Lens of Truth: Flash Review - Contra Rebirth

Lens of Truth writes," The Contra series gets a new 2D entry in the WiiWare exclusive Contra Rebirth. Should you care? Find out in our latest Flash Review."

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evildeli3156d ago

I'd buy it for maybe 4 bucks. 10 is a little pricey for 5 levels

jaidek3156d ago

I have always been a Contra fan so I will be picking this one up for sure. I mean it is a bit short, but I think I can spare the $10.

ArthurLee3156d ago

I agree! The wii should do more of these new but old 2D classics.

Shogun Master3156d ago

Looks cool. does anyone know if the "the code" is in this?

stealyrface3156d ago

the dev did a nice job with Contra. it's very short though. Being the first good contra game in a while, I expected it to be a little longer.