MGS4 Won't Be Changed Because of 360

Quickly, third-party publishers have moved from platform exclusivity to supporting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously. Devil May Cry, once a Sony-exclusive series, is suddenly appearing on both this fall. Last generation, Xbox would have received the port six months later. Now, it's at the same time. Rumors suggested the same fate's falling on one of PS3's biggest hitters, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
1UP's James Mielke, Ryan O'Donnel and Shane Bettenhausen joined Ryan Payton's Kojima Productions Report podcast this week in Japan, where the four debated the ups and downs of multi-platform production, SIXAXIS support and more. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, download the MP3 directly or keep tabs on the podcast's website.

Payton knows fans have legitimate concerns about Kojima Productions possibly compromising the game's ambition due to issues arising from concurrent Xbox 360 development -- divided resources, less disc space, etc. -- and he addressed those directly:

"I can tell you honestly at this point, we have not changed the game in any form with the idea of 'oh, we got to do this on 360.' Put aside whether or not we're developing for 360 or not, the game is built on the PS3 hardware, as you guys have known for the past two years or so."
In other words: if MGS4 comes to Xbox 360, it has not affected the game's development. This is the same game Hideo Kojima decided to produce from day one. Make sure to listen to the podcast for more from Payton and the 1UP boys about Snake, Xbox 360 vs. PS3 and more.

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techie4229d ago

"The article is just meant to get hits. They always do that here on 1up. They just basicly said that they are developing with only PS3 in mind, 360 isn't on the radar right now. The development team didn't even know what the 360 limitations are right now. Because?? Development is only for PS3."

Could'nt have said it better myself. The 1up guy put so many words in his mouth it's not even funny.

sabbath4204228d ago

sounds like you are stating your opinion.

consolewar4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

sadly he cant change his evil ways, anyway I believe he's doing some damage control right now.

TheXgamerLive4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Games that were once sony only are becoming Xbox 360 only or atleast multiplatform, so yes it will come, when is another thing. My guess whith it being delayed again is that they are working on an Xbox 360 version, it may be released 6 months after sony's version, who knows, we'll see soon enough.

Again, "N E V E R - O N C E!!" has anyone from Konami came out and flat out said "no" were not developing this for the Xbox 360, so yes!! they are and it's only due to millions of sony money that we will get it probably later. Unless they drop the sony version b/c of all the difficulty there having on that platform to begin with.

To be honest though, I could care less if it comes, I'm not a fan of the title, it always seems to miss that mark of realism.

kornbeaner4228d ago

I believe Kojima himself said "MSG4 will not be done on the 360"

EZCheez4228d ago

Kornbeaner is right.

Kojima said it during an interview with Kotaku.

Coffin874228d ago

yeah this is totally true.
i also remember him longing for double-layered bluray discs, so that he can fill up to 50 gb.

OF COURSE after that he will port it to the 360!!! [/irony]

TheXgamerLive4228d ago

Just like the rep in this interview, he side steped it, never ever saying a definitive no. Never has he said no. Check for yourself.

kornbeaner4227d ago

"PS3 is the theater, 360 is a DVD, and the Wii is (can't remember)"
" I very will could not make a Movie for a theater to go straight to DVD without sacrifice..."
"MSG4 has always been made with the thought of being made for the theater and nothing else..."
"I am not going to say that making somthing for DVD is out of the question but MSG4 is not that project"

I believe that covers pretty much what Hideo Kojima had to say about the subject.

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gta_cb4229d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

again?... hmmm =(

gta_cb4228d ago

ok you was completely right, and still someone has disagreed with you!

Maddens Raiders4229d ago

"In other words: if MGS4 comes to Xbox 360, it has not affected the game's development. This is the same game Hideo Kojima decided to produce from day one." So is the 360's limitations or no limitations notwithstanding, still in the picture? I mean would it be a pared down game or just the same?

gta_cb4229d ago

if i am reading what you have put right your asking if the Xbox 360 would be capable of performing as good as the PS3 with the game being optimised around the PS3s hardware? IF you are then i was woundering the same thing....

Maddens Raiders4229d ago

what I'm wondering gta. Thoughts?

gta_cb4228d ago

i dunno man, its hard to say, especially in here if you know what i mean.
i spose we WILL just have to wait and see =( which is a shame really as this is interesting as most PS3 owners/fanboys say that most/all of the multi platform are ports of the 360.

both consoles have there strenghts, so with this in mind unless COULD it be that where the Xbox 360 is at stronger levels (the custom GPU) it mite handle more but then if the game is being made for the PS3 then surely as the Cell is classed as more powerful, it would be made worse and there for not getting the full out of the Xbox 360s hardware?... sorry if this hasnt made sence, but its kinda confusing.

fenderputty4229d ago

With all the positive Sony news today, someone just had to try flamebait route.

Xi4229d ago

how dare you post rumors that get people to goto your site! 1up is an evil network of lies and flame, LIES AND FLAME!

dude, there's no negative news about sony here, only a rumor that the 360 development of mgs might, and that's a small might, be in development. But that if it is, it wont be hindering the ps3 version at all(which doesn't mean the 360 is stronger, but that if a 360 version is in the works it's a straight port)

fenderputty4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Fanboy1: It's coming to 360.

Fanboy2: No it's not.

Fanboy1: Well it might.

Fanboy2: I doubt it.

Fanboy3: They never said 360 isn't getting it.

Fanboy2: They've said PS3 is the theatircal console of choice for the game.

Come on ... I know it's not bad news. I personally don't care if it does go multi plat. There's plenty o' games out there for us all. It's just this news has much more squable potential. It's already up to 250 degrees in less then five minuets and there's plenty of information on the front page that's much more important that this.

Grown Folks Talk4229d ago

but i could post an article stating that tomorrow will be a new day and somebody would disagree with me. any article put on this site is flamebait potential with some of the posters who frequent here. if kojima gets his way, it will be strictly PS3. i know i can't possibly be the only 1 who remembers him saying titles for all 3 systems, just not the same title for more than 1 system.

fenderputty4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Just read the next 20 posts below me. It's starting to snowball. It's been another 5 min and it's over 300 degrees. People like Mart haven't even posted their fanboy rhetoric yet. lol

I'm going to go stare and the naughty dog gameplay vids again.

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tehcellownu4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Well we will never know because its not comin to the they are talkin about is that if the game does come it wont be any difference..but thats BS..MGS4 takes up a lot of space and their usin the cell and rsx for it will change dramtically..a big downgrade if it comes to the 360..but no 360 version will happen though..

@8: Kojima already stated that MGS4 is being build to take advantage of the PS3 hardware and space..How many other confirmation you need? You got to understand that most devlopers can choose to stay exclusive to a console..MGS4 isnt goin to come out till next year.Most of the games that is goin mulitplatform is the one that is releasing this year...Konami isnt Capcom or Rockstar..I keep on hearin that we lost GTA but wasnt it on the xbox last gen??