PS3 Preview of First Party Titles still to come in 2007

Evil Avatar take a look at the first party Sony games coming out in the second half of 2007. It looks like PS3 fans are in for a good end to the year. Here are the games they give their thoughts on:

Eye Of Judgement/ Playstation Eye
Folk's Soul: The Lost Folklore
Heavenly Sword
Hot Shots Golf 5
Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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spacetoilet4205d ago

Boom! Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if the usual suspects can put a bad spin on this news.

Neutral Gamer4205d ago

Ah mate! You shouldn't have said that, now you're just tempting fate. Still no matter what people say, I can't wait to play Lair ...

Cartesian3D4205d ago

how can u find these links :P ... jk

such a nice day...( not cuz of Halo3 delay ,cuz of Sony gamers day)
(poetry skills ! )

Neutral Gamer4205d ago

It is indeed a good day to be a Sony fan. I'm lucky as I've got a 360 and Wii as well, so for me it's ALWAYS a good day, whatever bad news or fanboy rants that may occur, I know one of my system's always gonna have something in the way of positive news for it!

Cartesian3D4205d ago

but have others.. so every day is nice for me too

but as I said before Im in ps3 side.. I have 360 cuz of Gears.. and now forza and later for mass effect..

but I love ps3 for so many titles like MGS,FF,GOW,HS,Uncharted,LLLBBB PPP,home,Warhawk,lair.. and so on.. I want bluray,Linux,new Control experience(tilt sensor) and more stuff like bigger HDD,card reader,WiFi(I use WiFi internet).. and so on..

thats why I love it..

Vip3r4205d ago

Uncharted looks great.

m000b14205d ago

looks like a good year for me :)