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Uncharted 2 demo opens to general public tomorrow

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

As of tomorrow, that all changes! The general public is set to join the fray, as the demo is scheduled to go live on PSN tomorrow, September 29. We're not really sure how that's going to work, if Sony is going to do a special Tuesday update or not. The demo will continue for another 2 weeks, right up until the games full release on October 13, when the demo servers will come down. Of course, all stats, perks, and upgrades accrued during the trial period will also be wiped for the full game release. (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

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nanometric  +   1944d ago
Damn, can't wait!!! Liked the first one, but this seems just EPIC!
Serjikal_Strike  +   1944d ago
dont hold your breath for a tuesday release
...im thinking it'll be on thursday..with all other weekly updates/downloads!
YoungKiller25  +   1944d ago
they already added it to the store it will just kinda unlock tomorrow
LordMarius  +   1944d ago
If it wasnt for all this college crap, I will be playing the demo no-stop, Im only at lv 8. :(
SnuggleBandit  +   1944d ago
not playing it...im saving myself :) lol
The_Count  +   1944d ago
My Schedule
Uuncharted 2 Beta 4-6pm (already had since the sorta private mode)
Mag Beta 6-9pm
I'm in Scotland btw see you guys online.
ReservoirDog316  +   1944d ago

I'm probably not gonna download it though. At least this should be the first big budget sony game that doesn't have a rocky first week for the multiplayer. We all know that killed Socom.
darthv72  +   1944d ago
will this demo be like the closed beta?
I had been part of the closed multiplayer beta a couple months back. Then there was a public beta that I was not part of because I didnt preorder. Will this public "demo" be the same as the public beta or closed beta or will it be bigger?
zeeshan  +   1944d ago
Sony seem to have a lot of confidence with UNCHARTED 2 which is great! I can't wait to get my hands on the final product!!!
bpac123456789  +   1944d ago
Damn this sucks!
Im gonna be in college for another week possibly 2,before i go home, so that means I wont be playing this demo. I could bring my ps3 to my dorm but playing uncharted 2 on an old 15inch crt tv with a bad internet connection seems like a disservice. I was likin college up until this lol. I've gotta find someone with a an hdtv, a ps3, and an interest in uncharted QUICKLY.
badz149  +   1944d ago
I don't know...
am I unlucky or what?! I've been evading any early exposures for Uncharted 2 but the beta, which I didn't get, really got me drooling! now that the demo is coming tomorrow, it's really hard to pass but I don't have my PS3 with me at the moment for it got the YLoD 2 days ago! I hope I'll get it back soon fixed. so, practically, I can't get the demo either! but I can't enjoy my other games either! so...maybe I'm indeed unlucky
Poopface the 2nd  +   1944d ago
sweet , I didnt know there would be a demo
I really enjoyed the first one, cant wait to give it a try tomorrow.
sunil  +   1944d ago
looked through the PSN, couldnt find it... is there going to be special update tomorrow?
Sarcasm  +   1944d ago
You do know they can do updates anytime outside of the standard weekly updates.
Ron_Burgundy  +   1944d ago
so wait, people can join the beta?
Serjikal_Strike  +   1944d ago
it will join the BETA
multiplayer ...that was exclusive to gamestop pre-orders
Ju  +   1944d ago
The beta became a demo for all. No beta any more.
jjohan35  +   1944d ago
Can someone tell me if the 'revenge attribute' is as annoying as martyrdom in COD? That pretty much eliminated melee kills in COD. Same annoying effect in Uncharted 2? I haven't been able to get the beta/demo yet. Any help is appreciated.
Ron_Burgundy  +   1944d ago
or is it just a demo like the one for uncharted 1
shadowfox  +   1944d ago
It's a multiplayer only demo, kinda like Bad Company or Battlefield 1943 style. There's no single player in the demo.

Also, the difference between a beta and a demo - a beta is unfinished work done to test server loads and play. Demo's are pretty much finished product, very little if anything will change.
Ron_Burgundy  +   1944d ago
good cause I wanna own some more n00bs :P
PirateThom  +   1944d ago
Oh dear, here come the plebs.
christian hour  +   1944d ago
Aw don't be mean Pirate Thom :( I'm not a pleb! Just ask my ma!

