Warhawk BETA test Signup now LIVE

Warhawks beta test signup page is now up on their official site, to be eligable to partisipate in the Warhark beta you much fit the following criteria.

* Have access to a PLAYSTATION®3 that is connected to the internet via a broadband connection
* Have an active PLAYSTATION®Network Account
* Be 18 years or older

Beta test will commence on 24th MAY

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solidt124231d ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! Screw Halo $60 beta that's not ready on time. Free Warhawk Beta with Killzone to follow.

dodgefate4231d ago

Halo $60 beta? you 4 real

BIadestarX4231d ago

You forgot to mentioned the Halo3 Beta got extended. Also, why mention Halo? Are you obsessed? Relax.. enjoy the possibility of completing the beta form request and hope you are one of the lucky ones.
Warhark is one of the game that I think will kick @$$ for the PS3... So, believe it deserves to have it's own spotlight... leave any xbox 360 game out of this... I'm sure if you do.. this article will stay as clean as possible from xbox fans comments in response to flamebait such as yours.

kmis874231d ago

Lol, wasn't the Halo beta only delayed like one day?

MySwordIsHeavenly4231d ago

I do love what you said there, but aren't you, yourself an xbox fan?

He says $60 dollar BETA because you had to get Crackdown to get into it. That's kind of unfair, however, because Crackdown is an awesome game. Still, he's right that you had to pay.

I signed up for this and I can't WAIT to play it! I'm hoping I get it...if not...I'LL BE PISSED!

Satanas4231d ago


Agree with Bladestar. Don't bring Halo into this, it will be a great game and let's hope beta testers enjoy it.

For Warhawk, good luck everyone, I know I hope I get picked (esp. after not getting picked for Home =[ )

BIadestarX4230d ago

No one forced you to buy crackdown. It's also a good way to control the volume of beta testers. For this game... how many people will be accepted? Obviously they will not be able to accept the entire PS3 installbase? Now would they? They can only process so many forms.. and on top of it... they dont want that many players. they need a controlled volume.
I'm not a Halo3 beta tester... I dont even own crackdown. as a software developers I know what betas are like... and that in many cases they do not reflect the final product in terms of graphics, etc. I'm a patience guy.. I can way until september.
I remember buying some PS2 games just to get the demo of a game I really wanted to play(Final Fantasy anyone?).... It's not the first time that a demo is shipped with a game... Well... Halo3 beta/demo was shipped with crackdown? What the big deal? I don't want crackdown? well... I will not get the halo3 beta... though just like Warhawk BETA... I am sure there are people that wouldnt mind buying another game (which received great reviews) and it also came with Warhawk BETA.
But since it's microsoft it has to suck...

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Blackmoses4231d ago

yeah booooooiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e!!!!!!!!!!!

wildcat4231d ago

Yes, I was already signed up, all I had to do was answer a couple of questions *(crosses fingers)*

MikeGdaGod4231d ago

i just had to answer a few questions


i live in the uk i hop i get it.

DarkJedi4231d ago

Same here.

Fingers crossed :)

THE_JUDGE4231d ago

Hold on weren't your fingers robotic? Does that even work? Either way, pick me, pick me!!!!

Rockstar4231d ago

done and done!
Now we sit and wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.