PS3 price point is "a challenge" says Sony's Tretton

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton has admitted that the PS3's high price poses "a challenge" - but observed that the content available for the console will help to justify the cost.

He said that 2007 would be the year that video game makers will deliver the must-have titles, including 15 exclusives, needed to drive sales of the PS3. He added that it also took time for developers to turn out blockbuster games for the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 -- which dominated their respective console cycles.

The PS3 exclusives include "Warhawk," dragon-combat title "Lair," and Sony's newly released baseball game "MLB: The Show."

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PS3 Owns All4201d ago

Its affordable for consumers vs trying not to lose too much profits.

Neutral Gamer4201d ago

That's very true mate, both Microsoft and Sony are currently losing money on this generation of consoles. But you gotta think of it more as an investment, where the money they make from games and accessories and the decreasing production costs will (hopefully) make it worthwhile in the end.

They can charge higher prices at first because of the fairly inelastic demand of hardcore gamers and early adopters but after a year or so of release all consoles have to have a price drop to stimulate demand from the more casually minded gamers.

kewlkat0074201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Except when the underdog MS, was loosing money with the XBOX, everyone was saying they should call it quit, but now we compare losses of the SONY PS3 ,we see it as an investment.

There is a alway a good explanation with SONY and negative losses,as for MS, well the should quit.

"but observed that the content available for the console will help to justify the cost."

Does that mean they won't be no Price-Cuts?

Neutral Gamer4201d ago

Haha, I know what you're saying kewlkat007. Microsoft saw the whole Xbox project as a long term investment just as they do with many new markets that they enter. Unfortunately for them, because the PlayStation brand was doing so well and was so positively enriched in the perception of the media and public, it seemed Microsoft faced an impossible uphill struggle.

The fact that they basically came joint last/second with Nintendo in the last generation further validated people's perceptions of Sony's video game competitors. That's still there today, despite the problems Sony has so far faced with the PS3, there are many people who still believe that Sony will win this console race as well.

However, as time goes on and it becomes clear that there probably won't be any overall winner this generation (which is great for us consumers of course!) then the analysts, public and media may change their established views on Sony and Microsoft and more importantly the fine line between losses and investments.

They've already been proved wrong with the Wii which more or less everybody was critical of before it was released and it looks they may have to backtrack on the other two consoles as well. In the meantime it seems that one person's loss is another person's investment!

P.S. Are you the same kewlkat who used to have the Thundercats avatar? Cos that was cool mate, I mean kewl mate!

kewlkat0074201d ago

I seem to change Avatars 2wice a month.

But yeah you have made some good Logical points, I really can't argue. Nobody gave Xbox a chance, as well as underestimating the Wii, well look at where we are at today..

Now only if most gamers can understand these long term investments as you do...maybe there wouldn't be so much bashing, nevertheless I don't mind a sarcasm joke here and there, since all 3 consoles have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as all 3 strategies.

Well here is your bubble..

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whengeeksgobad4201d ago

its not a challenge, its about its only big limitation. I don't care about value this or investment that. $600.00 is too much money for a gaming console. And I want to stress it's not that I cannot shell out that kind of money, it's that I cannot JUSTIFY spending that kind of money. I have a PC already, I've been streaming HD content to my television and I don't particularly need the BR. I'd just like to buy the console for the games and thats too much cash. With extra controller and games, that really is my rent.


that blue ray is for more than just movies and memory space for games it is to push the cg/realtime synthesis further, if you knew that sony is giving you the most giant liquidation ever by including a supercomputer inside and also a gpu that is underestimated that is truely still a beast this thing outta cost in the thousands


and in many of my previous post youll know ps3 will NEVER hav3 a limitation

lil bush4201d ago

if sony does before all these games come out, then sony will be in really good shape this holiday season.....