IGN: Warhawk Update - "throw out everything you've seen up to this point"

It's been two months since IGN first got their hands on Warhawk, the fast paced multiplayer experience from Incognito. In that time, IGN have blasted their way across the original map in the pre-alpha build multiple times, and have been looking forward to getting their hands on newer stages to blast their way through.

But IGN could never have expected to see the massive visual and technical strides that have been made with the game that they noticed at Sony's Gamer's Day.

First of all, throw out everything that you've seen on the game up to this point. Yeah, it sounds like an extreme statement to make, but every single texture in the game has been completely redone. Character models stand out with a lot more detail and vehicle models have crisper, sharper skins. The panels on the jeeps and tanks look much more weathered and battle worn than they did before.

With all of the visual improvements, it almost feels like playing a brand new game.

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sandip7874226d ago

nice.... cant wait for this to come out. looks like theyve sorted it out now.

ShAkKa4226d ago

that`s some kind of statement. when i firt see the title of this post i thought it would some bad news but it was the contrary.

The Snake4226d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. Looks very fun.

Bill Gates4226d ago

That black game looks off the hook. I can't wait to play this game. I was a HUGE fan of Crimson Skies, and i hope this game will have Dogfight options.

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The story is too old to be commented.