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Keighley on Uncharted 2: you will be f*cking blown away.

GameTrailers' Geoff Keighley writes:

"Finished Uncharted 2 and you will be f*cking blown away. Next up for me is a trip through ODST. Looking forward to it." (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

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dreamcast  +   2012d ago
Wait, so is this another 8/10?

@below: Wow, lighten up guys. I just find it funny that people say "you will be f*cking blown away" and it's "one of the best games of all time" when they talk about Uncharted 2, but 2 reviewers from the same site thought it deserves an 8.

You guys need a hug or something.

"oh wait, you're dead."

I'm still doing fine, thank you very much. My owner's 360 has died 4 times and is 1/3 my age mwahaha
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clixx33  +   2012d ago
Wait, so are you another fanboy?
shingo  +   2012d ago
u mad?

oh wait, you're dead. ;)
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Foliage  +   2012d ago
I can see why people compare the 360 to the Dreamcast, but Sega would never release something that faulty.
lordkemp007  +   2012d ago
Laugh at your problems, everyone else does.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2012d ago
Uncharted 2 will be game of the year for 2009. Mark my words.
sunnygrg  +   2012d ago
Oh boy, he will be seriously disappointed. Playing ODST right after Uncharted 2, what the hell is Keighley thinking?
LONEWOLF231  +   2012d ago
Man just wish the game could be pushed forward!
I cant wait for this awesome game! But i wonder if there will be a gaming life after Uncharted 2 finishes........?????? Especially since most of the other heavy hitters will be quite far off.
ia_studio  +   2012d ago
so at last the gametrailers review, it's been along time.
GameGambits  +   2012d ago
I warn everyone here to NOT watch the Uncharted 2 review. There has never been a single review they've done that doesn't involve major spoilers within the video. Think Killzone 2's review which gave away some serious end game plot points.

This will be the one review I'll pass on until I finish the campaign myself.

Side Note: Game of the year 2009 @ Gametrailers will go to Modern Warfare 2. The gang over at Gametrailers does nothing but ride the shaft that is Infinity Ward. If they give GOTY 2009 to Uncharted 2 I'll be blown away for honesty, but if they give it to MW2 like I believe they will then yah more shaft riding.
Lifendz  +   2012d ago
I'm sure Uncharted 2 will be friggin awesome
It's going to really make the waiting for 11/10/09 all the easier.
NewZealander  +   2012d ago
well i got my platinum in the first game last week, so bring it on!
Ziggi  +   2012d ago
Are people forgetting gametrailers' reviews for ps3 exclusives. MGS4 arguably the best game this generation got an 8.4 for story while Halo3 got a 9+. I never watch or read gametrailers' reviews anymore becuase it gives them hits they dont deserve. I wouldnt be suprised if ODST gets a score almost as good if not better than UC2 from Gametrashers
Darkfocus  +   2011d ago
"I can see why people compare the 360 to the Dreamcast, but Sega would never release something that faulty. "
recent Sonic games
randomwiz  +   2011d ago
do the 8/10's make you feel better that you aren't missing out on as much?

make yourself feel better as much as you want, won't hide the fact that you're missing out on a lot.

a sidenote, 8/10 is still a good review
AAACE5  +   2011d ago
This will be a day one purchase for me and probably millions of others!

In reguards to sales, this could be the Ps3's version of Gears 2!

I just hope some stores do some kind of sale where you get Uncharted 1 with it, cause I still haven't played it yet!
VanHalen  +   2011d ago
Nobody loves the dreamcast more than me, but thats a pretty weak statement man. I think Uncharted 2 will make game of the year. The first one was great and this one is supposed to be loads better. I gave up on my 360 after the 3rd one, lol. Dreamcast is still going after 10 yrs and i still find myself going back to some of those classic games they had on it! MS should be ashamed of themselves. Theres no excuse for it and at least my PS3 is more reliable.
Sk8boyP  +   2012d ago
If you realize Uncharted 2's awesomeness..
you're awesome.
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RememberThe357  +   2012d ago
Aw well thanks.
Right back atcha!
DaTruth  +   2011d ago
If you post that we're awesome, for realizing Uncharted 2's awesomeness, then you too, are equally awesome!
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Sarcasm  +   2012d ago
I like how he's going from Uncharted 2 to ODST.

Not implying anything...

dreamcast  +   2012d ago
I almost said something...
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2012d ago
It wouldn't be fair for ODST. After finishing Uncharted 2, playing ODST next will feel like a whole generation downgrade.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2012d ago
No game on the 360 matches the superiority of PS3 exclusives. Bots should have no reason to back the 360 anymore. Jump ship now.
2Spock  +   2012d ago
Why do you care what they have or play? As long as you have a PS3 is all that matters right?
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2012d ago
"Why do you care what they have or play? As long as you have a PS3 is all that matters right? "
He's not a PS3 though, his name is Xbox 360, he know how bad his games are he plays em inside himself....
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2012d ago
The Pope speaks the truth.
El Botto  +   2012d ago
Halo ODST, an incredibly underwhelming DLC, will feel even more inferior and underwhelming
when played right after Uncharted 2. Too bad, Gametraitors already based their score on MSs checkbook.
AliTheBrit  +   2012d ago
Theres plenty of reason to back the 360

90%, at least, of all games are Third Party, I.e not exclusives, so out on BOTH platforms, and the majority of the time they look, and run better on the Xbox 360, as well as a LOT of exclusive DLC, the biggest been the likes of GTA IV, and Fallout 3 (timed exclusive)

360 also offers a much better online service, by FAR, and with all the online gaming these days that matters.

