Brütal Legend - PS3 vs 360 comparison

Gameswire has added a 23-image 720p comparison gallery of Brutal Legend, showing that despite being practically identical, there are minute differences in favour of the 360 version.

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gameangel2937d ago

I'd guess that once again, the 360 was the lead development platform then?

Vicodin2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Another multiplatform title that looks best on the PS3.

You have to wonder why Microsoft made the Xbox 360 so hard to program that the PS3 version of multiplats always looks the best.

Not that it really matters. The game sucks.

I did not murder him2937d ago

I disagreed because it doesn't matter if the 360 is the lead platform or not.

edwineverready2937d ago

Did you play it. it's really fun and fresh. @vicodin

josuttis2937d ago

Yep, the PS3 version looks significantly better.

Too many other amazing PS3 exclusives to care about this novelty game. Something to pick up a few years from now from the bargin bin. Maybe.

LONEWOLF2312937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Are you guys blind??
The 360 version looks better than the PS3 version!
The PS3s jacket textures look washed out......which is kinda weird actually.......seeing as most of the past games both version look just about the same.

Christopher2937d ago

Time to argue over some more screenshots!

Honestly, I'll wait for the Lens of Truth comparison. Those guys at least take the time and have a modicum of understanding to determine which are better. Regardless, it's unlikely that either will really be that much different from another during gameplay. Unless, of course, you really want to find things to b*tch about.

josuttis2937d ago

The PS3 version looks significantly sharper and more detailed. Something definitely went wrong with the 360 version. You have to wonder why the 360 is having trouble with such a graphically mediocre title.

Maybe they will come out with a patch for the 360 version to fix the graphics up to the PS3 version's level?

Perjoss2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

does not matter which platform is lead (ghostbusters looks better on 360, ps3 was lead platform), Gabe Newell was right, the ps3 is too hard to develop for, thats why when you spend equal time developing a game on each platform it always comes out better looking on 360. The list is endless but most notable was gta4 with its lower resolution and jaggies on the ps3 version.

(bring on the disagrees and ignores, it only confirms that my comment carries significant weight)

edit: and dont forget to remove bubbles, i never asked for them in the first place.

Real Gambler2937d ago

Both are very close... And amazinly enough, the article say that the PS3 may be at a lower resolution... So I took picture 23 where you can clearly see and count the jaggies on both version and they come almost identical! (Though vertically, the PS3 may be a bit short...). No matter what though, both have huge jaggies (even if the article give the edge to the 360), so much that I think it's pictures from the same console, one with meteor and one without (so they had to take another shot), then they either made a huge mistake or they are toying with you.

As far as I am concerned (keep in mind I only looked at picture number 23, mostly under heavy zoom), both are pretty much the same and both are pretty bad.

Microsoft Xbox 3602937d ago

I'll let you guys dish this one out. Looks pretty useless as this game sucks anyway. The high end multiplats run better on the PS3 anyway. Simple fact right there.

SupaPlaya2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

but I can't tell any big difference at all. On top of that, once the game get going, you probably won't be able to tell.

Interestingly enough, all the comments above me have more disagrees than agrees, even though some are for 360, some are for PS3. This is interesting.

AKNAA2937d ago

Okay, first off, the differences are so minor that this should not even be a debate of wether or not one version looks better than the other..

secondly, This game Rocks! I was kinda sad that the demo suddenly ended when I was really getting into it!.... Unfortunately though, this game falls on the same release date as uncharted 2, so maybe a few months from now I'll buy it....

sunil2937d ago

looks at the screenshots - says to himself "Wow both look exactly the same"

comes to comment - now confused !

ThatCanadianGuy2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )


I love how in every single thread "I did not murder him" is in, anyone that said anything slightly anti-360 has 7+ disagrees.

Meanwhile, he's showered with agrees while he's surrounded by people that hate him.

Edit: Cue the disagrees ! LOL!
You're too predictable POG ;)

jack_burt0n2937d ago


Lost Planet 2 better on PS3
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue much better than Forza 3
Brutal Legend a little bit better on 360

just stating their facts.

aaron58292937d ago

I dont know, Gameswire does not get my trust.. ever since they labeled gt5 pics as forza 3...

So... yeah.

