Modern Warfare 2 Dethroned Before Release? EA Shows Us Why

EA has capitalized and realized their faults, listened to the fans and now coming in March 2010 Bad Company 2 is set to shock the world with a major jump in game quality but most of all the attempt to bring down the current champion in the FPS genre (According to most gamers) Modern Warfare 2.

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Dutch Boogie2999d ago

Meh both games seem to cater to your average noob gamer. I hate twitchy and aim assist shooters so i'll be skipping both. Rather spend my hard earned cash on a AAA ps3 exclusive.

snipermk02999d ago

/facepalm.. Not the HHG again!

N4G king2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

to me
after seeing MAG

its like this

1- MAG
2- BFBC2
3- MW2

not that its a bad game
but thanks to Bobby Kotick
no thanks i dont want the game

and yes MAG is more fun that MW2
i didn't believe it tell i tried the game my self

I did not murder him2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Sure lol

The defacto reaction *mention and praise* PS3 exclusives when a game that's on the 360(despite being multi platform) matches or beats what you guys have hyped up as the best lol.

N4G king2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

"I did not murder him | 1 minute ago - User is ignored -"

excuse me .... what ??

@ disagrees ???
yah right
phantom disagrees = butthurt

Consoldtobots2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I admit I have come down on HHG in the past for some of the flamebait he has posted but the man does have the right to state his opinion. He has gotten noticed for his efforts and only haters would knock him for that.

rightttt because ONE game that will probably look and play better on the PS3 equals all the games PS3 has coming? When are the mods gonna ban this troll, he never adds anything useful to a discussion.

I did not murder him2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Give me a break the first thing you guys(did) do is pull out your PS3 cheerleading list/exclusive stunts lol. Children do this when they're envious or angry at something, you think people don't see it?

I'm sure... The topic has nothing to do with his insults and how he wants to play with Sony brand name toys lol

N4G king2999d ago

"rightttt because ONE game that will probably look and play better on the PS3 equals all the games PS3 has coming? When are the mods gonna ban this troll, he never adds anything useful to a discussion."

thats right
im a troll
but this time im not trying to troll

if you dont believe me ask any one else on the beta
i tried the beta my self

and i admit it is better than COD
and i love COD

but i wont get MW2 just because PPL like Bobby Kotick is not getting my support

ar2999d ago

Hold on here. So you're saying it's not allowed to like a ps3 exclusive over a multi platform title? You didn't stop to consider that it had to do with the actual game and not the platform it runs on?

Ju2999d ago

W/e. Bad Company was always the better game. And Kotik is just another reason. Why not ? He's an insult. I don't care, I just go an buy another game - not from Activision. Watch what you say when you got some competition. What ever the robot says. Eventually I make decisions on my own.

cyberwaffles2999d ago

i guess you still have to compensate multiplatform games as a reason why the 360 is better. funny thing is that the ps3 gets the multiplats and exclusives you just wish you had.

also, when you get a game that looks as good as killzone 2, then you can say these 3rd party devs are putting more work into their games than sony's first party studios.

cyberwaffles2999d ago

i disagree. the bad company series is awesome indeed but they're still not on the same page as the PC battlefield games and i think MAG has more of a resemblance to battlefield 2 than bad company 2 itself.

JeffGUNZ2999d ago

Do you want to know why we think your trolling? You are comparing a BETA to a game you never played before. You haven't played MW2, how do you know if it's better than MAG or not? Come on, everyone I have talked to that has played the MAG beta said it is a lot fun, but not even in the same league as MW2 in fun-factor department. MAG is an MMO war game and MW2 is a run and gun game. Why are you even comparing them.

Also, BF:BC2 has a lot to prove to me other than a minute and a half video after how buggy and how much of a let down BF:BC was. You people have seen like a total of 5 minutes of gameplay from BF:BC2 and are already dethroning MW2? Get the f*ck out of here. MW2 is going to get game of the year, deal it.

