Uncharted 2 Mini-Game Now Available

A brand new, surprisingly good, Uncharted 2 mini-game is now available on the Uncharted 2 launch site.

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Cwalat2463d ago

I finished with 45ooo something, and it was a pretty cool game actually ! :D

gaffyh2463d ago

Pretty long mini-game too.

darthv722463d ago

Do you think that this should be made as a dl for the psp?

it is a "mini" after all.

Blaze9292463d ago

Even this mini-game is GOTY contender. Naughty Dog for ya

AZTJ2463d ago


#6 on the leaderboard.

killcycle2463d ago

This was the same game that was on Ps home ages back right? In the uncharted Sunny's Bar space?

I loved that game.


I just beat it #1 baby on the leaderboard Madd

gaffyh2463d ago

Damn I was number one a while ago!

FwanK2463d ago

I demand this game for free in the Store

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The story is too old to be commented.