Play your PSPgo with a Playstation3 controller

you can play your PSPgo with a Playstation3 controller

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saint_john_paul_ii3189d ago

i guess there will be certain games that will allow the use of the 2nd joystick, like Resistance retribution for example..

whateva3189d ago

I just knew I was going to have the 1st post on my own story lol

and it's approved before I can even post ha ha.

saint_john_paul_ii3189d ago

as for playing PS1 games on the PSP, it will probably work natively I imagine, all sony has to do is tweak the PS1 emulator on the PSP go to allow DS3 support. in other words, Rumble,Right analog stick support, ETC.

Microsoft Xbox 3603189d ago

WHAT?! This is the sickest feature yet. It is now a guarantee purchase for me. This and the TV out feature is going to be sweet.

rockleex3189d ago

I might just have to buy a PSP Go. <_<

Redempteur3189d ago

Finally !!!

Playing God of war chain of olympus will not hurt my hands anymore !

( very hard game thanks to the psp stick )

darthv723189d ago

Who DIDNT know about this already? It was announced that this was possible when the GO was first revealed. Sony officially announced this when they stated the GO had bluetooth support.

Now the big thing that not many are talking about is the fact that the GO can be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth for ANYWHERE online play/store access.


Blaze9293188d ago

awesome. Best used with the TV Out cable though.

Maddens Raiders3188d ago

to see it in action. Good job SNE.

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whateva3189d ago

just hook it up to a TV

The Great Melon3189d ago

Possibilities just opened up everywhere. If this is a feature in the psp-4000, I will upgrade my old psp-1000. I am loving the inter connection abilities Sony is creating.

TapiocaMilkTea3188d ago

Can you connect 2 controllers to it? Then it'll be truly a portable PS2/PS1.

The Great Melon3188d ago

That's an even cooler idea, but considering there are no multiplayer games that 2 people can play on one psp at the same - It looks doubtful that will ever happen.

themyk3189d ago

just build a bracket that mounts it to the top of the controller. and i'm in. come on logitech don't let me down

ZombieAutopsy3189d ago

now im going to buy one...when the price drops

R3DD3189d ago

I wonder how much will that blutooth connection will be?

NewScratch3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

its built into the pspgo

SL1M DADDY3189d ago

Much like the PS3, it has BT inside. No need to purchase an over-priced peripheral.

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The story is too old to be commented.