However doesn't pre-ordering from gamestop also make you a pleb? :P
bunbun777  +   1944d ago
what about those proles?>
LordMarius  +   1944d ago
No bots allowed
THE-JAGON  +   1944d ago
as for this :
(all stats, perks, and upgrades accrued during the trial period will also be wiped for the full game release.) the same thing happens when u go in cod4 prestige mode so no big deal !!!
iheartSONY  +   1944d ago
Oh yeah
I cant wait for the full release!
Arsenal4Ever  +   1944d ago
i bet it'll be US only as usual
christian hour  +   1944d ago
No dont say that :( You'll jinx it! I'm forever blaming you if its not on my psn store tomorrow :P
OgTheClever  +   1944d ago
If it is then you can easily make a US account for downloading.
-EvoAnubis-  +   1944d ago
If you're in EU, I will slap you. Two years ago, when the Uncharted demo came out here in the US, some of you in EU made US accounts and downloaded it only to find it didn't work for you. You guys screamed bloody murder, damning ND to hell and back. ND found out about it, came BACK to work in the middle of the night, just to fix it so you guys could play it too.

Don't you f'n dare claim that ND doesn't look out for you. Don't you dare.
christian hour  +   1944d ago
Oh yeah :D Forgot about my US account.
RadientFlux  +   1944d ago
If it's a single player demo I'll get it, if it's a multiplayer only demo I'll pass.
Shmotz  +   1944d ago
It has Co-Op and Competitive. Just a question,have you played any of the MP? The thought of Uncharted online sounds ridiculous but it works amazingly well and is fun.

Or if your not an online gamer thats fine too.
agentace  +   1944d ago
Get it, if you only like single player play the Co-op theres 2modes and 3 levels
RadientFlux  +   1944d ago
Not much of an online gamer, though I might download the demo for the co-op. Or just wait in till the full game is out. Haven't made up my mind yet.
Sarcasm  +   1944d ago
If it's a multiplayer demo I'll get it, if it's a single player only demo I'll pass.

I don't want my Single Player first impression tainted by a demo again. (Played Killzone 2 demo like 20 times, then the actual game felt "same same" in the beginning)
Fatal Blow  +   1944d ago
This is great news i all ready had a chance to play the beta for u2 online couple of month's ago and it's amazing plus just ordered my u2 from game the special edition one damn i feel sorry for the people who ordered it from play.com just to play the beta but if its a demo single player like u1 then that's even more amazing and i wont feel sorry for the people who ordered it for the beta online i want the single player demo
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The_Count  +   1944d ago
I ordered from play then cancelled as soon as i got coded up. No special edition for me though saving the extra money towards MW2 and eventually MAG.
Shmotz  +   1944d ago
I remember
When the demo for the first one was released and I'm pretty sure the PSN store crashed. I expect the servers are ready this time. I cant wait,the private beta was sooooooo much fun.
Ps3KingofGames  +   1944d ago
This is why the Ps3 is the KING of GAMES. XBOX can be the prince if he wishes... but ya cant wait!!
KILLERAPP  +   1944d ago
So tomorrow the servers will get hit, and there will be newbies to kill, nice! there going to get massacre!!!
Rowsdower  +   1944d ago
its great
been playing the preorder beta and its the most fun I've had in a while. As a former 360 only owner this game is like gears of war but with platforming, the multiplayer is like gears 1, similar lobby and everything. In fact it improves on everything that was great about gears multiplayer and is far less laggy. I love it.

just purchased a ps3 slim about 3 weeks ago:

my advice is to get Killzone 2 (mulitplayer is real fun) LBP GOTY, and Uncharted 2.

guaranteed fun.
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KiRBY3000  +   1944d ago
listen to this guy
he knows what hes talkin about.
devilhunterx  +   1944d ago
You must be new to gaming
Rowsdower  +   1944d ago
nothing could be further from the truth
My father was a gamer; i grew up with coleco, atari, and vetrex. still have the vetrex. I had the original NES with Robbi the Robot, I had a sega genesis, the original game boy, the ps1, the original xbox, the 360, the PS3, and have been dabbling in PC gaming since the kings quest series. I also placed second in the nintendo championships in the javits center in NYC during the late 80's competing in super mario bros, tetris, and rad racer. so while may not have the most extensive background, i still feel i am qualified to state my opinion on a game i enjoy and do so by comparing to another game i enjoy. you may disagree with my assesment of uncharted 2's multiplayer demo, but i would appreciate it if you would not resort to an underhanded insults. Good day sir.
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jhooty14  +   1944d ago
u are the man!
jack_burt0n  +   1944d ago