AnttiApina2999d ago

EA!? Dude it's DICE who is making this game...

Cenobia2999d ago

I get what you're saying, but your comment is extremely ironic.

You lambaste him for saying MAG is better when he hasn't played every game, and then you crown MW2 GOTY... Have you played any of them?

TheSadTruth2999d ago

who are you kidding, you are a "noob gamer"

Ju2999d ago

@cyberwaffles, let me rephrase "the better game then MW", MAG is closer to MW then Bad Company (I have never played Battlefield on the PC), but Bad Company still the better game then MW - destruction, more diverse maps, better campaign, vehicles, no stereotype "hunt the terrorists" story, etc. (And, well, I am playing MAG Beta).

SuperStrokey11232999d ago

Never really played teh first one but im might impressed with what i saw on this BF:BC. So many good FPS games coming soon, MW2, BF:BC, and MAG... thank god no gears coming or else i wouldnt know where I would get the money lol.

BattleAxe2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

MAG is over rated. I'm in the beta for it and all I can say is that I was totally underwhelmed.

1. The graphics have been comprimised way too much in order to fit 256 players in the game.

2. The controls are a "snap to" style just like Resistance 2. This is literaly R2 re-skinned in terms of game mechanics. You can't even see your knife when you stab someone lol

3. Its still just a frag fest around all of the control points and objectives. The only difference being that you can sit farther from the action and snipe.

4. Socom players won't switch because the gameplay is just too diferent.

My top list of shooter games in order:

1. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

2. BattleField: Bad Company 2

3. Modern Warfare 2

I'm a huge Sony fanboy, but MAG is way over rated for what it is, just like Resistance 2 was over rated. More people in a game doesn't make the game better. Its called QUANTITY OVER QUALITY.

Uncharted 2 FTW :)

If you want to play one of the best FPS games ever, then skip MAG and go buy Killzone 2.

Rifle-Man2998d ago

I have to agree. I'm in the MAG beta too, and I haven't been able to play much because of the crappy hours, but I'm not sold on it yet.

On the other hand, it is a very good time for fans of military shooters. Operation Flashpoint sounds very, very interesting, and Bad Company 2 is clearly going to kick ass.

Hell, I might even fire up the original Bad Company tonight!

randomwiz2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I understand your feelings toward MAG, I get that some people might not like it, but as you progress in the game, its really fun. At first, I didn't like the game, but once I got used to it, it was really fun. The graphics could definitely use some improvement. And 256 wasn't too much. They got the numbers the right way. I can't imagine playing MAG with any less. The way MAG is designed, you have to have a massive amount of players. There's much more realism of a war in MAG, because every objective you destroy/defend makes a small step towards winning, and winning the match makes a step for your faction to get more contracts in the Shadow War.

I like MAG because its not a run and gun game. There's strategy involved, and you have to really THINK and plan when your a platoon leader, or even an OIC. And also the fact that its largely team based, makes it feel like you're a small part of this team, but the stuff you do has big impacts. Based on how the beta's going right now, I would give MAG an 8.5/10

smash10312998d ago

Wow! If sony is not paying you, then they should. You know how to carry the water.

DaTruth2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

The graphics have been compromised to fit the whole game in a 6 gig download. The Bluray disk version will not look like that.The game has been compressed to Hell; Most full games don't arrive in betas and they are not testing the graphics, so they wouldn't bother making you download a 25-50 gig game for a beta!(they'd also have a hard time finding testers willing to fill their harddrives)

FrankDrebin2998d ago

I would have to say that I am more excited about MW2 than any other FPS that is coming out this year. Don't get me wrong, MAG is a blast and I am having fun with the beta, but COD4 in my opinion tops it. The graphics are good considering all the players and action, but they are not better than COD4. The gameplay is a bit different but I am still more of fan of the COD type multiplayer.

That is just me.

Bad Company 2 is looking great. I can't wait. Hopefully the issues that surrounded the first will be taken care of in the second.

