NG2 and NGS2 textures compared; night and day

GZ: It looks like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 2 graphics are night and day.

We've already spotted quite a few differences between the Xbox 360's Ninja Gaiden 2 and the PlayStation 3's Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

The former features a sub-HD resolution of 1120 by 585, whereas the latter has had the development time (and Team Ninja's experience developing the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma) to bump that resolution up to the high-definition 1280 by 720.

There's also another obvious difference that some gamers are disappointed with. The PS3 game doesn't feature the gore that made the Xbox 360 version so visceral. Instead of blood squirting from disembodied enemies, Sigma 2 spurts out purple sparks.

And now we've found another difference.

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Delta3343d ago

Sigma 2 looks better no doubt about it.

Lou-Cipher3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

The difference is quite significant in the PS3's favor.

MmaFanQc3343d ago

the 360 version was a beta?

Cold 20003343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Yeah a beta that scored higher:


Lucky I didnt wait one year and a half for Sigma.

Its clear the wait wasnt worth it (unless you're a whore for graphics, in that case yeah...maybe)

FlipMode3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Since when did IGN become the last word? Ill wait for more people to review it. And most likely Sigma will score better.

ReviewsArePolitics3343d ago

"whereas the latter has had the development time (and Team Ninja's experience developing the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma) to bump that resolution up to the high-definition 1280 by 720."

lol @ excuses, the 360 is an easy platform to develop for. Besides, according to Itagaki, Sigma was developed by their "B-team". Just admit what you don't want to admit.

Cold 20003343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Well all the other sites are paid by MS so I only take into account IGN and PS only magazines just like you guys :)

Statix3343d ago

Just graphics? Obviously, you didn't do your research (not surprising consider you're an Xbox fanboy), but aside from the drastic improvement in graphics (almost generational difference) there's also new weapons, enemies, characters, and an online cooperative mode.

I'm glad I didn't pay $60 for a beta test with last-gen graphics (360 version).

starvinbull3343d ago

Having played and loved the recent PS3 demo it's obvious which version is better but it seriously has been built with gore in mind and to remove it does diminish from what would be a top tier action game otherwise.

Not a GOW3 beater but certainly not a million miles away from it.

ZombieAutopsy3343d ago

what does score matter, we all know it looks better, has more gameplay, and touched up the frame-rate and such...its obviously a better version you just seem butthurt my friend and you have no reason to be so just cut it out.

Cold 20003343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

That doesnt justify a extra 16 month wait.

And yeah Im sooooooooo butthurt right now.../s

Tomonobu Itagaki3343d ago

Hold on, why talking about beta? Yes, Sigma 2 improved compared to Ninja Gaiden 2, but whoever played Ninja Gaiden 2 wont feel playing a beta. In Ninja Gaiden 2, you have dozens environments with twice more boss which fills over 20 hours of intense gameplay, epic battles and high challenge.

It's much more than any other game in the genre, and everyone knows Ninja Gaiden series remains unbeatable in terms of gameplay. So far, not a single game could take Ninja Gaiden 2's crown. Xbox 360 owners have been glad to play an awesome game and PS3 owners benefited of a development year in order to increase that unique experience.

That's not like some kind of game that are half-baked and 5 hours long with a sequel announced 6 months after its release. I'm not targeting Left4Dead at all. But with this game, people should agree that compared to Left4Dead 2, gamers have been taken as beta testers. But Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? It's only the prolongation of one of the best action game available on next gen consoles.

FlipMode3343d ago

"And yeah Im sooooooooo butthurt right now..."

Yah you seem it

ZombieAutopsy3343d ago

sad thing is the wait was proly due to some deal with MS since they published it, and what does a wait matter if a game was suppose to be an "exclusive" and no one was expecting it to come to ps3 anyways.

Butthurt troll you are indeed cold. XDF FOR LIFE!!!

ultimolu3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I like how Cold 2000 tried to spin this into which game had the better score. Seriously, that's really pathetic.

Even more pathetic, he brings up a game that has NOTHING to do with the topic. I would hope you're being sarcastic for your own sake.

Cold 20003343d ago

By the way how dat Ghostbusters BETA going ??

Aclay3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

"a beta WITH GORE"

I honestly don't see how more Gore makes Ninja Gaiden 2 more special, because other than that, Sigma 2 is the better version in every aspect.

Sigma 2 may not have all the gore, but that's where God of War 3 steps in and fills that void.

"By the way how dat Ghostbusters BETA going ??"

LOL, when in doubt, the 360 guys turn to Multiplatform games, but we all know that most PS3 exclusives shine over Multiplats, so that argument is just a joke.

N4XBOXG3343d ago

you know someone is butthurt when they have to talk about a kids game like ghostbusters.

mastiffchild3343d ago

Oh Cold you are daft sometimes. I bought the 360 game and the camera was awful and now I'm also thankful the gore's been turned down as well as the camera fixed!

I know some have made a big deal of it but, honestly, combined with the camera it made seeing exactly what was going on a mightmare at some points in NG2. I'm buying NGS2 purely because of those two points which, nearly, imo, made the 360 game a bit too much of a pain(and I'm a series fan!)-the extras on top are just an added bonus.