Glad the ps3 only articles will be graced with ur presence mate.
Kakihara  +   1944d ago
I always say this and then fold faster than Superman on laundry day but I really don't think I'm going to download this. I don't want to diminish the thrill of playing the full game for the first time, I think I'd prefer to be introduced to it through the single player first. It's not that long to wait and I've just started on MGS4 so it shouldn't be too hard to resist downloading this .... okay, so we all know I'm going to give in and download it but I really really don't want to this time.
PISSIO  +   1944d ago
i play this on my 360 when it come out in version HD.
PirateThom  +   1944d ago
Attempted troll failed.
Ju  +   1944d ago
I'm baffled. Why would one say something like that ? Hm, they get internet access even in those remote places ??
CheesePie  +   1944d ago
How does that even work? You probably couldnt even port it over in SD let alone HD, the power of the ps3 is too much for the 360...
thereapersson  +   1944d ago
Quite possibly the DUMBEST post I have seen in a LONG time.
iown-ipwn-ikill  +   1944d ago
first i was leik...... :/

but then i LOL'ED XD
Fishy Fingers  +   1944d ago
Cool, I've been in the beta for a while (level 42) and it'll be great to have more players. Means less time in the lobby for me :)

Gold Rush is excellent.
ceedubya9  +   1944d ago
Looking forward to it. The first was definitely a gem, and this one looks to be bigger and better. No matter what type of gamer you are, whether 360, PS3, or whatever, you should give this game look just for the sake of playing an outstanding game.
itsralf  +   1944d ago
^^ the above disagree is invalid.
i meant to click disagree for another comment, not this one.
sorry, mate.
marcindpol  +   1944d ago
its just stupid, you get 4 maps in the beta out of seven in a full game!, its more than a half, when you will buy full game you will have only 3 new maps to enjoy, really stupid politics by ND,

well thanks for that, in this case i will only rent this game for single player play and save a lot of money, i will not feel any urge to play multi in a full game any more.

sorry for my english.
Fishy Fingers  +   1944d ago
The addition of MP had a lot of people, largely Uncharted 1 fans, worried. They've given out such a large demo so you know what your getting. It's a fantastic move on ND part, trust me, once you've played it, you'll be first in line to pick it up. It served the purpose perfectly. Even gamers who are largely MP centric will love the game after the demo.
Rocket Sauce  +   1944d ago
I think the demo is going to be taken down when the actual game comes out.
Baka-akaB  +   1944d ago
there will be dlc , free and/or paid . and i'm pretty sure you dont get all the modes .

And like said above , you'll be hopelessly alone when the servers are taken down .
jack_burt0n  +   1944d ago
wow u cynical....................... ....
sakura2009  +   1944d ago
jack_burt0n  +   1944d ago
Give it a try, there is a coop mode which is a little bit like a sp demo, but try the competitive anyway, try and melee a few ppl :) !
spektical  +   1944d ago
OMG 2 more weeks!!!! soooo excited :D
Bullseye  +   1944d ago
I'm very pleased about this
I wouldn't normally go for this type of game, but the buzz has been very high, so it will be nice to see what all the fuss is about without actually having to buy the game right out.
marcindpol   1944d ago | Spam
marcindpol   1944d ago | Spam
divideby0  +   1944d ago
take heed Zipper...this is the way to do a beta

I am playing my 2nd UC2 beta.
Beta Rocks...not that many glaring issues.
cervantes99  +   1944d ago
Great more fresh meat :)
Cannot wait to school some NOOBS.

Actually I look forward to all the new players.

HINT: Look for the shotgun in each level - great for running and gunning :)
christian hour  +   1944d ago
Haha so it IS like gears of war MP with platforming :P Sorry, couldnt resist, god damn i hated hosts with shotgun in gears online. Cannot WAIT to play this tomorrow :D
Rowsdower  +   1944d ago
the game mode that
feels like gears the most is sniper and pistole, awesome.

pistole dual is the new shotty dual
christian hour  +   1944d ago
People need to learn the difference between beta and demo... ITS NOT A BETA!! Stop calling it that :P
Rowsdower  +   1944d ago
that is
what its called on the PS3 when you look at the file and when others look at you on their friends list. While I agree with you it is being called a beta on PSN.
christian hour  +   1943d ago
Haha had to come back here and correct myself once I downlaoded the demo uesterday and the title came up as beta trial. haha. I was like WTF?! I must seem like an ignorant ass with my comment on n4g haha.
kaz-hirai  +   1944d ago
i cant wait to play this on my 360...... oh wait ;-D!!!!!

Aww don't cry bots ;-D!!!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1944d ago
I can't wait. This has been on my calendar for quite some time.
jhooty14  +   1944d ago
man do you comment on nearly every story? w/e keep it up
jhooty14  +   1944d ago
whoever did not preorder this game is a discrace to soceity:)
ottoman_239  +   1944d ago
Ive already been enjoying the beta before everyone else has for 2 weeks, but this is good for those that didnt preorder from gamestop.
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