Hands-On Gallery: Colorware Makes Xbox 360 Elites Obsolete

"If you're one of the few who wanted an Xbox 360 Elite more for the color than for the HDMI or the 120GB hard drive, then you're in luck. For around $99, you can get your own black (or blue or green or red or orange or whatever color you want) Xbox 360 that, in Gizmodo's opinion, looks even better than Microsoft's matte paint job.

"Then, if you really want a 120GB hard drive, you can go ahead and install your own hard drive and save $100. As for HDMI, there's supposedly a faux HDMI cable due out for non-Elite Xbox 360s soon. No 1080p, but you do get to use HDMI."

Click on the link to see the pictures.

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gta_cb4205d ago

cool some of them look quite nice. although im not going to get one

Rhezin4205d ago

thats cool, but I'd prefer white or black instead of the fruity other colors that they offer.

id dot entity4205d ago

The green one looks awesome! And the shiny black controller too. How cool would a shiny black Xbox look?

USMChardcharger4205d ago

No way i am shipping my xbox for someone to paint. it would be nice to have it in black...but who in the heck knows what your 360 goes through to get there in shipping...then they probably take it apart to paint it...then the shipping back to way
my 360 is safe and sound at home...not to mention playable...and no matter what color it is

snoop_dizzle4205d ago

I am not one of those people who wanted an elite, but this could be cool for someone who really wanted one badly.

gta_cb4205d ago

would be funny if some people sent away there broken Xbox 360s and then blamed it on them... just a though ;)

The_Firestarter4205d ago

Wow! I really do like the blue paint job, but I'd have to agree with USMChardcharger. You don't know what could happen to your system on its way down there and back. But I do like the paint jobs, nevertheless.

BTW, I thought this was REALLY stupid!"As for HDMI, there's supposedly a faux HDMI cable due out for non-Elite Xbox 360s soon. No 1080p, but you do get to use HDMI." WTF!?!? It's so dumb. I can picture a conversation of a 360 owner with one of his buddies:

Owner: "Guess what!? I can buy this faux-HDMI cable for my Premium 360! I'm so happy I didn't have to buy an Elite."

Friend: "Cool! Does this mean you can play your games in 1080P now on your 50" HDTV!?"

Owner: ".......well, no. But at least I get to use an HDMI cable."

Friend: "Then what's the point of having an HDMI cable if you can't even play your games in 1080P?"

Owner: ".......I'm still gonna get it anyways."

Friend: "Wow, that's really pointless. HDMI, but no 1080P?"

Owner: "Shut up!" *walks away knowing his friend is right*

gta_cb4205d ago

yeh i can see it happening lol!

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