Twitter Update: #UNCHARTED 2

Posted by Evan Wells // Co-President, Naughty Dog

"...We obviously want to provide the best experience for everybody, so for the time being we've disabled Twitter updates on chapter completions. The option will still exist in the menus when the game ships on 10/13, but if activated, it will do nothing. Some time after the game has shipped, we'll release a patch to reactive the feature, but with a limit on the frequency of updates."

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Winter47th3365d ago

Yeah, hats off to Naughty Dog, them and Guerrilla really keep a close ear to their fans. Unlike IW and the modded controllers issue which they haven't patched their game for it except 2 years later and did a bad job doing it.

kwicksandz3365d ago

Gotta disagree with your Guerrilla comment. The KZ2 control patch was too late after release and arguebly didnt fix the issues people had.

Winter47th3365d ago

The controls were fine, people just wanted every FPS to be like COD. I was referring to the shotgun glitch, they were pretty fast about it.

DigitalAnalog3365d ago

Killzone 2 went to a spiral way to doomsville when that "High-presision aiming" feature was released. Online became a totally different experience after that. And it was lame......

ThanatosDMC3365d ago

I actually liked the shotgun glitch...

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Christopher_Walken3365d ago

Wow Naughty Dog reacts pretty damn fast.

-EvoAnubis-3365d ago

And Naughty Dog proves once again that they listen to their fans. For an earlier example this gen, see what they did when the US demo of Uncharted 1 wouldn't work in PAL territories.

kewlrats3365d ago


Naughty Dog are doing an excellent job of listening to their fans, whether they want a certain feature or not. Highly commendable at the speed at which they addressed it! Wish more companies took the initiative.

-EvoAnubis-3365d ago

Agreed. As you know, I didn't even see it as that big of a deal, but ND jumped on it and corrected it in less than the time it'd take for the average developer to even admit there was an issue. Well done...VERY well done.

meepmoopmeep3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

there are lots of industry peeps that come here, me thinks,

i'm probably on their ignore list though, lol

monkey nuts3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Gona have to hold off buying this till they reactivate the Twitter update feature via a patch then. 0_o

Peter North3365d ago

Sounds like a feature a RRODling will never experience in its short lifetime.

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