Sony Gamers Day 2007: The Big Stuff

There's a lot of Sony Gamers Day stories about at the moment, but if you just want a handy, no nonsense list of the major announcements so far, then Destructoid has you covered with their list of just the big stuff.

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Cartesian3D4205d ago

Good job neutral gamer... nice one....

lol at LBP screen ..rofl

Neutral Gamer4205d ago

Cheers me old mate, glad to be of service. :)

Yeah that Little Big Planet screenshot is pretty interesting, can't wait to play it myself and see what kind of weird looking characters people come up with when the game's released ...

Neutral Gamer4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

It's alright mate, take some deep breaths, you'll be alright - it's "only" some game announcements. The funny thing is that you STILL don't have a PS3 and yet you feel so emotional towards it ...

kingboy4205d ago

me too deep wow!
`The PS3 version of Stranglehold will include the original movie, Hardboiled..` some Blu ray people
Socom 4 nuff said

techie4205d ago

I am not emotional to the PS3. I'm emotional about the games. I'm very proud of the devs I know. They've come up trumps

Neutral Gamer4205d ago

I know people are supposed to love the games and not the console, but sometimes I look at that shiny, black, quiet, sleek looking beast of a machine, just sitting there exuding coolness.

Then I look at the 360 sitting next to it, with its white plasticy feel, loud fan, separate power supply and widespread propensity to break down (not mine personally though). Yeah, I love the games and Xbox Live on the 360, but do I love the hardware? Alas, no.

I don't know whether it's the beauty of the design or just my recent continued daily decline in neutrality, but I could kiss that PS3, oh I could kiss it indeed ...

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Merovee4205d ago

F***ing Gamers Day.
Eat S4!t SONY!!! How the hell am I supposed to afford that many sweet ass games?!?! ARGH!!!

Am I the only one who fell out of their chair watching the PAIN demo so far?

Marty83704205d ago

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune looks amazing.

nanometric4205d ago

This is definetly going to stir things up a,sorr...I meant a huge! :D

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