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Ben Hecks PS3 Slim Laptop

GeekyGadgets: We have seen quite a few of Ben Hecks amazing laptops before on Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is this cool PS3 Slim Laptop.

The PS3 Slim Laptop features a 17 inch Gateway 1775W screen with a 1280 x 720 resolution, it features a front loading Blu-ray drive, and a funky fan grill on the front which looks like an Iron Man Arc reactor. (PS3)

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Real Gambler  +   2101d ago
Yikes, don't like it....
No integrated keyboard (would be so easy to add a slim blutooth keyboard to the design...), and even if there's tons of ventilation, I would worry a lot about accidentaly pressing the PS button on a DualShock and turning the laptop on, while the cover is closed... (Unless Ben has added a safety switch preventing the thing to turn on if the cover is down?). If you don't hear the beep (loud music in the room anybody?), then this is likely a path to disaster. Main ventilation is after all on the top while the cover is open. Yes, I know the Slim run rather cool, but I would not take a chance : )

So Ben, for the first time, I'm not too keen on your design... Look like the easy way out. (Color are a little bit blend too ; )

P.S.: On the other side, this shows that removing other O.S. was a mistake... How cool would it be to bring this thing with you (with an integrated keyboard), turn it on, run Linux for a while (so people think you're simply running an old thick laptop), and then, after a while, start playing PS3 games on it!
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Hellsvacancy  +   2101d ago
The dude can build a Ps3\Laptop but has trouble gettin a game out of a box lol

Its not summin id buy or hav but credit 2 the dude who did it - clever stuff
WinterWolf  +   2101d ago
This is a pretty cool mod...
But if I could make something like this...I would have liked to have a built-in keyboard, internal battery, and a PSEye lens built in just above the LCD display...like any other high end laptops.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2101d ago
This is a pretty poor mod. Not saying I could do better ('couse I couldn't) but he basically took the slim and give it a new box and hard wired speaker and screen.

When you look at the other PS3 laptop or even the 360 one, there was a lot with relocating components to make it smaller. With this one he didn't even care to use a real slim screen or to hard wire a keyboard and touchpad.

If he could relocate components to make it slimmer (not necessarily smaller), give it a better scrren (maybe even bigger one, if by relocating components he aims for for a slim 17" case), a keyboard and a touchpad, we all would be now begging Sony to give us Other OS back. I know I would just have one portable PS3/Linux every where I go.
darthv72  +   2101d ago
been wondering when he was gonna do this
he has made a few different 360 laptops. maybe he was waiting for the right model ps3 and slim was it. I am sure he will try again and incorporate a small usb keyboard. He can pretty much internalize anything and I am sure he can find the usb traces and wire it up directly.
Eiffel  +   2101d ago
He's made a PS3 laptop before, he's made several 360 laptops though.
DaTruth  +   2100d ago
360 laptop equals, ultimate terrorist disguised bomb!!!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Rifle-Man  +   2101d ago
That is fücking cool!

I always thought that something between a console and a handheld would be ideal.
rmedtx888  +   2101d ago
Awesome mod! I want one...
Vitalogy  +   2101d ago
I'm sorry, laptop?
This ain't no PS3 laptop this is more like a PS3 Portable 'cause I see no built-in keyboard there like the first ps3 laptop.

Anyway, who would wanna play in a 17 inch screen with a 42 inch (and plus) screen!?

Useless! Money thrown away and precious time spent.
Hellsvacancy  +   2101d ago
Well thats ok - it wasnt your time nor money that he wasted so wots the big deal give the mofo sum credit 4 tryin
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RedDragan  +   2101d ago
I am pretty sure Mr Branson will have a big problem with you taking a 42 inch screen on to his virgin trains or planes!!!!

Well done to the guy, it's a Playstation Portable 3!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2101d ago
2 words. For travel.
leyego  +   2101d ago
2 more words. For school.
DanSolo  +   2101d ago
Well think of it as a good prototype to develop from further.
I can certainly see the advantages of having something like that after it had been developed further.

A laptop is handy for travel, work, and various other instances that require mobility. So with some work done and some more thought poured into the idea, I would definately like the option of being able to take a device with me that I can use as a; Laptop, PS3, Blu-ray and DVD player.

It would help if the PS3 had a better internet browser, and like one of the commenters above said, with the now removed Linux support the idea would be alot more viable.
Maybe something that we will see done properly in the future.
blackbeld  +   2101d ago
VERY NICE!!!!!!!! But how long does the battery goes.... 1 or 2 hours?
stvw74  +   2101d ago
i like it a lot .. however
great portable prototype but it's certainly not a laptop .. the guys here are right .. with the extra space at the side he could easily integrate/implement a full USB dock with either AC or audio output options ..
i personally like the thickness of it tho, gives the whole thing more gravitas and makes it less of a toy but some colour would be nice too ..

certainly gave me an OMG moment .. tnx
dredgewalker  +   2101d ago
Warranty voided...........anyways a cool mod.
djfullshred  +   2101d ago
This guy has skills.
Ninjamonkey  +   2101d ago

There are some brilliant 360 mods out there too.

Hopefully his future ones will look a little nicer but still its very good.
GuCCi512  +   2101d ago
i guess alot of you have never seen this guys work before. this not the first ps3 mod of his. he has also done many 360's and has done a wii and other gaming console. it might not be a full laptop but i would like for yall to try this sh*t.
jerethdagryphon  +   2101d ago
working on it, ben heck is a big inspiration to me, iwould have preferd to use the big ps3 for keyboard and linux access but slim has less power requirments making it a nicer option
GuCCi512  +   2101d ago
the man is crazy i have respect for him because it takes alot of knowledge to do that type of stuff
gtamike123  +   2101d ago
LeeZer  +   2101d ago
i can see that this was a rushed and basic conversion. like others have said a slimline keyboard and ps3eye would have been nice. the styling is poor, yeah you can buy custom vinyl for laptops but it still wouldn't look quite perfect and due to the high value of ben's laptop wouldn't be an viable option for most. My own idea would be a headphone socket and a way of turning off the speakers and howabout an imbedded controller with d-pad and lefthand side on the back left of the base and the righthand side on the right back corner. this would help stable the laptop on your lap, get rid of the need to carry a controller, and increase security as someone would have to prise it out of your hands to steel.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2101d ago
His craftsmanship is amazing.
bunfighterii  +   2100d ago
looks like he jsut attached a bad screen to a slim in a new casing.

Who wants to play PS3 on such a small screen anyway?
K-Tuck  +   2100d ago
This dude is a wizard.
Nikkelz  +   2100d ago
ben heck
is a legend,i would buy this because its a ps3 and a screen in one,nuff said

peace and game on
Nikkelz  +   2100d ago
dudes yall arent getting the point,you could literally take it anywhere,camping perhaps?
on a long bus ride,train ride,grandmas house-you know she dont want no stinkin hdtv..lol

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