Splinter Cell Conviction: Meet the New Sam Fisher

Georgian rebels came to know a burnt out light bulb as more than just a simple nuisance. Or at least the ones who survived did. That's because the shadows were the home of Sam Fisher, spy extraordinaire. With deadly efficiency and a knack for going under the radar, Fisher followed the orders from Third Echelon like any good solider would: without question. But what about the man behind the mask? With new gameplay comes a new Sam Fisher, the focus of IGN's second of five Splinter Cell Conviction features.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4199d ago

This has been a great series overall SC DA could have been better (online mostly) but it wasnt bad. The screens of this new SC do look amazing snd SC has always delivered on great graphics but I hope they don't go the way they did last round because it wanst nearly as good as the series can be.

Scrooge4199d ago

I like how the title says "meet the new sam fisher" with a pic of the old sam fisher. Haha. Anyways, I did like SC:DA but I kinda miss the old days when you were just a spy doing his sealthy thing. In DA there wasn't much of that top secret stuff in the dark and it doesn't look like this new one's going to have it. At least it's being done by the Montreal group instead of Shanghai.