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Play your PSPgo with a Playstation3 controller

you can play your PSPgo with a Playstation3 controller (PSP)

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saint_john_paul_ii  +   2161d ago
i guess there will be certain games that will allow the use of the 2nd joystick, like Resistance retribution for example..
whateva  +   2161d ago
you're fast!
I just knew I was going to have the 1st post on my own story lol

and it's approved before I can even post ha ha.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2161d ago
as for playing PS1 games on the PSP, it will probably work natively I imagine, all sony has to do is tweak the PS1 emulator on the PSP go to allow DS3 support. in other words, Rumble,Right analog stick support, ETC.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2161d ago
WHAT?! This is the sickest feature yet. It is now a guarantee purchase for me. This and the TV out feature is going to be sweet.
rockleex  +   2160d ago
Its VERY tempting...
I might just have to buy a PSP Go. <_<
Redempteur  +   2160d ago
Finally !!!

Playing God of war chain of olympus will not hurt my hands anymore !

( very hard game thanks to the psp stick )
darthv72  +   2160d ago
Who DIDNT know about this already? It was announced that this was possible when the GO was first revealed. Sony officially announced this when they stated the GO had bluetooth support.

Now the big thing that not many are talking about is the fact that the GO can be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth for ANYWHERE online play/store access.

Blaze929  +   2160d ago
awesome. Best used with the TV Out cable though.
Maddens Raiders  +   2159d ago
Pretty cool -
to see it in action. Good job SNE.
whateva  +   2161d ago
Now it's like a small PS2 you can take everywhere you go!
just hook it up to a TV
The Great Melon  +   2161d ago
Possibilities just opened up everywhere. If this is a feature in the psp-4000, I will upgrade my old psp-1000. I am loving the inter connection abilities Sony is creating.
TapiocaMilkTea  +   2160d ago
Can you connect 2 controllers to it? Then it'll be truly a portable PS2/PS1.
The Great Melon  +   2159d ago
That's an even cooler idea, but considering there are no multiplayer games that 2 people can play on one psp at the same - It looks doubtful that will ever happen.
themyk  +   2161d ago
just build a bracket that mounts it to the top of the controller. and i'm in. come on logitech don't let me down
NewScratch  +   2161d ago
ZombieAutopsy  +   2161d ago
now im going to buy one...when the price drops
R3DD  +   2161d ago
Thats sweet!!!
I wonder how much will that blutooth connection will be?
NewScratch  +   2161d ago
its built in
its built into the pspgo
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SL1M DADDY  +   2161d ago
Much like the PS3, it has BT inside. No need to purchase an over-priced peripheral.
xryls  +   2161d ago
pretty neat
MattOG711  +   2161d ago
Can I do this with a PSP-1000?
darthv72  +   2160d ago
not exactly...
So far the only way is with the game resistance retribution. Problem is, you need to have the psp connected to the ps3 via usb. You have to have the ps3 on and running resistance 2. PSP needs to be running resistance retribution in "Plus mode". PS3 MUST remain on in order for this to work. When you turn it off, it kills the "Plus" mode.

Big trick is having two inputs on the tv if you wanted to play the psp on a bigger screen. For me I have hdmi 1 for the ps3 and component 1 for the psp. I have to flip back and forth between them to get it all up and running. A bit cumbersome but still neat.

As an alternative, there was a company that could modify the original PSP 1000 series with a special interface that you set the psp into a cradle that has a memory card and ps2 controller port, svideo output to a tv. Expensive but was ahead of the curve till the psp 2000 (and up) had tv out support. Not sure if they still do this considering the availability of the newer units.

Sorry for the long winded answer. I should have simply just said "NO" but felt that it needed some explaining.
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DynDasE  +   2161d ago
Handheld + Controller not equal to "Portable". =w=a
Baka-akaB  +   2160d ago
Well it's wireless pad , so yes it is somehow . There are many game i cant play or concentrate on like FF7 crisis core , when in a moving vehicule or constantly distracted by crowds ...