IaMs122937d ago

Lol the only way you are going to notice the difference is sitting here actually looking for it! When you play the game you wont notice any difference at all. I still find it humourous though that since the 360 version was declared "Winner" the PS3 fannies to give a Rats A** about this game and going back to play there "Next Gen when WE say its Next gen games"... GTFU

likedamaster2937d ago

The PS3 version is disgusting. Jaggies are much more noticeable on the PS3 version. And textures are blatantly better on 360. I bet the fanboys won't say so. Oops, looks like I spoke too soon.

SIdepocket2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

How can anyone think the PS3 version actually looks better? It has no antialiasing and somehow the 360 version still has sharper textures. Judging by the comments, methinks josuttis and Vicodin are the same person. LOL at the leet trolling.

The XBOT2937d ago

Face it PS3, the xbox will always have a better gpu, and games that do not overstretch the consoles will aways look better on XBOX at most times. Games that do stretch the consoles will look better on the console that has the resources. The PS3 has its strenths and weaknesses and so does the xbox. See I can be objective right?

slayorofgods2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Good job developers of this game, you know how to make multi-platform games right.

mastiffchild2936d ago

Meh. Neither look amazing and it isn't what Shafer's games are ever really about in any case. The 360 and PS3 both have some issues and I couldn't pick a winner if I sat there all day-nothing to see here. Declaring either the better looking veersion is entirely down to which particular issue bothers you more and seeing how even then any differences are minute AND both consoles can do better anyway is there really any point to comparisons like this one.

If there's something glaring and one version is a lot worse meaning it's gamers get short changed then fair enough but when you really have to stretch just to see any kind of "better" looking version is it really worth the effort?

Pointless, imo.

Zydake2936d ago

I'm pro PS3 but 360 looks better and lol @ so much hate toward jack black, the game, and I did not murder him ROFL. Some people won't like this game cause it's about metal if you guys didn't notice. People in our time are all about rap techno country and Spanish music, and basically this game is for the gamer metal fans. One last thing. OZZY FTW

nycredude2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Isn't this game releasing the same day as UNcharted 2? If so what retards!

ALso I looked real hard and it looks pretty much the same to me. The only thing I can take out of this that is definitive is that it looks not so great on both consoles.

Myth2936d ago

But i have to admit the PS3 version is way better looking than the 360 version. May have to break down and go get a PS3.

Marceles2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Gotta be honest, the 360 version looks better. The staircasing is more noticeable on the PS3 version. Look at his hair and face on the PS3 version and then look at the 360 version.

leeger2936d ago

i honestly couldn't tell the difference, whats up with all the fighting again?

house2936d ago

they basically look the same guys but it can go ether way

Elaine Benes2936d ago

Why'd you quit? Foreman is an @$$.

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edwineverready2937d ago

I am a ps3 fanboy, but 360 has the edge. Still going to enjoy this game on my ps3.

edwineverready2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

I am a ps3 fanboy but i am not blind. Textures and aa are better on 360. maybe final game will be different.

Tewi-Inaba2937d ago

I was poking fun at the random disagrees people just put out O_o

_vx2937d ago

im a die hard Xbox fan and i can say the PS3 has way better textures (see its really easy) anyway this game is an average at max predict 6-7/10 for it, pass for me

madpuppy2937d ago

whole game makes me want to puke. the guy really is into himself.

there is only one movie I enjoyed that he was in and in that movie one scene.

The Jackal,

slayorofgods2936d ago

There is a pixel on the a$$ cheek of animated Jack black that isn't as sharp and clear on both versions. Clearly it is obvious which version of the game I am going to be purchasing.

jessupj2936d ago

Gee, I've very suprised to see so many people hating on this game so hard. I think it looks awesome fun. A hack and slash with RPG elements, can't wait to play this one.

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Voice of Reason2937d ago

The differences are pretty tiny. 360 version looks a little smoother I guess, although I reckon you won't be able to see the difference when it's in motion.

iown-ipwn-ikill2937d ago

i heard that is to do with whatever both consoles do when screenshotted. ps3 uses something wierd, makes it look worse than it actually is

fishd2937d ago

No one didn't give a sh1t about this game(for shame).... until now

Just wait and see,150 comments, here they come!

edwineverready2937d ago

I hope people buy this game because the producer also produced pychonauts for ps2 my all time favorite game, but that did not sell well. PLayed the demo for brutal legend and loved it. people do yourself a favor and play the demo it's free :)

JD_Shadow2937d ago

They actually gave a sh!t since Bobby Kotick became a douche about it and tried to prevent the game from being released after Activision passed on it.

Isaahc2937d ago

although a ps3 only owner here,I admit the 360 is smoother. Anyway that won't stop me from buying as a metal head.