WenisWagon2998d ago

I could care less what EA has to say about Bad Company 2. They aren't the ones making the game, DICE are.

multipayer2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

I'd rather play MAG, than a sequal to these ordinary warfare games. Which if you didn't know, DICE owns. I almost thought HHG knew what he was talking about, before bringing up what looks like 60 frames per second, and I turned off the video... It is called animation, which Uncharted 2 is king of, I'll just play that all year and maybe next.

evrfighter2998d ago

"I almost thought HHG knew what he was talking about, before bringing up what looks like 60 frames per second, and I turned off the video... It is called animation, which Uncharted 2 is king of"

Now this an example of a fanboy who drank the koolaid.

Now if I'm reading this right. You're saying 60fps and animation are the same thing...

30fps gaming has traumatized this poor child. It's too late for you my friend.

Shepherd 2142998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

if any of us "bots" really wanted the ps3 exclusives that gamers see fit to praise to highly, wouldnt we simply switch to a ps3? I could easily sell my 360 elite with my 30+ games and four controllers and go out and grab a $299 PS3 slim if i really wanted to. But, i dont. I like Live. I LOVE Halo(i doubt many of you could beat me at it). I have a geeky orgy fest when i play Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 looks amazing. These reasons, along with many others, ensure that i do not need a PS3. Graphics? Do not approach me about graphics. My intelligence is too high to nit-pick on polygons my friends. A game that doesnt make my eyes bleed and has excellent gameplay is quite enough for me to enjoy a game. Just because Killzone 2 has better graphics than COD4 doesnt mean i will have less fun playing COD4.

You people truly are children living in an imaginative world. Could i sell my 360 and go toward the "superior" console? Yes! The answer is i could indeed!! But will i? No sir, no i will not. Eat it fanboys. Enjoy this fantasy site where PS3 rules over all logic.

kraze072998d ago

You're obviously a noob gamer if you think a Battlefield game caters to noobs.

multipayer2998d ago

That is what HHG sounded like he was saying, evrfighter. Watch it at 1:45, if you can bare that much. I just thought I'd talk about Uncharted 2, sense they are at the peak of fully utilizing animated character models.

Thugbot1872998d ago

I would have never thought to look at this game. The game looks killer. I'm still going to pick up MW2 but I'm going to add this to the list of games I pick up. Reminds me of Delta Force for PC but much improved.

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getonmylev3l2999d ago

how can something be dethroned before its out on the market? in both cases BC2 and MW2. MW2 will be top on psn and live for a long time. BC2 coming out in march isnt good because mw2 will have word of mouth for it and it will snowball effect to where basically any one who is anyone has MW2. but i will buy mw2 for sure. and wait a bit for bc2

egm_hiphopgamer2999d ago

I'm not talking about sales here if you actually saw the video you would understand the entire article but the point is that from a gameplay standpoint and overall nex gen technology bad company is more impressive and it's doing more in the fps genre than modern warfare 2 right now

getonmylev3l2999d ago

dude all i'm sayin is that something can't be dethroned if it's not out yet or "on the throne." Plus either BC2 or MW2 haven't released all information.

Gameplay is all to the beholder's opinion. I had a fvckin blast with mw and i'm sure that the gameplay is going to be more intense and fastpaced. so to me gameplay is better than bc because it's my opinion.

I'll give it to BC2, it looks sick. But it could flop big. So could MW2. But if I had to choose between BC2 or MW2 i would choose MW2. Because cod4 was legit and mw2 looks like it's going to be even better IMO.

SnukaTheMan2999d ago

Both games cant even go against each other when neither one is released yet...both are multiplatform games but we know modern warfare 2 is more known then bad company 2...check sales on both.


Ya, I have to say I agree with getonmylev3l as well.

I tried Bad Company, but just didn't like it and found COD4 more fun.

