A Ton of New Sony Gamer's Day Screenshots

Take the jump to check out an abundant amount of screens of games that Sony showcased at their latest media event.

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Rybnik4231d ago

Nice, I wish these were a little higher res, but they look great, none-the-less...Especially HS and the Uncharted shot. I want to see these in motion!!

wildcat4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Heavenly Sword looks amazing. The draw distance and the waterfalls in the background are really beautiful too.

Takumi864231d ago

Naughty DOG looks a lot like Crysis on my opinion
Heavenly swords damn can't wait bring on the good game Sony


Premonition4231d ago

I looked through the pics, I didnt see any uncharted Drake, what page is it on?

BitbyDeath4231d ago

It's the same pic they are using for the story headline, but anyways on flickr it's on page two, third row from the bottom and 3rd picture on the left

tehcellownu4231d ago

i hope they show more games..PAIN LOOKS HELLA Sword warhawk lair and etc all of looks great..we need better qaulity pictures..I am guessin they goin to save some games for E3..we still dont have no PIcture of ratchet and clank yet..when is folks soul goin to come out here? i want it..i know its comin out for japan this summer but when is goin to come to NA?

Merovee4231d ago

I was just eying it up and started laughing.

BitbyDeath4231d ago

Warhawk looks a lot like Halo....

Anyone else notice Heveanly Swords controls, looks like we'll be using the motion control to adjust the camera view... it's news to me anyways

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The story is too old to be commented.