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IGN Says: "A couple of other notable additions to the PSPgo include the new calendar and clock functions when the device is in a closed position. Although neither are particularly useful in terms of interactivity or programming, the clock and being able to browse a basic calendar are nice little extras"...

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vudu2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Let the IGN hating begin!

Christopher2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

It looks about right to me. It's very hard to rate hardware overall, but this score is pretty accurate. If you're into a portable device, increase the score by at least 1 and that'll be a good score for that purpose.

Best part is that this is only an option, not a replacement.

Lifendz2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

But if the UMD less Go! costs more than the 3000 (which has all the features you could want and you can still purchase a 16gb memory stick) I think gamers win in the end. Just get a 3000 or, better yet, wait for the rumored PSP 4000.

Blaze9292975d ago

I still have the PSP-1000 and without a mandatory reason to upgrade, I really dont ever see myself upgrading to newer models for any reason.

HolyOrangeCows2975d ago

It'll probably die off. I'd rather have the 3000 with my UMDs.

PS. Thank God, Sony is still supporting the 3000.

HypnoticMonkey2975d ago

@Holyorangecows (lol)

That's what annoys me, people are complain over and over how the Psp-Go is UMDless but they seem to be forgetting that Sony will still be supporting the 3000 model!

ABizzel12975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Once again I think IGN has done an unfair review. I completely agree with the review if you already own a PSP Go. However, for those who don't or who want to upgrade this review isn't fair nor right. They rated the PSP Go based off the PSP 3000, and not by what the PSP Go has to offer. Yes they metion the differences and improvements over the original, but they based their review more for people who already own a PSP instead of just reviewing the PSP Go, and the only category this is fair in is the Value category. For example, "With no UMD transfer capability and a $50 price drop, the PSPgo is a hard sell." That's not fair yes it's UMD'less now, and most of the people who intend to buy it know that, so they shouldn't have knocked it for that. The $50 price increase yes, but the no UMD no. Also how does smudging affect build quality? They say it feels more durable than the previous models with the new metal plating and yet they give it a 7.5, and don't try to argue about design or the buttons, because that should have only been included with Comfort. Finally why were they knocked for features without mentioning any reasons. I mean the PSP GO does a lot for a portable gaming device.

When IGN review things they let things from other categories slip into places I don't believe they should be. So based off what they said once again here's my interpretation.

Build Quality 8.5
Feels more durable than the current PSP.

Features 8.5
Does everything a current PSP does games, mp3 player, movies, online, web browser, SKYPE, and much more now with blu tooth integration. Built in camera would have been nice, as well as built in GPS software.

Value 7.0
The PSP Go does a lot however, increasing the price was not a wise thing to do at all. Current models should have had a price drop and the Go should have replaced them at the $199 price if anything. What would have been even better was to launch the Go at a lower price point and have a refresh for the PSP as they did with the PS3 Slim., but it didn't happen so.

Comfort 6.5
I haven't played one personally so I have to go with what IGN says.

Overall 8.1

As they said in the video review newcomers the PSP Go is the way to go, but if you do have a PSP already upgrade if you just have to have the newest.

I personally want one, but I need to see what they are going to do with those of us who have a decent gaming library of PSP games. Just work with Gamestop and let us trade our games in for PSN cards I'm fine with 3 games for a $20 card or 5 games for a $50 card (you know Gamestop is going to screw you over and this is probably the most tolerable anal most people would be willing to take). So if I trade in all my games that gives me $100 to spend on new games or to upgrade my PSP to 32GB.

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LukaX232975d ago

That was about the shortest review ever.

PS: I had previous versions of the PSP (1000 & 2000). I'm still getting one. ;-)

cervantes992975d ago

I'm getting one too :)

It's cool and I want it. Enough said.

Close_Second2975d ago year. This year my money is going towards more games, including PJM:Deluxe for my PSP-3000.

Christopher2975d ago

That's typical for their hardware review. They did the same with the DSi, 3 pages on the new hardware.

mixchemical2975d ago

I read through the review, a whole 3 pages. I don't think the review is written poorly, I was quite sceptic for the PSP-GO in the first place, this just informed me more which made me hold off bying a PSP until they lower the price.

Pennywise2975d ago

The pause feature seems like the best addition.

George Sears2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

If you have CFW then I see no need for downgrading to this. Not to mention a smaller screen, pricey tag and no solution for transferring your old library of UMD titles.

Basically, this one is intended for new consumers that don't like physical media. Sony shouldn't had alienated this one with the older models as they are losing a whole demographic of consumers that already catered towards there handheld product. IMO this is one of the worst ideas Sony has had with the PSP.

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