I know there are some that like BC more, but like he said when it comes to game play... well it's all in the mind of who is playing.

JeffGUNZ2999d ago

I agree with Dark Witness and the others. HHG, I enjoy your articles, you always bring up interesting debates, but there is no way BF:BC2 is going to touch MW2. It looks nice and sounds great, but so did the first one. The first one was just missing something online for me, it just felt sloppy and rushed. I was very excited for Bad Company because I love Battlefield games and this one was terrible. I also think the characters are so cheesy, hearing there stero-typical redneck accent cursing and yelling. The plot to bad company was terrible. MW2 is going to destroy this game.

Ignore the hate HHG, people here just have nothing better to do than flame everyone and everything. People, realize that HHG creates good titles and draws us into his articles. Whether you agree with him or not, he sure does hook a lot of people into reading his articles. Which are usually well written and full of legit facts. Also, it's his opinion, if you disagree that's fine, but I am tired of going to HHG articles and people writing "oh great, another HHG article hahah lol rofl." Read the article, if you disagree, comment why with a rational thought.

Blaster_Master2999d ago

How can you say it could flop? Dude, its Battlefield. Name one battlefield game that has ever flopped. Thats right, you cant.

Listen, I'm an avid hardcore fps gamer, Modern Warfare and Bad Company are the only shooters I ever play. I got both games on both systems, so no fanboy here. I have to agree with HHG, not only does BC2 take a giant leap forward from the last game, it leaps in bounds. Watching this vid gave me the impression that the Frostbite Engine was just in its infancy when BC1 was released. Now its leveling the playing field with top notch graphics, vehicular combat, amazing animations and particle effects, and the gameplay that looks to make MW2 look like an outdated expansion pack.

BTW, I played MAG, and that game doesn't even come close to being half as good as MW2 let alone Bad Company 2. Killzone 2 > MAG

TheGamer2999d ago

Next time plz stop shaking and moving and talk properly. Its a pain to watch you!!!

Ju2999d ago

I agree with HHG here, though (just to level that a bit). MW for the "itchy" arcade 10 minutes dose, BC for everything else. Both 2nd gen titles (MW2 and BC2) are more impressive, but it doesn't change the fact, that BC(2) is the game with more sh!t going on then in MW(2).

evrfighter2999d ago

"I'll give it to BC2, it looks sick. But it could flop big."

The majority of battlefields fanbase lives on the pc. Trust me it won't flop.

iceman062999d ago

IMHO....and that is ALL that this entire debate is...OPINION....I completely enjoyed the mechanics of BF:BC much more than COD4. I played the hell out of COD4...mostly because all of my friends were playing as well. However, I ventured out and discovered a gem in BF:BC. I thought that the idea of environmental damage along with the addition of vehicles and helicopters sealed the deal for me. Strategy in COD4 was limited to just personnel movement, whereas in BF:BC there was an extra layer to deal with vehicles. Sure, there were there was in COD4...but I chose to ignore them and deal with them because I was just having much more fun. Once again...this is one man's opinion...just as HHG is one man...take it with a grain of salt if you like...but I have high hopes for BF:BC2, MW2, and MAG!!! They are ALL on my to do list!

The Killer2998d ago

this time you make sense. i agree with you, keep up the good work and dont be like a maniac on how to get hits and make stupid things, you have your pros and cons, try to make the pros more than cons, and we are all not perfect and do make mistakes!

i liked your show this time.

and BC2 looks really promising for FPS!! one reason i wont buy KZ2 is because its too dark!! and i dont like dark games!! from what i see BC2 looks better than MW2, but who knows!! we will see. and uncharted 2 is better than all :)

aaronisbla2998d ago

I think if BF:BC would have dropped before MW, it would be considered better by more players.

I love both games, but i enjoyed bad company way more. Both have their faults though.

