First Ever Sega Rally Gameplay

The first ever gameplay videos from Sega Rally Revo.

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Antan4229d ago

Looks like you are a bit hemmed in to me, not much freedom like say a colin macrae for example. I know its only an arcade game but, well i think maybe i was expecting a bit more from the gameplay.

Torch4229d ago

But that's always been SR's style: Turn it on, drive, and win the race.

Nothing more.

(as I said earlier: Brain-dead fun.)

If you're into details and customization, then this game is probably not for you. To be honest, I don't think it qualifies as a "buy" for me either...though it looks like a fun rental for a good few days.

techie4229d ago

I'm just looking at the mud to be honest

Torch4229d ago

has always been simple, brain-dead fun wrapped in a beautiful-looking package...and this appears to be no different.

However, the Sega racing game I've always liked more than Rally is the one that you race around a real race track with those stock car-like cars...the naming convention is along the same lines as Rally, but it escapes me. Anyone remember what it's called?

The other one I used to get a kick out of was VR Racer...wasn't that sega as well?

Skizelli4229d ago

Are you thinking of Daytona USA?

Torch4229d ago

YES!!!..., that's the one, thank you!!!

I don't know where I got my assumption that it had a similar naming convention...but yeah, that's another one of those shallow - yet fun - "jump in and play" titles.

I wouldn't mind seeing a next-gen version of that one.

M4RK19884229d ago

Colin Mcrae Dirt will do me just nicely.
Looks like Ridge Racer on mud, too arcadey for me, if thats a word.

Leathersoup4229d ago

I just hope that Codemasters will provide a huge amount of Rally trackes for DiRT as downloadable content. I really want a decent 360 rally title.

Sega Rally... isn't rally.

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The story is too old to be commented.