Uncharted: In-depth Video Interview

Gametrailers host an in-depth interview with Evan Wells of Naughty Dog, about their new game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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btkadams3538d ago

this game looks awesome. i never thought it would look as beautiful as it does, but man...

IBLEEDBLU3538d ago

xbox360 PWNED!! lol

just another game that will stick it to anything on the 360

after seeing all this amazing graphics and footage....WTF happen to halo3 LOL!!!!

y arent the xbots trash talking on the forms lately???

hmmmm intresting

djtek1843538d ago

looks like an awsome game!

Jamaicangmr3538d ago

This game is simply beautiful but then again this is Naughty Dog workin on the PS3 i expected nothing less.

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