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RPGamer : Demon's Souls Review

Adriaan Den Ouden writes "The game has a lot of complexities to it that would be difficult to discover on one's own. The game is very hard, but not unfairly so; each time you die, you'll learn a bit more about the level, and you'll be able to progress a bit further. I was very surprised with what I found in Demon's Souls. My initial, skeptical reaction to the game's announcement has turned full circle on me: Demon's Souls is the best game I've played all year."

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wxer2496d ago

another 100% for another PS3 title

i think PS3 is really on the roll now

Lord Shuhei Yoshida2496d ago

Another AAAA masterpiece on the Perfectstation 3.

Thank God(Sir Ken Kutaragi) that all our exclusives are unmatched

Lord Shuhei Yoshida2496d ago

A toast to true next-gen gaming only on the PS3 starting at 299$

arakouftaian2496d ago

reviews with the score 9 or high
can anybody explaing me
why it is still at 8.9 in the average score?

Pennywise2496d ago

I was just looking through the reviews... one guy sucked at the game and gave it a 6/10.

DonCorneo2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

this will slay that baldur's gate wanna-be dragon age.. have you seen that game? it's ugly, combat looks outdated, and cutscences/dialogue are long and boring.

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