Gamespy Preview Heavenly Sword

You can never get enough of a good thing. Even after Gamespy's most recent play session, they still haven't seen enough of Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword.

Gamespy first took a good look at the game at E3 last year, and were enticed by a brief yet action-packed demo that showed off the game's heroine and her remarkable acrobatic fighting.

This week, at Sony's Gamer's Day event, they were able to play the demo that was first revealed during a recent episode of NBC's popular television show, Heroes.

Not only have the fighting mechanics remained as engrossing and fun as they were before, but the game is clearly shaping up to be one of the biggest reasons to have a PS3.

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bigmack4231d ago

we have to get this trailer on the PSNetwork!! I SAW BLOOD!

Torch4231d ago

are a match made in heaven. Though I shiver to imagine what the foreplay would be like. Kinda puts a whole new meaning to rough sex.

Yeah, just imagine being hooked up with this chick: not a very swift idea to show up from work in the wee hours of the night with lipstick on your collar.

djtek1844231d ago

holy sh!T! i need this game!