But hey, there's no reason not to own and enjoy both consoles, unless your a pathetic fanboy ;)

Personally, I do most of my gaming on the 360, and any PS3 exclusive that comes along that interests me I pick up, this year its only been 2... Killzone 2, Uncharted 2...Next year there's a lot more.
2FootYard  +   2012d ago
I keep a picture of Geoff in my heart shaped box.
HDgamer  +   2012d ago
Geoff isn't a fanboy at all.

Fanboys will phantom disagree with no explanation.
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DaTruth  +   2011d ago
Glad I have the bubbles to post stupid little $h1t like this!

Ah, the rewards of not being a little fanboy b1%#h!
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solsub  +   2011d ago
I've been following him since his days at the Electric Playground. He's on of the most unbiased gaming journalists out there.
cmrbe  +   2012d ago
JonnyBigBoss  +   2012d ago
I can't wait to see GameTrailer's review.
colonel179  +   2012d ago
@1 Dreamcast
I don't want to sound like a fanboy, I normally try to stay neutral here, but I totally agree with you.

I hate sites or people from sites that preview or give an opinion of a game like this just to contradict themselves in the review.

Opinion: "You will be f*cking blown away"
Review: It's a good game, nothing new, just an improvement... 8/10

The same thing happened to Killzone 2
dreamcast  +   2012d ago
Yeah, exactly. The two reviews I was talking about weren't in English, but you could tell they were really impressed with the game... then they give it an 8. I can understand if there are some big flaws with the game, but I didn't learn of any from the review.

I really don't care, though. Every game is going to get some questionable reviews... I was just trying to have some fun with my comment, but it seems like I upset a few people (16 to be exact)
DaTruth  +   2011d ago
For the ones you lost, accidentally upsetting some people! People jump to the defensive due to history; I thought what you meant was clear.
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bjornbear  +   2011d ago
Hence why...
I don't base my opinions on numbers, but on initial reactions....this is a 10/10 reaction, no matter what the final number is.
I did not murder him  +   2012d ago
This guy is a huge PS3 fanboy.

An army of shadow SDF and Rabid PS3 fanboys will disagree and personally attack not caring about reality as long as dude says what they wan't to hear.
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2FootYard  +   2012d ago
I'm a huge PS3 fanboy.

Tr3y 4 Life dawg.

360 is for unborn spirits locked in limbo.
EpicGamerSwordsman  +   2012d ago
So Keighley...
is a ps3 fanboy just because he enjoyed a ps3 exclusive, WOW How ironic of you to say since your a 360 fanboy/troll :p
MajorJackHoff  +   2012d ago
@Murder him
Honestly, how can you deny that UC2 looks amazingly badass?

If you had this game on the 360 instead, you would be going ballistic over how awesome it is, but because it's on PS3 you claim that it's garbage.

You do the same thing with GT5.

Stop being a maggot.
Bumpmapping  +   2011d ago
Have fun playing your inferior exclusives Flopza 3 and Halo 640p expansion LOL
cyclindk  +   2011d ago
All he does is bash PS3

see his past comments here:

crazyturkey  +   2012d ago
I hate u Keighley
And you know why? It's because you get to play this awesome game before me! You Lucky Bas%#@*.............other than that keep doing what you're doing on GT, is great.
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Grand Turdismo 2015  +   2012d ago
Yeah, you'll be blown away by how lame this game is. He should have just played ODST from the beginning instead of playing with some metrosexual lara croft on the GimpStation the 3rd.
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EpicGamerSwordsman  +   2012d ago
metro sexual lara croft?
Gay tony says hi
colonel179  +   2012d ago
Doletskaya  +   2012d ago
Just wait until U2 gets GOTY and then Gamereactor will lose the little credibility that they still got left in their pockets.Its funny to see that all these popular gaming websites and gamers have already approved of U2's greatness,and Gamereactor who sees this as an opportunity gathers up all their reviewers who rarely got any attention from readers and organized a series of reviews against U2 in order to gain hits for their websites.
2FootYard  +   2012d ago
My dream is to spend a day flying kites with Ken Kuturagi and Kaz Hirai.
EpicGamerSwordsman  +   2012d ago
That sounds....
Awesome :)
Grand Turdismo 2015  +   2012d ago
Sounds like a man date.
kws1065  +   2012d ago
Uncharted 2
The game makes you ditch F-words out of your mouth (in a good way).
Sarcasm  +   2012d ago
Only 2 1/2 more weeks. I don't care what any 360 fan or what any review says about this game, I know I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it.

