Spawn Kill: Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

Spawn Kill's CuatroChihuahuas takes an in-depth look at the Brutal Legend demo. Isn't it worth the download? Will it make you hyped up for the upcoming retail release? See the full article for her full impressions on the game demo.

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edwineverready2882d ago

I already pre ordered this game. come on it's the guy that also made Pshyconauts.

tigresa2882d ago

Inorite! Though Jack Black is not as funny as he seems to think.

K-Tuck2882d ago

Jack Black is hilarious. You take it back.

theherp802882d ago

meh.... this is a rental for me. im not really interested in this as much as other ppl are. i played it a long time ago before it was delayed, its funny but its one of those games that i wouldnt mind watching someone play instead of actually playing it.

RadientFlux2882d ago

After playing the demo last week, I can see Brutal Legend being my favorite game this year. Though that might easy change with massive amount of games coming out the next two months.