Assassins Creed 2 characters list

Ubisoft has been tight-lipped about Assassins Creed 2 plot. So not all of the characters that will be in the game have been revealed. But VGB's list aims to shine some light on the confirmed and speculative characters seen so far.

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PhantomT14122945d ago

It's not Carlo Remalde, it's Carno Grimaldi.
And Lucy and Desmond are confirmed. We'll hear about Altaïr too because he left a codex which Ezio will have.
And Ezio's father is Giovanni.

The_Count2945d ago

Keep them coming I love counting them!

Ah ah ah

foxtheory2945d ago

That's cool that they're putting real, historical figures in. It makes the historical part so much more believable. And Altair would be another cool character, or at least to reference to. It's gonna be a great game!!!

AliTheBrit2944d ago

I'm currently playing through Assassins Creed 1 again in anticipation of this upcoming title :)

ab5olut10n2944d ago

definite buy, loved the first game. anyone know the name of the song in the trailer?