Xbox 360: Unfit to Rule?

With just six years of experience in the console business, the industry has witnessed Microsoft's meteoric rise from much-doubted newcomer to legitimate contender. Fueled by their bold predictions, and the nearly infinite cash flow allocated to ensure their fulfillment, Microsoft has been the most aggressive of the three hardware manufacturers during their stint in the market.

The Xbox 360 leads in worldwide hardware sales but that margin is shrinking every day thanks to the Nintendo Wii's surprising success and the 360's non-factor status in the Japanese market. With this situation in mind, I've noticed a surprising amount of complacency in the Microsoft camp. The killer instinct seems to be waning and a sense of contentment from being first at the moment is starting to take hold. Of the three console companies, Microsoft has been the least proactive thus far in 2007, and with the Wii's continued success and the Playstation 3 showing signs of life on the horizon, it's about time they return to the tactics that got them to their current position.

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Grown Folks Talk4202d ago

why bust out all of their top stuff now? they can ride their position until the PS3 finally gets something substantial. the wii is going to sell regardless, and i doubt either microsoft or sony is too concerned with what nintendo does. they've got forza 2, mass effect, too human, bioshock, halo 3, gta 4, fable 2, alan wake, blue dragon, and others all in the near future. all 3 have plenty of stuff yet to be announced. no matter which system you prefer, you're going to be pretty happy in the coming months.

snoop_dizzle4202d ago

whether you have a PS3, 360, or Wii, youre going to have alot to play. Mybe less with the Wii.

But still theres is going to be a lot to play on all consoles.

snoop_dizzle4202d ago

i love your avatar.

Makes me want to watch chappelle show again.

Odion4202d ago

I would find it hard to believe that they don't have something big in the works.

snoop_dizzle4202d ago

on the premium, 100 dollars on the elite, the deletion of the core, xbl is free, Halo 3 themed 360 bundle.

lol i dunno, but that would be cool.

Pheneus4202d ago

Although I admit to being a little disappointed with the PS3's exclusive offerings for '07 aside from Lair. At least the Ico team is back to work. That should give them a solid boost for '08.

consolewar4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

xbox took some market share from Sony and Nintendo, 360 will take even more despite fanboy dreams and thats a fact, their next console IMO will ultimately become the leader,but then again once M$ becomes the leader is going to gives the finger, just like any other market leader would do it.

It's business nothing personal. (BlueRay)

Phlapp4202d ago

I think MS are doing a pretty good job of keeping the 360 fresh.

Sony are being a little slow on the up-take but once they get going I'm sure the PS3 will become much more popular.

Nintendo seem to be winning the sprint race, but I think this console generation will be more of a marathon.

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The story is too old to be commented.