we're no where near as tough on the PlayStation 3 when compared to the absolutely brutal beating the PlayStation 3 has been handed by...consumers. The Wii, alternatively, has blasted ahead way beyond the estimates that analysts had predicted for April."

The article continues on to compare some of the consoles and delivers a less-than-positive outlook on the PS3's near future.

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CyberSentinel4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

I told you so.

@1.1: Still losing bubbles I see. Keep following my comments, it makes it easy for me to target you. I have nothing to lose:-P

kamakazi4199d ago

hey cyber monkey....... still have that lemmings fetish i see.

bigmack4199d ago

it was never good and it'll never will be.

grunt3604199d ago

Sony fans...they'll never admit that the PS3 is the inferior to the Xbox and Wii...maybe when Sony have gone bust and they have no more exclusives their eyes might open to the fact that they have already lost the next-gen console war. They keep saying that in 2008 we will see the PS3 take over the war. Next year? The whole point of the next generation consoles is delivering straight out of the box with a main selling point.

Razzy4199d ago

but the little kiddies love it!!

PhinneousD4199d ago

as long as you have your 2 games on the ps3, then it doesn't really matter anyways right? who cares about the competition. just play your games on you desired console and be happy. :-/

Meus Renaissance4199d ago

This isn't the fault of the PlayStation 3. It is a fantastic machine, but Sony is not doing it justice with the price and the lack of software.

DrRage774199d ago

i posted several times on these threads how the ps3 is going to have a hard time selling it's console with very few "good" games, and a $600 pricetag. all i kept hearing was "wait and see, sales are going to pick up and skyrocket!"...well, we're 6 months into the life of the ps3, and this past month it sold 82,000 units......82,000!!!!

there is absolutely NO WAY all the sony fanboys can defend the news of a new console only being able to sell 82,000 units in North America only 6 months after it's release!! yes, the ps2 is still selling well, but we are talking about the PS3 people!!!!

and also, let's try to stay focused instead of ALWAYS turning it around by "so what, the ps2 is outselling the 360"....because guess what? the ps2 is sony's OLD console, let's try comparing the next-gen vs. next-gen consoles instead of always bringing up the ps2...

if sony does not drop the price by the fall, they are really going to be hurting this holiday season since several of it's AAA titles got pushed back to 2008 release is staring at Halo3 coming out for the 360 in september, and probably a price drop by microsoft, so unless it drops the price first to get some interest going right now, they will be lucky to sell another 1,000,000 units here in the U.S. by the end of this year....

weekapaugh4199d ago

last time i checked the PS3 has been out for 6 months, not 3 years.

dominusbellum4199d ago

what next gen console has been out for 3 years?

DrRage774199d ago

okay, and what is your point? the xbox360 has been out for 17 months, and it has NEVER dropped below 100,000 in any month......and it's been out for 17 MONTHS...ps3 has been out for 6 MONTHS...digest that if you can...

PhinneousD4199d ago

can't question the doctor, right? 6 months, the console should be selling like waffles(i'm not a big fan of hotcakes). it's a brand new system and not moving off the shelves, it shouldn't be at 83,000 units imo... sound's like a neo-geo stigma. great system, no sales cuz of high price and lack of software.

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The story is too old to be commented.