The lower review scores baffle me. The core gameplay hasn't altered, the camera's fixed and the game looks a lot better with no slowdown now either as well as the texture and res bump. All we can possibly assume is it's being marked dwn because the reviewers are ovsessed with gore! Seriously, even if you love blood and guts that's the only way in which you could say NG2 is the better game and , for me, everything else is more important(even if I'm pretending I liked the gore!).

Otherwise the games better all round and al I can think is it's marked down because they feel TN should have done even more-which still isn't fair when it's true that given both games for free you'd be daft to choose NG2 over Sigma. It's a lot better for the added polish and fixes and gore addicts apart it shouldn't even be an issue.

That said I do feel it's wronmg of KT not to patch the samera fix in for 360 only gamers. Extras for waiting a year is, imo, fair enough but when it's a tech issue that nearly wrecked the original game they REALLY should give it to all their customers, shouldn't they?

Anyway, Cold fella, if you're happy then that's fine but why pi55 on someone elses chips for no good reason. You're better than that mate.

3343d ago
Boody-Bandit3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Sigma 2 has more to offer then just better graphics and you know it.
You are not kidding anyone including yourself.

Omega Archetype3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I guess that Cold guy doesn't realize that this is a different IGN team reviewing it. It's not the same guy, and both have different views on the game entirely.

I wonder what the score would be should the review come from the same exact person. I mean, there's absolutely no reason that NGS2 would not be better then NG2 considering the better resolution, visuals, content, online co-op with the exact same gameplay and extra characters. Even the lack of blood wouldn't take away from NGS2 being a better game.

It just doesn't seem logical to me, but because it's a different reviewer, it makes sense that one guys would maybe feel that the game isn't as good as the other feels it is. That's called a difference of opinion and everyone has one, yet not all are the same.

solidjun53343d ago

oh cold, you 360 fanboy, you do sound butthurt right now.

Chubear3343d ago

Apparently, not to IGN it doesn't lol

evrfighter3343d ago

I played the demo on my ps3...

Was a waste of bandwidth and my time -_-

Boody-Bandit3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )


callahan093343d ago

From the article: "There's also another obvious difference that some gamers are disappointed with. The PS3 game doesn't feature the gore that made the Xbox 360 version so visceral. Instead of blood squirting from disembodied enemies, Sigma 2 spurts out purple sparks."

I played the demo on PS3 and the full version on 360, and I don't even notice the difference in gore. The camera moves around so much during the action, for close-up shots, etc., and there's so much quick movement going on at a time, and so many enemies on screen, that I never even notice the extra blood on the 360 version. And on both versions, after each battle the whole area is strewn with torn limbs and blood splatters. The aftermath of a fight looks identical on both platforms, equally bloody and gory in terms of what's left lying on the ground. Not even worth mentioning the blood in either game, they're both very gory.

Reibooi3343d ago

The funny thing is when I played the Original NG2 I thought it looked great but WOW the PS3 version looks incredible. It really is night and day.

I would also like to say that I don't mind the lack of insane amounts of blood. I mean it doesn't really change the way the game plays or anything.

Ju3343d ago

That's quite hilarious how Sigma 2 gets talked down in the press and even here. The new version is quite an achievement and like some said, from a technical perspective this almost like a different generation to the first one. But we are still arguing about every crappy pixel in MP games, and yet this game is testament of a major improvement. Maybe its just the one year, but its so much more then just brushed up textures. Never seen comparison shots which are more obvious then this - and we are still arguing. Really hilarious. Well, and BTW, the demo on my machine runs crystal clear 1080. No idea if its upscaled, but it certainly is not blurry.

IaMs123343d ago

Common Freaking sense people! Why are we comparing them then? The PS3 version is suppose to have better textures, im sure if the 360 version came out a year or so later as well it would be better looking.

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ThatCanadianGuy3343d ago

360 can't render high quality textures.

As shown in the likes of Halo, forza, gears etc.

DonCorneo3343d ago

you can now go back to bashing Flopza 3 deceptive bullshots and ugly graphics: http://forums.forzamotorspo...

spongeboob3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

This is exactly what i have been saying all along with Microsoft and their deceptive ways. I used to get excited about the videos i would see online of games like Halo3 and Gears then when i would load up my 360 with the game and the reality would kick in. Microsoft can no longer fool me, it's unfortunate that i had to learn the hard way but oh well.

Prime example:
In menu model

In game model

Credit to Z0bmi for the screens.

Where did all those 2 Million polys Turn 10 was going on about go. Maybe they went right out the f'n tailpipe. I'm so tired of these Microsoft devs and their BS.

Bumpmapping3343d ago

2009 Has been nothing but rape from Sony,really this is getting ridiculous lmao

Pootangpie3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

geez these journalists really like to start console wars on this site but who can blame them the sony fanboys will swallow this up just fine anyways the game still looks hardly better regardless of the different bump map pallets

Foliage3343d ago

Even if you somehow missed the better lighting, shadows, and bump mapping... How can you miss the fact that they are completely different textures?

You bots really do see only what you want to. Every time your 360 goes in for repair does your brain turn off until it comes back? I mean... how far does this delusion go?

starvinbull3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Completely different textures! Do your eyes not see them?