More on the Halo 3 Beta Delay

"I'm just so sad right now cause I could be like these guys, flying so high in the air, being shot out of man-cannons."

We feel your pain. You bought Crackdown, expecting to be "one of the first to play the Halo 3 Beta". Now the beta has been released, and yet you still can't play. The delay for Crackdown owners, as we previously reported, is causing a huge uproar amongst the Halo community. This video below pretty much sums up how most people feel. Take a look.

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Covenant3780d ago

Haven't tried my copy of Crackdown Beta yet...kind of afraid to, at this point. One of my friends with the Beta copy had been successful in's hoping.

Bill Gates3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Crackdown sucks and M$ just made you buy it..hahahahahahaaha

calderra3780d ago

Yeah, a very well-reviewed game that just got badass DLC. That's terrible! Heh- I've even been jumping ot of the H3 beta to play some Crackdown since it launched.

[And yes, check for updates- this issue should either be solved VERY shortly, or a solution will hit firly shortly (into tomorrow at latest, according to current info)]

PhinneousD3780d ago

calderra you're right. i was pleasantly surprised that crackdown turned out to be an excellent game. but i did ultimately buy it for the beta... but douchebag-mcgee up there needs to get a life then to post asinine comments.

ryanjtravis3780d ago

The end of the video "Why can't I be just like one of these guys?" is pure gold.

Very funny. :)

Satans Cousin3780d ago

(I could be like these guys, flying so high in the air, being shot out of man-cannons.")Ha,ha ha freakin hillarious ha,ha,ha this guy is funny.

Fresh_A3780d ago

I wanna be like those guys also....happy playin HAlo 3 beta...

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