Uncharted 2 demo opens to general public tomorrow

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

As of tomorrow, that all changes! The general public is set to join the fray, as the demo is scheduled to go live on PSN tomorrow, September 29. We're not really sure how that's going to work, if Sony is going to do a special Tuesday update or not. The demo will continue for another 2 weeks, right up until the games full release on October 13, when the demo servers will come down. Of course, all stats, perks, and upgrades accrued during the trial period will also be wiped for the full game release.

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nanometric2972d ago

Damn, can't wait!!! Liked the first one, but this seems just EPIC!

Serjikal_Strike2972d ago thinking it'll be on thursday..with all other weekly updates/downloads!

YoungKiller252972d ago

they already added it to the store it will just kinda unlock tomorrow

LordMarius2972d ago

If it wasnt for all this college crap, I will be playing the demo no-stop, Im only at lv 8. :(

SnuggleBandit2972d ago

not playing saving myself :) lol

The_Count2972d ago

My Schedule
Uuncharted 2 Beta 4-6pm (already had since the sorta private mode)
Mag Beta 6-9pm
I'm in Scotland btw see you guys online.

ReservoirDog3162972d ago


I'm probably not gonna download it though. At least this should be the first big budget sony game that doesn't have a rocky first week for the multiplayer. We all know that killed Socom.

darthv722972d ago

I had been part of the closed multiplayer beta a couple months back. Then there was a public beta that I was not part of because I didnt preorder. Will this public "demo" be the same as the public beta or closed beta or will it be bigger?

zeeshan2972d ago

Sony seem to have a lot of confidence with UNCHARTED 2 which is great! I can't wait to get my hands on the final product!!!

bpac1234567892972d ago

Im gonna be in college for another week possibly 2,before i go home, so that means I wont be playing this demo. I could bring my ps3 to my dorm but playing uncharted 2 on an old 15inch crt tv with a bad internet connection seems like a disservice. I was likin college up until this lol. I've gotta find someone with a an hdtv, a ps3, and an interest in uncharted QUICKLY.

badz1492972d ago

am I unlucky or what?! I've been evading any early exposures for Uncharted 2 but the beta, which I didn't get, really got me drooling! now that the demo is coming tomorrow, it's really hard to pass but I don't have my PS3 with me at the moment for it got the YLoD 2 days ago! I hope I'll get it back soon fixed. so, practically, I can't get the demo either! but I can't enjoy my other games either! so...maybe I'm indeed unlucky

Poopface the 2nd2972d ago

I really enjoyed the first one, cant wait to give it a try tomorrow.

sunil2972d ago

looked through the PSN, couldnt find it... is there going to be special update tomorrow?

Sarcasm2972d ago

You do know they can do updates anytime outside of the standard weekly updates.

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Ron_Burgundy2972d ago

so wait, people can join the beta?

Serjikal_Strike2972d ago

multiplayer ...that was exclusive to gamestop pre-orders

Ju2972d ago

The beta became a demo for all. No beta any more.

jjohan352971d ago

Can someone tell me if the 'revenge attribute' is as annoying as martyrdom in COD? That pretty much eliminated melee kills in COD. Same annoying effect in Uncharted 2? I haven't been able to get the beta/demo yet. Any help is appreciated.

Ron_Burgundy2972d ago

or is it just a demo like the one for uncharted 1

shadowfox2972d ago

It's a multiplayer only demo, kinda like Bad Company or Battlefield 1943 style. There's no single player in the demo.

Also, the difference between a beta and a demo - a beta is unfinished work done to test server loads and play. Demo's are pretty much finished product, very little if anything will change.

Ron_Burgundy2972d ago

good cause I wanna own some more n00bs :P

PirateThom2972d ago

Oh dear, here come the plebs.

christian hour2972d ago

Aw don't be mean Pirate Thom :( I'm not a pleb! Just ask my ma!

However doesn't pre-ordering from gamestop also make you a pleb? :P

bunbun7772972d ago

what about those proles?>

THE-JAGON2972d ago

(all stats, perks, and upgrades accrued during the trial period will also be wiped for the full game release.) the same thing happens when u go in cod4 prestige mode so no big deal !!!