I've beaten Uncharted 1 like 12 times already.
ia_studio  +   2012d ago
lucky you, I'm waiting for mine to arrive.
MGS_fanatico_  +   2012d ago
God, Uncharted 2 can't come soon enough!
I've been enjoying the beta, but, reading some of the (positive) reviews gives you the impression that you've only been seeing the tip of the iceberg!
I seriously can't wait for this game to blow my mind away!
Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank: ACIT, Gran Turismo 5, and many more exclusives to come...Sure reminds you of the good ol' PS2 days, doesn't it? =)
The last piece of the puzzle (for me personally) would be a superb JRPG, and NO, I'm not talking about Last Remnant's or similar failures, but BIG BUDGET JRPG's!
vudu  +   2012d ago
tweets are considered news now?
Alcohog  +   2012d ago
What the f*ck is a tweet? Wait, where am I?
drummerx2709  +   2012d ago
I haven't even played it yet and I'm already f*cking blown away!
Hercules  +   2012d ago
so when is this considered news now?
ok, who in the press said anythin negative about this game, besides the waves?
foreverflame  +   2012d ago
This game is getting bad scores everywhere.Gears of war 2 has better graphics than gaycharted 2..uncharted 2 multiplayer lags like hell have fun playing the 5hr SP sonyphags
Shadow Haze501  +   2012d ago
Dont compared godcharted 2 to gays of war. That game is more generic than my ass.
TheBand1t  +   2012d ago
You're not even a troll. You're just a wanna-be.
EpicGamerSwordsman  +   2012d ago
Uncharted 2 Lags?
You must mean Gears 2... i play GOW2 every once in a while but Gears of War 2 is a LAGFEST & Compared to UC2's Multiplayer, Uncharted Plays Smooth, its been almost a year & GOW2s MP is Still Garbage, You must be on crack thinkin UC2's Multiplayer is inferior to Gears 2.
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frnkyl  +   2012d ago
Wow... lots of jealous Xb!tches melting down in here. Your tears amuse me. :)
Veneno  +   2011d ago
Gaycharted 2?
Naw, doesn't work. "Gaylo", now that works because they sound alike. nice fail. i bet I can troll a Ps3 game better than you, let me give it a try:

UnFarted 2: Among Queeves.
weazel  +   2011d ago
What's a Queeve?! Hell, still waaaaay better than some of the stunted mongs furiously pulling their puds into their gaping x360's disc slot could manage! Foreverflame just needs to be taken out to the back yard, and be put out of his misery. It doesn't even make sense, and comparing uncharted 2 to gears of war 2?! Honestly dude, you should be ashamed.
Talking of shame, Grandturdismo 2015 has a lot of hostility towards the ps3. How much time and effort are you putting into this pal? Did the nasty PS3 turn you down come prom night? Surely your dad's just gonna get fed up waiting for you in your bed if you don't log off and join him soon.
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CernaML  +   2011d ago
Sounds like comments that many PS3 fanboys made but switched around into a 360 fanboy comment.
TwistedMetal  +   2012d ago
going from uncharted 2 to halo odst is like
going from a billionairs mansion to the projects lol. odst is just that low quality and tacky. odst reminds me of food stamps wich is kind of wierd lol. bungie really lost whatever skill they had during the original halo.
Raoh  +   2011d ago
going from uncharted 2 to halo odst is like going from a billionairs mansion to the projects

Bubbles for you for making me actually laugh out loud
ThatGuuy77   2012d ago | Spam
Ps_alm3k  +   2012d ago
I like halo one....
but i dislike company that don't push hardware..they are lazy @ss Mo Fo.
Taking and milking people for money because of brand name. You see Polyphony Digital, Square Enix(final Fantasy), Rockstar, Guerillas Game, Zipper, They will spend millions trying to make new engine, and push the hardware to further limits. But other devs don't live up to their name. Don't even say because MS don't have money. Then again, maybe that is MS trying to make bungie do these thing.
Ninjamonkey  +   2011d ago
Sounds brilliant.

Im just keeping away from videos now until i buy the game and finish it.

Iv not been this hyped for a game since Killzone 2. But tbh Uncharted is on a whole other level, its overall presentation, story and characters vastly surpass KZ2.
maverick1191  +   2011d ago
this is what makes me laugh these U2 articles because theres no xbox fans to diss it because of how good it is

they have no game that comes near it
koston3647  +   2011d ago
MGS4 was the most dramatic thing i've ever witnessed cant wait for Uncharted 2 story
solsub  +   2011d ago
One of the best gaming journalists out there. Glad to hear this coming from him.
Picnic  +   2011d ago
I don't agree that this person is a good 'journalist'. I don't agree because I have read user reviews of all kinds of entertainment on various sites (and I have written some) that never had to use a swear word to put across a point. It's one thing using a swear word to put across a character in a work of fiction or to use one on the spur of the moment in anger but to say that I will be 'blown away', whether you qualify that with a swear word or not, is not exactly a work of insight. But if Stephen Fry can be banal on Twitter I suppose that allows anyone to be.
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Relientk77  +   2011d ago

I already am

cant wait to play it so I'm even more blown away
Tripl3seis  +   2011d ago
Damnn I just can't wait for this game can we speed up time? I want this game now!!!!! Lol
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