Gameplay footage from the early demo of Shadowrun

3 Minutes Gameplay footage from the early demo of Shadowrun

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Close_Second4204d ago

...another yawn inducing FPS. Is it just me or has anyone else seen enough environments with square/rectangular rooms with angled stairways. Whats the point, really I mean if its not going to be on par or better with Gears of War, which by the way is over half a year old, then whats the point. The game in this video looks like it should have been released 6 or, 7 years ago.

Scrooge4204d ago

I think you have a shallow way of looking at games. Not very many if any games are going to look as good as Gears. This game looks like a lot of fun and brings new elements of gameplay to the table. Isn't that what's important?

bluebrad19744204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

The graphics aren't exactly stunning. The gameplay mechanics that I have read about this game sound interesting though. The video didn't really seems to show off much accept a couple weapons.


didnt i tell you they exceeded the power of the 1sh!tty with glitches of ware they dont want to take the risk of making something else at that level althought it was only middle gen its to risky

candystop4204d ago

This game really isn't another shooter and adds gameplay mechanics which make it really shine! I do see what you mean about the visuals and would rather them take an extra year like Timeshift and throw in some incredible visuals! There trying to give us this fantasy world so why don't they go all out and make it happen!

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