Analysis: Playstation 3 is Poised for a Big Holiday Season

The beauty of competition dictates that a healthy, well-positioned entity will react positively to the advancements of its foes. In the video game industry, the gaming public is fortunate to have three such competitors, all on solid footing, competing for its attention. Sony held a three-day media event this week to demonstrate its latest wares, and for the PS3, the 2007 holiday season outlook is strong.

There's little doubt that PS3 had an unspectacular launch, upstaged first by Nintendo's Wii, then by Microsoft's sudden attack with the Xbox Elite. The PS3, to most gamers, is the finest machine the video game industry has ever seen, and likely will retain that title for quite some time. But what does it offer? At launch, very little, it seemed. "Software drives the hardware," Nick Williams, marketing manager with GamerMetrics told me at GDC. And PS3 offered little in terms of software at launch.

"Just wait," seemed to be the response of everyone at Sony. PS3, we were told, is so far ahead of its time that it will take a while for developers, publishers, and designers to catch up.

"PS3 definitely has the potential to be the most brilliant piece of technological innovation that no one ever bought," Scott Mucci, product manager for customer intelligence at IGN, said a few months ago. "Sony has to do a better job presenting the case for buying it and then demonstrating that. There's a lingering perception in the market that we want Sony to do more and show us more. Show us why we should buy a $600 machine.

After revealing a few Holiday 2007 titles this week, it appears we won't have to wait too long.

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lil bush4229d ago

sony will hit hard this holiday season, they got to much going for them right now......

what a great day as far as news......

Coffin874229d ago

i have NO doubt at all that sony has more than enough great games in the pipe to take control in the next-gen area.
also note that overall, sony still has by far the biggest market share. and A LOT of consumers are loyal. that's where fanboyism comes from.

there are a lot of factors that make me think: sony will have a GREAT christmas. and by 1/1/2008, 360 will be the 2nd.

Monchichi0254229d ago

Wow, you guys just can dream forever huh?! LOL

All I gotta say is Halo 3........ nothing else.

Plus a price cut! ;)

Babylonian4228d ago

your implying that MS is riding on Halo 3, again? Cause if that's the situation then that's just pathetic.

What happens after Halo? Or just This year? Cause I know the PS3 has lot's to come this year and next year.

lil bush4229d ago

who disagreed with me, besides an xbox fanboy

lil bush4229d ago

yup, they will be second, and thanks......

Bonsai12144229d ago

people on this site disagree with something they don't like, and more often than not, they don't provide a rationale for it either..

sony will strike at christmas 07/january 08.. it took ps2 a year to get its hard hitters out, and this time, it looks like the ps3's heavyweights will have the same, if not greater impact than before:
note, these are just the super heavy weights

Heavenly Sword
FFXIII (hopefully)

Sssamba4229d ago

If you're going to put Heavenly Sword there, don't forget God of War 3. Cory Barlog is definitely striving to get that in the works, if he hasn't already.

alsef074229d ago


Bonsai12144229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

"ps2 came out, and started to have way more games" generally this happens after a console is out. it gets games. ps2 didn't have any "must have game" immediately after its launch. in fact, it wasn't until the following Q4 that great games started coming out for it.

and second, ps3 is actually selling MORE than ps2 at the same stage in its lifecycle...

but then again, you probably didn't start playing games until maybe the middle of the last gen. i'm guessing this because of you're liberal use of the caps lock key and incredibly shortsighted and idiotic comment.

gunnar29064229d ago

At first X360 Elite is not a serious answer to PS3's european release. It is a unsignificant modification of almost 2 years old console.
This week showed us that SP3 upcoming games have superior graphics, advanced gameplay etc. Maybe it is true that is not reasonable to buy a ps3 right now. Maybe at this fall or maybe to make a Xmas present to self. Anyway it is becoming obvous that ps3 is a must buy. Reasonable to consider that ps3 is not going to become more expensive to a customer, there are rumors that $100 price cut comes up. That means that ps3 price will be almost the same with X360 elite. But what will be a better buy - ps3 with BR drive, hdmi, W-F, B-T and replaceble HDD or X360 elite with the same old stuff plus HDMI after a few months? Even being a slight more costly PS3 won't be a foulish choice. Esp when hot new titles coocked up.
The biggest problem of the moment that many authors consider that X360 offers the same at the lower price. It is just misunderstanding of console market. PS3 started not so good as X360 and now the console moves slowly at the market as a lava flow. When Sony says that it is going to stay at market for 10 years that means there is no reason to rush
Has X360 now many games that are really worth playing? Now enough finger at one hand to count them all up. Then where is the software advantaage of X360 the author is talking about? ok, if there is it is so tiny and shaky.
We all remember previous-gen consoles. Ps2 appeared at 2000 and still alive. Xbox was released after 1.5 years at 2001 and now is not supported by Microsoft. It means it is particularly dead.
IHMO X360 have the same destiny. After it is maximum technical resource will be reached (I guess GoW pupms all of its power) Microsoft offered to their fans to purchase another XBox. XBox720 or XBox3000 it doesnt matter. More Microsoft already anounced that its next тучепут console will appear at 2009. What is this? Money sucking.
If the Microsoft's next-next gen is going to be released so soon what it will have aboard then? As far as I know Microsoft didnt make any investments at new processors research as Sony did a few years ago. Sony with IBM owns the most powerfull CPU at the market. That means there is now way for MS to install it inside its new console. Will it be Dual Quad Core Xeon powered one based on stolen Mac Pro? Now way I think! Apple now has a copyright license for every Job's step. So the question is not about who will lead the market after a while. The question what Microsoft will offer againts Sony's PS3 power at 2009. =)

Sorry my bad eenglish. I hope my thought was a little understandable.

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