3D Performance with Lost Planet Demo: DirectX 10 Benchmarks

Wondering how the Lost Planet demo performs in DirectX 10? What about DirectX 9? In this article we go over the differences between the DX9 and DX10 versions of the Lost Planet demo, as well as exploring the game's performance with the latest high-end cards from AMD and NVIDIA. How does the Radeon HD 2900 XT perform in this game? What about the GeForce 8800 Ultra? Is NVIDIA's Vista performance improving, or is Windos XP still faster? You may be surprised by the results!

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THWIP4233d ago

-Intel C2D 6600 (2.6 Ghz/core)
-Nvidia 8600 GT DX10 w/256 imbedded ram
-2 gb ram

Simply put, my 360 put this to shame, performance wise. Sure, some of the textures and effects were a tad cleaner, but the drop in framerate ruined that fact. It only makes sense that the DX9 PC version outperforms the DX10, since the 360 is DX9-based.

I'm glad I bought LP for my 360 back in January; I'd have been pissed if I waited all this time for such a disappointment.

hfaze4232d ago

You're complaining about framerates on a LOW END DX10 card? You'd be MUCH better off with the DX9 demo with your configuration.

Torch4232d ago

Hasn't Nvidia been having MAJOR driver performance problems with getting their 8xxx cards to play nicely with DX10?

...or did they finally resolve that issue?

kewlkat0074232d ago

till the GPU manufacturers optimize their drivers to work well with VISTA+DX10. That's why I wait. XP is way faster right now.

Sano644232d ago

Did anyone catch what Cpu they had or how much ram was in the test system?