Sony Gamer's Day '07: Round up

In order to make things easier for you all, PS3 Fanboy lists all of their Sony Gamer's Day posts here so that you can see exactly what was reported on at a glance.

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consolewar4230d ago

Sony sucks so much, they are so evil. They create this awesome content and ask so much for it that is not even funny. Gamersday, yeah right how about they trow a party and give away ps3's and games, now that is a gamersday.

Here's hoping they drop the price to $300.

VirtualGamer4231d ago

Its like information overload! So much goodness!

QuackPot4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

LBP will bring the masses...

R&C will please the loyal...

HS will amaze the battle hardened...

Encharted will create believers...

But Lair.....unless its gameplay is similar if not better than God of War 1 & 2 then it's going to be a yawn. A gloriously looking yawn but still a yawn.