Joystiq hands-on (Video): Heavenly Sword

Looks like some leaked content from Sony's Gamer's Day event.

Enjoy :)

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Bigmac5733718d ago

Combat looks smooth as silk...can't wait to play!

consolewar3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

once the Ps3 drops to $200-$300 mark it's gonna sell like crazy. Right now only Fanboys and brats will enjoy this great game.

Edit: lol 3 disagrees, wow what's wrong with you guys lol you should be happy you are inside the fanboys category, so you will enjoy this beautiful game. The masses are going to get it till the price drops AN THATS A FACT.

D R Fz3718d ago

absolutely gorgeous next-gen material. Good find

Rybnik3718d ago

You beat Deep to it! LOL
I think this is the first game that looks BETTER than its concept trailer. Wow, the lighting, animation, effects, everything is epic!!

tehcellownu3718d ago

I get Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Heavenly Sword!!! im in love .

Rybnik3718d ago

OH, and lmfao at that ridiculous translation of gamers day rumors about Heavenly Sword looking "terrible".

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The story is too old to be commented.