Sony Promotes PS3 with Project Gotham (Again)

Do you remember back in January when PlayStation decided to show off the amazing next-gen graphics of Gran Turismo HD with a screenshot of, er, Xbox 360's Project Gotham 3? Well, looks like they're still trying to convince themselves that PGR really is a PS3 game...

Car manufacturer Kia is currently running a promotion with PlayStation in Spain that compares the thrill of driving one of their real-life motors with the thrill of driving a Ferrari Enzo on your PS3. Except no PS3 game has a Ferrari Enzo in it.

Ah well, at least you can't clearly tell that this screenshot has clearly come from PGR3. Oh wait. Look at the number plate...

You can check the Kia/PlayStation website out for yourself here, but since it'll no doubt be pulled very soon I've captured the moment for posterity.

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unleash bass3806d ago

This should not be allowed. It's false advertising!!!

gta_cb3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

unless you disagreed with the title "What a bunch of idiots!" then fair enough, but otherwise it shouldnt be alowed as it IS false advertising.


@ Silver360

dunno how it got thru ... maybe someone wanted to go home really badly that they just rushed it and didnt check what image they was using... but it does look kinda silly when you look at it, but thats only as i can tell this is a Xbox 360 games as i own it lol

(the below image is bigger then the one at the top of the screen)

Silver3603806d ago

People shouldn't drink and advertise. How did this get though isn't there a fact checking department at Kia?

Merovee3806d ago

just to point out the obvious but it links to a KIA ad.

CG3806d ago

WTF sony!!! Way to show confidence in your own software lol.
PGR is a 360 game just LET IT GO SONY!! atleaset have some dignity.

LSDARBY3806d ago

Why are you blaming Sony lol, its Kia who have made the ad campaign. Geez

achira3806d ago

it must be an error, who wants to disgrace oneself with such a crap game?

candystop3806d ago

Quit talking crap you freaking butt booger! The hatred will only make it harder for you in the long run and unfortunately for you games still have the better visuals on 360 lol! This kind of mistake is funny though and just seems kind of odd to happen again!

kewlkat0073806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Anyhow this happened before. PG does have nice Arcade graphics, only a fool would think otherwise. It is just a mistake, It's Ok to add a lil sarcasm but no need to start bashing the game. Crazy

Shadow Flare3806d ago

achira you just came out straight with that one, no mercy lol
props for using the word 'oneself'

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The story is too old to be commented.