Eurogamer continue Interview with Ninja Theory dev Tam

The fate of any new console isn't so much about how powerful it is, but the quality of its first party exclusive titles. You only have to look at how significant Gears of War, Project Gotham Racing and Halo have been in establishing Microsoft as a serious player, or how vital Zelda and Mario games are to Nintendo.

But does Heavenly Sword have what it takes to banish the cycle of negativity surrounding the PS3?

With the launch of the game just four months away, Eurogamer thought it was high time we caught up with Ninja Theory's co-founder Tameem Antoniades and find out how the game's shaping up.

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techie4201d ago

"We have stuffed the Blu-ray disc with data. It's full up, and we actually struggled to get it all in! If we had more room then we would have filled that up too! It's the law of game development that you can never have too much.

The hard drive really helps with caching and streaming data, letting us minimize load times as much as humanly possible, which is crucial with all this hi-definition data."

oh and puzzle elements :P

Marty83704201d ago

Heavenly Sword & Uncharted: Drakes Fortune are looking amazing. These are two games I'm defo going to buy.

achira4201d ago

good interview. about the negativity araound the ps3. we know who produced this FUD.

nix4201d ago

sony knew exactly that! the fact that what the future is going to be and 1st party will be able to show any console's power! q: that's why i have respect for Sony... they are the leaders!

daomay4201d ago

Sony has Just put a smile back on my face again....

Better start saving up for christmas 'cause im just gonna buy lots of ps3 games for me lol

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