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Submitted by evildeli 2254d ago | review

Lens of Truth: Flash Review - Contra Rebirth

Lens of Truth writes," The Contra series gets a new 2D entry in the WiiWare exclusive Contra Rebirth. Should you care? Find out in our latest Flash Review." (Contra Rebirth, Wii) 7/10

evildeli  +   2254d ago
Contra rocks.
RudeSole Devil  +   2254d ago
Good review!
evildeli  +   2254d ago
I'd buy it for maybe 4 bucks. 10 is a little pricey for 5 levels
jaidek  +   2254d ago
I have always been a Contra fan so I will be picking this one up for sure. I mean it is a bit short, but I think I can spare the $10.
ArthurLee  +   2254d ago
I agree! The wii should do more of these new but old 2D classics.
Shogun Master  +   2254d ago
Looks cool. does anyone know if the "the code" is in this?
stealyrface  +   2254d ago
the dev did a nice job with Contra. it's very short though. Being the first good contra game in a while, I expected it to be a little longer.

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