As far as graphics are concerned, this is how a sequel should look compared to its last iteration. MW2 will be a ton of fun, but its lacking in graphical fidelity for it to be a sequel from a game 2 years old

SnukaTheMan2998d ago

When I read this....I thought of that chapelle show skit where charlie murphy,some chinese dude,and dave chapelle were dressed as pimps and they show charlie murphy like shaking and to funny.

DaTruth2998d ago

Battlefield was a franchise known for immense battles! Now the game is limited to 8 on 8.... with vehicles. The game has been compromised too much for that console that can't have more than 16 online players!

It's really starting to hurt the whole industry!

hmmmm2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

@ DaTruth obviously haven't played BF:BC as it is 12 v 12 not 8 v 8 even on 'that console that can't have more than 16 online players!'....nice try though....

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Noctis Aftermath2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

BFBC2 does look better for online play, MW2 SP campaign looks badass, haven't seen BFBC2 SP campaign yet, either way both will give you plenty of hours of fun, and i doubt many would skip MW2 for BFBC2 since its out next year and at the time when what seems like all the best games are coming out.

I swear just looking at the march 2010 line-up is like looking directly at a solar eclipse, that's just how epic it is.

N4G king2999d ago

MAG is a 100 times better than both games combined

ambientFLIER2999d ago

Mag looks like absolute crap from the beta. The Environments are much simpler, and the player movement is anything but fluid.

Mr Face Creamer2999d ago

Lameass delusional slave, MAG is utter sh1t, the gameplay looks awfully terrible and boring.

And don't worry, I'm not going to start with the lag issues.

wxer2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

@ the 2 above

butthurt ???

every one that played the beta says its more fun than COD and there is alot of PPL still playing it and cant wait to get it

and the last update got a graphics upgrade
and its 100% lag free

360 fanboys are pathetic

Marquis_de_Sade2998d ago

And PS3 fans aren't? Okay....

Beast_Master2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Death-streak perks and create your own kill streak= MW2 owning all of 2010.. Sorry I plan on playing Mag and BC2 but right now I don't see anything owning MW2.. I hope something does dethron it because I hate giving Activision money but I doubt EA can do it.

Plus the only reason no one else has dethroned COD is because no one else offers prestege mode so once you get to like level 30 in KZ2 and BC there is no reason to keep playing...which is why no PS3 multi-player game has been able to dethrone COD. Hopefully BC2 and Mag will get the memo.

evrfighter2998d ago

mag looks like sh*t.

that is all.

iown-ipwn-ikill2998d ago

well, im personally looking more forward to uncharted 2's multilayer imo.

randomwiz2998d ago

MAG is in a league of its own. Its fun for different reasons. COD is fun because the shooting is nice. BC was fun because of vehicles and destruction. MAG is fun because of the teamwork involved. Its just so fun, its hard to describe, because even though its massive, it doesn't feel like 128 vs 128(thats a good thing) it feels so much more personalized in MAG.

And oh yeah, a tip when u get the game. keep the AAA(anti air) at all costs. If its destroyed, your primary goal should be to repair it.

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foreverflame2999d ago

Halo ODST has already dethroned glitchzone 2.

awful2999d ago

Wow glitchzone 2! Did you fry your last brain cell thinking of that!

CernaML2999d ago

That'd be a waste because those have nothing to do with this article!

Obama2999d ago

Delusional bot. Killzone 2 has a 91 avg while the dlc ODST only managed to get 83-4 avg.

Marquis_de_Sade2998d ago

In my opinion Killzone 2 has never been the game to dethrone in terms of gameplay. Graphics are another story however...

foreverflame2998d ago

Halo ODST gameplay is breathtaking it's revolutionary,Sonybots do yourself A favor and pick up the greatest FPS game of this gen starting $59.99 only on 360.Jump in!

EpicGamerSwordsman2998d ago

How ODST's Gameplay is Revolutionary?

Sigh2998d ago

he's just mad that Star ocean is coming to PS3 as the better edition and blindly played the beta version, so now he's out on damage control, spouting BS.

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