Halo 2 Requires Use of New Maps for Matchmaking

As we all know, the Halo 2 Blastacular Map pack did not download the way it should have. Now, Bungie has released a statement saying that in order to have any kind of matchmaking in Halo 2, you must have the new maps in order to do so.

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fiercescuba4230d ago

Talk about holding one balls to the flame. I guess I can kiss Team Slayer goodbye because I am not buying these maps after playing this game for four years. At least they left Double Team alone. (sweet)

drunkpandas4230d ago

I wanted to play some Team Slayer with a friend, but don't want to have to buy the new maps.

MoonDust4230d ago

I could still play but not some of the gametypes.

THWIP4230d ago

...DESERVES to get screwed over. There are a TON of great games you could be playing until HALO 3 comes out, rather than playing a 3 y.o. game to death.

soccerstar4230d ago

Bungie is teabagging halo 2 fans hardcore! sux 4 them

THWIP4230d ago

A true Halo fanboy, will always roll over, and take those nuts right in the mouth, tongue first ; they love ANYTHING Bungie shoves in their faces. ;)

calderra4230d ago

For anyone who missed it, these maps will soon be downloadable for free as well. They're only "required" if you just have to play in the affected playlists right this moment.

soccerstar4230d ago

but its all the best game modes and my personal favorite SWAT i used to love that

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The story is too old to be commented.