Mythbusters: Pee on the PS2 edition

It's the stuff great urban legends are made of: A drunk University of Wyoming student supposedly knocked himself out and earned a trip to the hospital after urinating on a still-plugged-in PS2 at an off-campus party.

Although the story got pushed by Fark on Monday and is slowly making its way into the mainstream media, getting a mention yesterday on Fox News Live, Joystiq is still a bit incredulous. They go on to say that:

"First of all, it's arguable whether or not the physics of the story would even work. The popular Discovery TV show Mythbusters determined that it's nearly impossible to get shocked by peeing on the supercharged third rail of a train track because the urine stream isn't consistent enough to carry a charge. Even if the drunken party-goer somehow did get close enough for a solid stream, we find it hard to believe that the measly power output of a PS2 would knock someone out for a full ten seconds..."

And the final nail in the coffin?

"None of the three students mentioned in the piece turn up on the University of Wyoming's online student directory."

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Robotz Rule4231d ago

It did seem a bit strange,how was it fully possible?

Perhaps they did something else that wasn't mentioned?

Who knows?

Shadow Flare4231d ago

whatever they did, i don't wanna know about it