Final Fantasy Takes to the Skies in Japan

Two Final Fantasy titles dominate Japan charts on two rivaling systems.

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btkadams4202d ago

hm... both are lame in my opinion. i hate final fantasy on handhelds. the only rpgs i have ever loved for handhelds was pokemon, golden sun, and....ya thats it lol.

spacetoilet4202d ago

I can't wait for tactics to be translated for the rest of us. I think these types of RPG'S (tactics) are suited to hand helds. And square are the best in the business.

bootsielon4202d ago

I guess you're over 13, but under 18. Pokemon is a pretty good game, very addictive, even if you play it alone. It's a good RPG, regardless of how kiddy it looks. I played it for the first time when I was 15. I also love the final fantasy series, dragon's quest, and other games.

I doubt you've played it, and that if you do, you'll have fun.

Bebedora4202d ago

it does not count to age. But to fantasy and mind. I could bet you my life that a guy like Isaac Newton would loved rpg games like TSR's Dungeons and dragons and it's like.


He did engulf in alchemy and religion for once......

Robotz Rule4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Good to see the PSP doing good!

Now if only God Of War hurried it's @s$ up and hit U.S. shelves already:)

I can't wait!

And many PSP's WILL BE SOLD!


I totally agree bro!

lilwingman4202d ago

I don't understand how so many DS's are consistently sold over there. You'd think they all would have one already!

tehcellownu4202d ago

i cant imagine when final fantasy viii and versus comes for the ps3..we goin to see a huge sales of isnt goin to happen till next year...

IBLEEDBLU4202d ago

man i feel like buying a PSP just to play tactics - i love tactics for the PS2 - gameplay everything

i want tactics on the PS3!!!!!

Bebedora4202d ago

U made me tick. Damn you

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