Investors Cheer Sony's Future

Fourth-quarter loss at electronics and entertainment giant Sony widened as the company's PlayStation 3 console got off to a slow start -- but investors cheered the upbeat forecast for the coming year.

Despite a bruising battery recall, and slower-than-expected sales of the much-anticipated PS3 video game console, Sony grew revenue and profit for the full year.

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The General4227d ago

hopefully when they get more games out, things should start to look better for them ut right now, the ps3 seems bland.

timmyp534227d ago

nice find... but there are like so many articles like this.

lil bush4227d ago

the games will start to come out, then a 100 dollar price drop, and then huge slaes will start imo.........

fenderputty4227d ago

I thought I just read about an article claiming DOOOOM for the PS3? lol

Seriously ... this back and forth damage control is getting really old. I can't wait for tomorrow when Deep posts 10000000 posts about upcoming PS3 games.

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