Going on a table and playing with the pad is quite easy
hard joe  +   2161d ago
can I play my old psp with ps3 controller too?
Oner  +   2160d ago
Unfortunately no because the PSPGo! has Bluetooth and previous models do not.
CPmonkey  +   2160d ago
Does this work with resistance ?
Can you use the second analogue with Resistance? if so I might have to re-buy it.
starvinbull  +   2160d ago
Yes it was the first game to have the feature implemented if I remember correctly.
matnum  +   2160d ago
Could this mean that ps2 games will be playable on psp?
starvinbull  +   2160d ago
Roper316  +   2160d ago
lets see, can use my DS3, can get a cable to play on my 52" TV, I just might get one next year when Valkyria Chronicles 2 comes out if I can play it on my big screen with a normal controller. Is that possible? Or is there not a cable to play the PSP on a regular TV?
M_Prime  +   2160d ago
i could have sworn that they took out the port that lets you plug i into a TV and changed it to something else. i heard that there was another connection but that the cables from PSP-1000 to PSP-3000 will not work..

and make sure you get the COMPOSITE.. the YELLOW, RED, WHITE do not let you play games cause they cant do widescreen for some reason..
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2160d ago

do you realize that the yellow, white, red cable IS composite? lol
Roper316  +   2160d ago
cool thanks for the replies and the link to the cables.
mindedone  +   2160d ago
@m prime
yea, you mean component
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2160d ago
just like resistance retribution.

really more fun with the dual shock 3 and the enemies automatically become more challenging when you use the dual shock 3.
electricgta  +   2160d ago
hmm i dont think im going to pick this up the screen is 2 small and i already had 2 psps! 1 stolen other one sold :D

( dont worry i got the guy who stole my psp back i took his mino motor! :D)
evilmonkey501  +   2160d ago
why the hell did they blur SONY
off of the controller?
starkiller  +   2160d ago
This is the tipping point for me. Hook this baby up to a TV and you got yourself some serious portable gaming goodness. PSPgo, you will be mine.
ZombieStalker  +   2160d ago
Using your PS3 controller works with the PSP-3000. This feature is not PSPgo exclusive.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2160d ago
I want one,
but the price keeps me off for now, and i upgraded from 1000 to 3000 early this year, the Go is for later sadly
BenCrazy424  +   2160d ago
This would make it easier to drive on Grand Turismo psp than using the d-pad on the psp.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2160d ago
i just got myself the PSP Go right now, and Holy crap its small..
darthv72  +   2160d ago
does it get the pope's blessing?
devilhunterx  +   2160d ago
"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys"
McMicka  +   2160d ago
Controller lol.
Did anyone pick up on the fact that the DS3 in that video looks like a counterfeit controller?
PLiPhaze  +   2160d ago
@ McMicka
Nah Its just got one of those silicone skins on it like:
JJFNIGHTS80  +   2160d ago
This is so pretty sweet. When I get my PSPGo I'll hook it up to my PC which is bluetooth, and I have a Motorola H820 bluetooth headphones that's the reason I love the PSP it's wireless.
likedamaster  +   2160d ago
So let me get this straight, you will now carry a DS3 controller along with your psp go? LOL. The best just got better! /s

I'll only carry a psp if I'm NOT home, and I WON'T play my psp if I am. Pointless.
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mindedone  +   2160d ago
I disagreed
I don't and many others don't find it pointless at all. I didn't buy my psp because it's portable. I bought it to play games I cannot play anywhere else. And most of my gaming is at home, even with my psp.
BasilMarceaux  +   2160d ago
Never owned a psp, thought about getting one eventually. But this is a pretty genius idea. Its simple but smart.

Not that you want to pull out a ps3 controller on the subway or whatnot but I can seed some situations that would call for this.
f789790  +   2160d ago
Hack it and I'll consider it
No, wait. I'm holding out for the PSP2.
justGAMES  +   2160d ago
I'm definetely getting a psp go
I didn't know it had those features I'll ask for one for my birthday tomorrow haha

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